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Our treehouse was constructed in a remote and isolated forest area of the Swiss countryside. I come from Wiltshire in England, I started making the treehouse when I was about 15, now I'm 16. I'm building this treehouse to cater for four children, it's halfway through finishing stages. Due to all the Oak trees having "Tree Preservation Orders" on them, I built the structure on stilts next to and under the trees. It's quite close to the boundary with next door but he's fine about it, bottom of his land, 300 yards from any houses, and I'm planning to more or less let it evolve as it goes along, having done lots of homework first of course! The platform will be in a single tree, in the crown, about 14 ft up, the branches are big, this is a mature tree! Fernie Castle Treehouse perched in six lofty sycamores, the first glimpse of the house is through the pines, rowans and elderberries, the sun glinting on copper roof tiles.
Entry is via a flight of stairs to a fairy light-festooned balcony where double doors with striking stained glass lead you into the bedroom.
Climbing up what appears to be the inside of a hollow tree, one emerges into an octagonal bathroom with walls painted twilight blue and a frieze of fairies who flit among trees overhanging pools of water.
When we were kids, about 8 years ago, me and two of my friends started to build a treehouse in a forest owned by one of them. At Mediterranean coast, 200m to the beach, takes place in the pine forest, everything is natural, also food. It's a simple House (2m x 4m - 6.6 feet x 13) built for the kids on a 20 x 13 feet platform (4m x 6m).
I'm looking for advices to prevent the rain to damage the wood and to make the platforms slipery. I'm an artist and I built a 25 square meter wide treehouse, two floors, kitchen, bath and porch. We hope to complete the project this year, but are having problems waterproofing the roof, where the tree trunk passes through. There is a method behind the magic of a backyard tree house – and while it is not all fun and games, the construction process can be a participatory educational experience for children as well as an engaging do-it-yourself project for adults.
Free from direct attachment to trees, this variant is simple, sustainable and versatile – a plywood-framed box and a set of wooden stilts.
Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes!
This is your woodworking search result for TREELESS TREE HOUSE woodworking plans and information at WoodworkersWorkshop. Brad Staggs, host of DIY Playgrounds, provides step-by-step instructions for building a children's tree house. Free free tree house plans with step-by-step The plans are in both metric and standard (ft and inch) dimensions. Free, Treehouse, Plans, Easy, EZ, Tree, House, Playhouse, Kid's, Kids, Friendly Our easy design requires little cutting and leaves almost no waste. Tree house plans vary from a simple platform to a multi-story 10 tree house tips from folks who are experts in tree houses. Ethan Schlussler of Sandpoint, Idaho, built this clever bicycle-powered treehouse elevator to make it easier to reach his nearly 30-foot-high treehouse. Dude, how will this child ever appreciate her first REAL adult house, when her PLAYHOUSE has central air & stainless-steal appliances. While I could argue all day what a waste of money that is, there is NO WAY I want anyone telling me how to spend my money–EVER. Dude, I know Aaron is your boy and all, but I think his attitude towards the rich who spend like this is indicative of the moral decline of the country. Or maybe they could have their daughter invite those children to her house, where she cooks them food on her stainless steel appliances?
If the parents had overindulged their kid on high fat foods, eventually the kid would end up obese. You are entitled to your opinion, but let’s not jump to conclusions based on stereotypes and lack of information.
He’s just expressed his opinion and I think his gut reaction seems to be quite a caring, big picture one.
My stance on this (and almost all similar situations) is that, no, no one should tell another person what they are and are not allowed to spend their money on. And another thing – as an architect I think it looks a little cheesy, but as a construction project manager I am THRILLED someone is building something, somewhere. While I personally find conspicuous consumption tacky, if they are not the generous type to spend their money on the less fortunate, then spending their money–even on useless stuff is better than it just sitting somewhere.
I do agree that people should be allowed to spend their hard-earned money however they like (especially if it means bringing employment to other people), but I do think spending outrageous sums of money on a playhouse that is nicer than most REAL houses is not really the best use of one’s money. Mostly I’d be worried about what kinds of attitudes these kids will have when they grow up. I read the article and think its crazy that parents have to spend that much money to get their kids outside.

