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The rafters have already been marked at every 4" (100mm) along the top for roof board placement. Nail the first board to the rafters using one 3" (75mm) flathead galvanized nail at each rafter. The nail should go through both boards, the bottom of the top board and the top of the lower board. Fix a length of galvanized 2" x 2" (50mm x 50mm) angle flashing (ridge capping) along the top of the apex over the roof boards.
Nail through the side of the flashing, through the roof boards into the top of the rafters. The barge cap and the barge board is the trim that runs up the gable to cover the ends of the roof boards and the fly rafters. The barge caps sit flat on top of the roof boards, and overhangs the edge of the fly rafters by 2" (50mm).
Note: Use spare roof boards for the barge cap and rip (cut down lengthwise) in half some roof boards to make up the barge boards.
The quality of materials used here is very impressive and that starts with the tongue and groove shiplap cladding which along with the cross braced frame will make this one of the most robust sheds out there. The roof we already mentioned has elevated eaves to give it a bit more headroom, but actually the whole roof is very high quality. The cladding like the rest of the wood has gone through a pressure treatment process that is going to greatly help the longevity of this shed.
The cladding is a very good thickness, but backing that up we have a heavy duty 34 mm x 35 mm frame. The flooring is made with 12 mm tongue and groove boards which are sitting on top of pressure treated floor joists.
While the wood is pressure treated and that is great, we still recommend that you paint the shed with wood treatment and do it on a yearly basis. To give you easy access to the shed there is a fully ledged and braced door that is 5 feet 11 inches high and 2 feet 11 inches wide.
We are very impressed with the security the shed provides in general and it does come with a lock and key so that you can keep it all locked up tightly. The big windows do make it easy for a person to have a quick look inside so there is not a lot of privacy offered here. Change the colour of the shed and protect it at the same time by using coloured wood treatment. As this is a shed that is all about giving you security they have really gone above and beyond to make sure the materials are up to the task of keeping your belongings safe.
They have used a very well designed apex roof on this shed and we are not just impressed because it has a great look, we are also impressed because they have managed to make this very well and still keep the asking price at under ?200.
The 8 mm thick overlap cladding that they have used for this shed not only gives it a real sense of classic style, but it also makes sure that the tools, garden toys, gardening equipment or whatever you decide to place in here will be safe from the weather.
The shed is held together with a frame, not just some weak frame made from matchstick thin wood, but a frame that is an impressive 28 mm x 28 mm. The floor is made with solid sheet boarding which may not sound like the most exciting stuff in the world, but this boarding is actually very strong and also makes this shed be able to be sold for a price that does not make your wallet cry. This wood goes through a pretty intense pressure treatment process so that it is going to be able to stand strong for many years and in theory take away the need for giving it an annual coating of wood treatment. Due to the pressure treatment process that this shed goes through, you will be given a very generous, 15 year guarantee with the shed. We really like the door that they have used as it is made from the same pressure treated wood that the rest of the shed so it is very strong. This is one very solid shed and for the price one of the better security themed low priced sheds we have seen. The lack of windows really make sure that this is one very private shed and that no one can see inside. To be honest, we do not feel that you really need to change the look of the shed at all as it is very well designed as it is, but a coating of light, dark or even coloured wood treatment would not just change the look of the shed, but it would also offer protection against rot.
They do offer a number of extras with this shed first of all is something to help the floor and actually is something that would come in handy if you have to install this on grass. A wooden shed can easily transform your outdoor living space, especially as the wood itself easily matches and potentially highlights other landscaping features. While the apex roof has an inverted V pitched roof that creates a striking presence, the single slope of the pent shed moves downwards from the front of the building to the back, making it easy to blend into existing garden design. Both roof styles can be altered to suit your households’ unique uses for your home’s garden building. Each variety of roof is designed to specifically provide for water runoff and prevent any potential collection and water damage that could result.
Above all, it’s important to recognize that both pent and apex sheds can be built as durable and reliable garden buildings, including the potential for plenty of customisation options to fit your specific needs. Apex roof sheds are ideal for people needing maximum headroom whilst working, as the highest point is located dead centre and along the whole length of the shed. When you choose an apex shed from Salisbury's Of Kenilworth, you are choosing the very best in customer care, construction and materials.
Prices shown are for a complete, treated building and reflect the most common apex shed sizes, however we can build to whatever size and style you require.
At Salisbury's of Kenilworth we employ a combination of high grade materials and professional workmanship to ensure a product you can be proud of, a garden shed that will serve you well all year round.
