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Ive heard of making these antler traps were the buck will knock off their antlers when trying to get the bait inside? Im gonna have to build one never even thought of any idea or heard of that idea until know.
January 30, 2015 by Nick Myatt 6 Comments About this time of year, after several months of hibernation, our family starts going stir crazy from being cooped up inside. Many folks see shed hunting as a hard-core, solitary quest, requiring hours of grueling hiking to reach remote wintering areas. Food – The single most important item for keeping our kids happy, energetic and a joy to be around.
Layers – As with any outdoor adventure with kids, have multiple layers of clothes is key to comfort and being able to adapt to weather changes.
Don’t forget yourself – As with many things in life, we often are so focused on our kid’s needs that we forget to pack ourselves enough food, water, and clothes. Extras – If you are a parent, you already gather everything in pairs, triples, or the occasional quadruple. Choose your spot wisely – Your odds of finding antlers can be greatly improved by focusing on high density wintering areas but you also need to take into account the terrain and your kids abilities. Manage your expectations – One important key to a successful day is adapting your expectations. Detours encouraged – The purpose of your trip is to find antlers, but you could soon find yourself picking flowers, digging for buried treasure, or hunting elephants with rocks. Make it a true adventure – If spirits drop, channel your inner child and fire up your imagination.
Learning moments – Antler hunting presents many learning opportunities for the growing hunter – how to read deer sign, investigating animal bones, food sources for animals, etc. After a day of antler hunting with kids, you may not always bring home any antlers, but your kids are sure to find some great family memories. I am a father, husband, wildlife biologist, and lifelong hunter introducing my kids to hunting.
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A few weeks ago I filmed a segment on The Chew where I did all kinds of adventurous things.
When I posted it to my Facebook page a lot of you inquired how on earth one could make that sort of thing, so I’m here to show you how. Next, set the copper cap over the spot on the antler that you’d like your candle to rest and use your pencil to mark the spot.
Use your screw driver to turn the screw into the copper cap and the antler so that it is all secure. I tried it on natural colored antlers and ones that I’d painted and both were fun, though the natural ones are more versatile. Join the Co-Ed Adventure Getaway!This more rugged event is for both men and women who are looking for authentic active outdoor adventure and learning. When there is a certain buck I want to get the antlers from, I show real enthusiasm and some creativity. In this feature, I will offer a few tips about shed hunting from my own experience and a few tips from friends. I am going to start with tips from my friend Lee Murphy — the most devoted shed hunter I have ever met. Hunting shed antlers in areas where deer don’t migrate to traditional deer yards is little different from hunting the deer themselves.
In the back of Allen’s truck was a plastic bag filled with shed antlers — some fresh, others old.
I packed the bag of bones out to an 11-acre CRP field grown waist-high in small oak trees and brome grass. Allen produced a tennis ball from his jacket pocket and pitched it 100 feet several times for Roxie to chase.