Because I DO think that how you spend your money reflects whether you are a good person – or at least what kind of a person you are! Yes, it’d be better to have the bigger picture in order to pass my moral judgment on them. I found on craigslist (of course) a man who was selling 100 year old oak barnwood by the truckload and picked it up myself.
The best thing about the project is that my girls helped me build it and loved every minute of it.
They can do what they want with their money, but I know my kids will never get one of those!
I think it would be fun to actually build a playhouse with my kids and get their input on it. Make your own wee treehouse for inside or outside imaginative pretend play You can make your own mini play treehouse with a few simple items found outside your home—a branch and twigs—and, some twine you may have already inside your home. From mother of a few, and New York Times bestselling children's book illustrator Heather Cahoon. Approximately 7 meters above the ground, we built a large platform that supports a two storey high treehouse with a panoramic deck. It was originally going to be just a platform, but turned into a small hut in a tree with 3 different floors with ladders connecting them. It has a balcony, eventually a swing between the posts, clad with 12mm ply, rubberoid felt, and tanalised 'D' rail timber for a 'log cabin' effect.
The big terrace of 4m x 4m50 stand at 3m50 from the ground and give me a fabulous view on the surroundings. The first woodland I was offered (owned by a friend, private, perfect!) has come under the builder's hammer and will be developed soon, so I backed out just in time! It is intended to my children but I also dream to build other huts to live there and work there.
It appears to grow out of the trees with the sycamores bursting right through the floor and up out of the roof.
The bedroom has a huge elm kingsized bed and other specially designed furniture all hand made with total comfort in mind including electricity, plumbing, heating, an alarm, telephone, flat screen TV, DVD, CD player and coffee maker, plus a fridge full of champagne, chocolates and other goodies. Open buffet (breakfast, dinner), swimming pool, trekking in the forest, waterfall, mitological mountain trekking, diving, and paragliding. Tree house is supported by four 4x4 posts to which is attached a rectangular frame with joists. It was built (mark 1) for my two children in '88 but, as the tree grew, it forced the planks apart and had to be rebuilt.
Because the trunk is continually growing, it is difficult to put a tight waterproof seal around it. Many small sheds, playhouses, tents, playground equipment and other fun playthings for the great outdoors can be set up inside as well. It can thus be built and deconstructed as needed, adding safety, too, over a tree-tied version.Imminently practical (and replicable), Ravnikar Potokar Arhitekturni used standard-sized beams, boards and sheets as well as easy-to-pour concrete footings with off-the-shelf steel anchors for simplicity and stability. Note: If you are not familiar with how to make hip rafter cuts, secure a book on framing at the local library or home center. The information about tree house plans provided in the following article would help in building strong and artistic tree houses.
And how do you know they don’t give 250 million away to charity every year, while making these clubhouses?  Would that change your view on it? Unless these people really are donating $250 million a year to charity, they probably are not the type of people that I would ever chose to be friends with.
Oh, an ex-Playboy model and an oil executive husband (taking advantage of those tax loopholes on the backs of American people while the record-profit oil industry can pay their executives enough money so that they can build their entitled child a $50k TREEHOUSE?)…yeah.
Aside from the outrageous cost, what kind of example are these parents setting for their child? They’re free to spend it on whatever they choose, regardless of how we feel about the situation.
I would rather they spend the money here in the states then somewhere else where people may be less judgmental. We have freedoms and resources that we can choose to use how we want, but with that freedom comes a moral obligation to better the world.
At least when they spend it they are redistributing their wealth to those who need to earn a living.
But, shouldn’t we be good stewards of our money, does that qualify as good stewardship? Brilliant, brilliant idea – everyone learns through the process, and you all get to spend good quality time together. This little treehouse will be a cherished plaything that is sure to endear any child who is wont of a full-size treehouse. Beech and spruce trees were used to support the entire structure and offer a peaceful environment.
Any suggestions much appreciated, I've done lots of woodwork but never anything like this, so any help much appreciated!

The basic shape is octagonal, about 14 feet across, and is 12 feet up in a very large ash tree. This didn't last, for when I met my friend again (the one who owns the forest), we decided to carry on as before. I used rustic garden poles and sawn planks with bamboo for the roof so it would not look out of place in the jungle. Just be sure to read the set-up instructions to ensure that the item is safe to set up inside.
During the project, I found From how to choose the best tree to many different house plans.
Yes you are correct, my luck and financial situation was magically generated by waking up at 4am everyday to work 12-14 hour days for years on end.
HOWEVER, I do feel that this treehouse is morally irresponsible and I couldn’t blow that much money on something that I view as frivolous. Those freedoms should be protected by society, but no one should be mandating what the second half of that statement looks like, it should be determined by the individual and their beliefs. If we had a backyard, we’d build one, not $$$ like the others, but one we built ourselves.
I can’t fault people for what they choose to spend their money on so long as they gained it honestly, it is theirs to spend. Understanding where food comes from, how to build things and how to follow through on tasks and projects is possibly the greatest gift you can give a child! But, if you want to simply buy your own wee treehouse toys, we have shared sources for those too, in our post a treehouse for everyone {tree not required}.
From up there, the magnificent panorama of the Swiss Alps can be appreciated, as well as the quiet woods surrounding the treehouse.
Now, the treehouse is not yet finished but it is a place where we come as often as possible with some other friends and it is our favourite place to party. While I certainly understand this logic (and agree with it in part), they are raising bratty, entitled kids who expect everything with little or no work. Nothing in that article looked like it should hit six figures, let alone a quarter of a million dollars.
I would have known that it was awesome, but I probably would have had no concept of how much it cost and I think that’s ok.
The children love it but after they go to bed I love to take a bottle of red wine up and watch the sun go down. To give extra support the four main post have two additional pieces of wood in a cross pattern for rigidity.
Look for non-toxic paints and materials when choosing your playhouses and playground equipment. To which my response is, I met my other financial goals for this year and continued to set aside money for xxxxx (vacation, home renovation, charitable donation, giant playhouse in backyard lol). The concept of working hard for anything seems to be foreign to most teenagers and even some young twenty-somethings that I have met recently.
Let’s all band together and start building these things, because the profit margin appears to be huge. And believe me – nothing beats the feeling of seeing something you have built being used and enjoyed by people.
The short of it is that the population is growing faster than food production and natural checks exist (e.g. No nails or bolts used - sorry guys but I think nails are wrong - I've seen that they definitely do kill branches. There are plenty of bunk beds that looks like treehouse nowadays but there are also a plenty of inspirations for a similar DIY project.
Some companies make outdoor play equipment and playhouses just for indoor use, so the process of finding safe products is easier.
We’ve gathered for you a bunch of both solutions to help you decide which one is for you.
What happened to building blanket forts and decorating cardboard appliance boxes as a playhouse?
By feeding the entire homeless population of DC you are negating a positive check and perpetuating an already unrestricted population boom. Although not completed, my son and I have slept in it (there is a couch and a single bed, and mains electricity with ELCB installed!). We have had parties in my house where all the children were indoors playing computer games and all the adults were in the treehouse sipping their beers and having a great old time.

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