Our bespoke approach means that your building can be as traditional or unique as you want and need it to be. Whether you have a very clear idea of what size and style you need, or whether you require some guidance on your options, we can help. We believe a shed ought to offer a secure and practical space for work or storage, one that will give you many years of good service.
Choose Salisbury's of Kenilworth and we will create a garden building that is fit for purpose, using quality materials and sound construction.

You can read more about the things that make Salisbury's of Kenilworth different here, or why not get in touch to discuss your needs and get a no-obligation quote. To get a better sense of the high standards that our customers have come to expect from us, why not visit our large demonstration area and see our work for yourself. We currently have a fault with our phone lines, we apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. A suitable shed or out-building will give you somewhere safe and dry to store your dirty tools and equipment and somewhere to work out of the rain. As part of the Champion series of sheds this is made with pressure treated timber to ensure a strong and long lasting structure. The floor and the roof are made from tongue and groove boards which are very strong and in the case of the floor is made even stronger thanks to the pressure treated floor joists. The dimensions of the shed see most of the space being in its depth as this is 9 feet 11 inches.
Once again the wood here has been pressure treated, but to make this frame something that is going to last 20 or more years, Shed-Plus have used diagonal cross braces which really do help make this the robust structure it is. This flooring is going to be able to take a lot of weight, you will feel fine storing many heavy things inside of here and as the floor is so high quality it does not have that bouncy feel that some cheaper floors tend to have.
This is not cheap glass either, it is toughened safety glass so if you have kids playing in the garden there is no worries about having little pieces of broken glass everywhere when they hit the window with a football.
The structure is very robust as we have mentioned and if you did want to kick the security up a few notches then adding something like a padlock and pad bolt would not be too hard. You could though, add a set of blinds if you wanted to make sure no one can see what you are storing in here.
We are honestly pretty blown away at the choice of wood treatment that is available these days.
The most expensive and impressive of these is their slatted roof, which we must tell you does look incredible.
Shed-Plus do take an immense amount of pride in this line of sheds and it does show with the high quality feel of the shed from top to bottom.
Having a friend who is willing to help and go on a snack run is also a way to make the process more fun. This is a good, compact sized shed that offers plenty of security, but not at the expense of taking up your whole garden.
True this is one of the larger sheds in this range, but we feel that if you put your thinking cap on before you start to place things inside here that you will be very surprised and pleased with how many things you can fit inside.
Solid sheet boarding has been used for the roof and this is far stronger than most people realise. We really like the way that this cladding is put together and we are very pleased with the overall look and quality of it.
It also will stay in its place and not sag as they have used two very strong hinges to secure it to the shed. They have not included any windows to help increase the privacy and security offered by the shed. The only issue we have is that they do not throw in a padlock so that you can lock up the hasp and staple that keeps the door closed. This means your prized bike, awesome mower or even collection of Star Wars memorabilia that you are no longer allowed to keep inside the house will be kept out of the sight of thieves. Just be sure to have a competent friend helping you out and you folks will have this done much quicker than you would think.
While there are many ways to customise your home’s shed, from paints to stains and other options, one of the key choices to make when incorporating this striking garden building is the roof type. The apex is generally recognised as the traditional roof style due to its classic silhouette and overall appearance, which provides a focus within outdoor spaces. In particular, the extra height and storage space of an apex shed will be useful when storing taller objects. While the apex roof will move water down either slope, the pent design’s higher point keeps water running off your garden building.
Prices will of course depend on the choices that you make, from size to treatment and beyond, but there are generally many affordable options for either roof design. Many people feel they make the most attractive choice if the shed is to be located in the middle of the garden or in free space. Every board that goes into your building will be handpicked to ensure the optimum integrity and appearance. And with all our sheds being built to order, using an attention to detail that is second to none, we will ensure your enjoyment for many years to come. Odd sizes and modifications to the positioning of doors and glazing can usually be accommodated, subject to structural integrity, but whatever style you choose the same high standards will apply.
With old-fashioned honest advice and a dedication to customer care that is second to none, let us build you a building you'll be proud of. There are too many cheap and flimsy sheds sitting in Warwickshire gardens, with warped boards, loose roofing felt, and ill-fitting doors and windows, unused and letting in the elements.
We go beyond the average, using high grade seasoned pine, tongue and groove construction, quality roofing felt, and preservative inside and out.
Sheds come in an enormous range of styles and sizes to meet all needs. The most common type of shed is the apex roof shed followed closely by the pent shed. The 10 x 6 size gives you plenty of floor space, but at the same time does not need a huge garden to be installed in.