Serious shed hunters have stories of great days afield just like we do when hunting the deer themselves. I knew right where he lived, but I didn’t want to start walking that area until I was sure he had dropped the antlers. Where deer spend the winter — in areas where they don’t migrate — is a good indication of where they actually live. On the other hand, when you find a shed antler, you have found a clue about where the buck wintered. Lee Murphy has found at least one shed antler from many of the bucks he has taken with a bow. Extra clothes for when they fall in the creek, extra boots for when theirs fill with water, and extra gloves for when you discover they sat theirs down next to that “big rock”. If you are shed hunting in a public land area with high pressure, identify small disjunct parcels that may be overlooked by hardcore shed hunters who expect to cover large expanses in a day.
The priority for your day is to be with the family and get the kids outside, if you find an antler that is just icing on the cake.
One of those was turning a shed antler that I’d found in the woods into a candleholder!
Candle (Tip: bring your copper caps with you and try different candles out to make sure they are thick enough at the base. However, I do have friends who love shed hunting for its own sake and I have learned a lot from them. In the end, I hope I can wrap a nice bow around it all and show how shed hunting will make you better at killing the bucks that dropped them. Lee lives in the Twin Cities metropolitan area of Minnesota and began looking for shed antlers in 1971. You have the best success finding antlers in the places where the deer spend the most time — the same philosophy that you must use when hunting during the fall.
A few years ago, Allen and his best friend stopped by to put on a shed antler hunting demonstration. Allen did his best to keep them away from outside odors so the dog would only be able to smell the antlers and not human scent.
She took off with all the enthusiasm of a 3-year old and began covering ground like a pointer working a quail field. She wasn’t trained to retrieve or bark, but rather to sit until Allen arrived to give her the reward.
One of our dogs found a dozen antlers last spring while making short forays from the backyard. I am not a serious shed hunter, but I am going to relay my best day of shed hunting because it is pretty cool and actually teaches something you might find interesting. I had hunted the deer for two seasons already and had gotten very close to killing him that year.
The trail camera also tells you something about where the buck is bedding — a likely place to start looking for antlers — because his butt will be pointing in that direction on the first photo you get of him in the evenings. You know a portion of the buck’s home range — one place where he is likely to spend time in the fall. THEY ARE HIGH GLOSS DARK STAINED THEN A PICTURE PUT ON THEN ARE SPRAYED TO SEAL IT ALL TOGETHER FOR THE YEARS TO COME. On top of your food stash, warm clothes that have been shed, and back-up clothing, you also need to have room to bring home sticks, rocks, bones, pirate treasure, and maybe, just maybe some antlers. However, when out with kids, indiscreetly steer them toward an antler and let them bask in the glory of finding it on their own.
But if you want to be fancy, you could paint your antler with a series of stripes using whatever paint you have on hand. If it is slightly loose that’s okay, simply light a match and burn some wax from the bottom of the candle to help it stick securely to the base of the copper cap). Within minutes I am scouting, and soon I am spending more time looking at sign and possible stand sites than I am for antlers.

In fact, every year for the past decade, a group of friends has converged on my property to sweep up the antlers. Until recent years when age and declining health have slowed him somewhat, he spent at least 100 days each spring combing the hills and draws of many Midwestern states. Normally, a couple of men picking up antlers that I had planted for them to find would bore me to tears.
It wasn’t long before her head whipped to the right, her tail started twitching and she turned “birdy.” Roxie found the first two antlers with ease. As soon as she saw it, her eyes lit up and when Allen chucked it, she was off in a yellow blur.
I am sure that my friends who walked that area repeatedly were embarrassed by how many they missed. At the same time, I didn’t want to let them lay on the ground for any length of time either because I didn’t want the squirrels to nibble on them.
At that time, you may see a nice buck on a bean field, but when the bachelor groups break up and the bucks disperse to their normal fall ranges, he may end up on a nearby property that you can’t hunt. It is amazing how I end up shooting those bucks very near the areas where they dropped their sheds the winter before. As with hunting, binoculars can be a much more efficient way to cover a lot of ground in a hurry without wearing out the kids. Seeing as I still had gold paint left over from my stair stenciling extravaganza, I thought I’d put it to good use. I love this time because I get to see what is out there — and what is lying dead — and I can learn a lot about how to hunt the farm the next year without walking all those miles to gain the information first hand. Tens of thousands of hours spent dissecting prime whitetail habitat have taught him a few things about deer. Lee Murphy’s philosophies as a deer hunter and as an antler hunter overlap almost perfectly. As she worked her way across the field, she soon found the third antler, but I had to help her find the fourth with a little coaxing.
Three times, he played the game with Roxie, heaping heavy praise on her, and then the ball went back in the pocket and Roxie went back to work. Unfortunately, we had to put Joe to sleep this summer after he suffered kidney failure brought on by Lyme disease. Not surprisingly, the place where we found one of that giant buck’s antlers after the 2011 season was within 60 yards of where he was standing when I finally killed him 2012! If Roxie was going to find these antlers by scent, she was going to have to be pretty darn good at it. I actually forgot where I hid the fifth, which was a little unnerving to Allen because these were some pretty darn nice antlers. We always let the dog find all the antlers we can in order to keep her interested and to improve her abilities through practice. If you start hunting him based on one sighting during the rut, you could spend the rest of your life without seeing him again.
If you hunt an area where the deer don’t migrate, the places where you find shed antlers should factor into where you actually hang your stands next fall. The main character in the hunt was not a man at all, but a 3-year old yellow Lab named Roxie that was specially trained to find shed antlers by scent. Besides, I didn’t hide any of the five antlers in an open spot where the dog could possibly see them. I mobilized my friends and we combed the area the next morning — finding both sides within two days of the buck dropping them!

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