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In short, yes you should re-submit your site map to Google every time you make changes to your website. Hello friends today here I come up with one of the important post In Blogger about creating a sitemap. See basically we create blogger sitemap for blog or we create sitemap for website and there are many tools available on internet from where you can create sitemap online or you can generate sitemap online.
Disallow is particular used for disallowing the Google bots to crawl particular web page or particular post. What Is Teen Patti Well, Teen Patti is the Gambling game which recently has became very popular in India.

A few days back , I was working on one project using OpenCV C++ and suddenly my project freeze and can not run anymore !
I started SolveMyHow as a passion in march 2014 and now it's empowering more than 100,000+ monthly readers world wide. Here at SolveMyHow, I write high quality tutorials about Blogging, SEO, Hacking and Make Money Online. This is we can say the second most important step which one should perform after creating a blog or after making a website. Its basically a simple few lines of code which need to be  submitted to Google webmaster tools (Read about Google Webmaster Tools) for getting the blog's URL in Google search results.

So, basically when somebody create a free blog with either blogger or WordPress or when somebody create a website. Please, do let me know via comments and don't forget to Subscribe for our free newsletter to get answer of every HOW into your INBOX !
The first thing in there mind is "how they will get indexed in Google or Bing search engine" ?

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how to make a sitemap for my website

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