Mineral felt is used to cover these and in general we have no concerns at all about this roof being able to take a real beating from the rain or even a heavy blanket of snow. The 12 mm tongue and groove shiplap cladding does make this a very appealing shed, but it is also perfect in that it will not allow rain inside which let’s face it is the most important thing for any shed. Along with being ledged and braced the door also has some very impressive hinges to help it stay where it is supposed to and not sag. So no matter if you want a shed that is more, brighter and happier shade of blue or even something that is a little dark, we are sure there is a coloured wood treatment out there for you.

Sure it would have been awesome if that slate roof was about ?100 cheaper, but the shed as it is, is fantastic.
Its smart size actually makes this a shed that will be comfortably able to fit into any size of garden. This means that roof, the overlap cladding used for the walls and the strong frame that keeps the whole shed up is extra strong and long lasting.
The shed’s width is 4 feet 3 inches and the depth is just an inch over 6 feet, so as you can see even gardens that are a little short of space should be able to handle this shed comfortably. On top of this they have used a green sand felt that is able to withstand a real beating from the elements.
As this is a shed that is all about giving you plenty of security we are very happy with the frame they have used. These floor joists will also keep the floor a few inches off the ground which will help protect the floor. On the back of the door are some thick pieces of wood that give the door that little bit extra durability.
As this is a security themed shed you may want to kick up the security a little bit and they have two ways you can do this.
This is one very impressive shed and while it may not be the largest shed we have seen, we are sure that if you are clever about your storage that you really could get a lot of things inside here. Of the two most popular choices, an apex roof has two slopes that meet down the length of the building, while a pent shed’s roof has only one slope at the highest point on the wall with the door.
Apex sheds also allow for more height for storing tall items, creating a workshop, or building a loft space up above. For a shed layout that includes tools arranged alongside the walls for regular use, an apex shed may also be best, as the aisle down the middle will provide plenty of headroom for moving around. Both ensure reliability and reduce garden maintenance by reducing the chances for trouble to arise and keeping rain and snow moving directly into sewers. And to ensure quality control is maintained we pre-erect every shed before delivery, and deliver and install every shed ourselves, because your satisfaction is paramount.
We ensure that when it comes to buying a new garden shed, whether you're a squirreler from Stockton, a cyclist from Coventry or a magpie from Moreton Morrell, we'll create the garden building solution you need. A pent shed has a single slope roof whereas an apex roof slopes to two sides from a single high ridge running along the length of the shed. To go along with the generous floor space, the height of the shed is also impressive as there is a high ridge and raised eaves. The elevated eaves which are part of this line of sheds make it so you will have lots of headroom inside. They have used an actual door knob and not some cheap latch which is something we always like. It offers you plenty of storage room, so much that you could actually use this as a nice workshop.
It has a great and rustic kind of look that will make it a structure that never looks out of date. The pressure treatment process extends all the way to the ground where the pressure treated floor joists help the solid sheet floor boarding be strong as well as keeping the shed from directly sitting on the floor. The width and height of the door is fine, especially considering that this is a single sized door.
Due to its cool style, strong build and compact size this is a shed that is a very easy recommendation. Fundamentally, the choice comes down to the best for your purposes and overall outdoor living space, especially in terms of appearance, shed size, and durability. Meanwhile, the more compact pent style is seen as well-suited to limited spaces with restricted height or that must adapt to existing fences and boundaries. In contrast, the pent roof’s single sloping panel may work better for storing taller essentials with smaller to medium spaces on the other end.
Although apex sheds tend to have slightly lower risks for internal damage or rotting due to the extra slope, any wooden garden building will require regular treatment and maintenance. Most sheds are made from wood, although plastics and metals are sometimes used in sheds which are more aimed at storage than occupation by gardeners. Pictured above is a typical example of an Apex Shed. Plenty of fresh air and light can get into the shed thanks to those two large, glass windows which can be opened and the door is wide and high enough that even larger items will be able to be brought into here with ease. At the eaves there is 5 feet 8 inches of height and along the ridge there is an incredible, 7 feet 3 inches of height. The quality of the materials really is impressive and not just in their looks, but how strong and long lasting they are as well. If you really want the maximum security, but do not have the money for a security guard, then they have a deluxe shed alarm kit which costs ?29.99.
For a storage shed, where additional space is more valuable than headroom, this will also be the better option. Yet again, the best choice depends on your household’s needs, alongside constant care for your new shed.
Last of all we have their installation service which will cost you ?109, but will also see them build the shed for you.
If you want a shed that offers great looks along with plenty of storage space then this is one you we recommend you seriously look at. Your purposes in building a garden building will largely determine the roof style you choose.

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