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Children Sims can now play in tree houses and adults can even sneak away into them to have some WooHoo.
This is a new mesh, and means that it's a brand new self contained object that usually does not require a specific Expansion pack (although this is possible depending on the type). 1) Place the tree on a lot - make sure you don't place it too close to the edge of the lot.
2) Place columns around the tree - I use 4 - so you'll get the gridlines and can place flooring. 4) Now- since your sims need a way to get up into the treehouse, you'll need to add some sort of staircase or ladder.
Note about placing the ladder (or stairs, if you insist) - you'll need to place it on a tile so the tree itself doesn't cut through the ladder.

While the tree is base game compatible, if you don't have Seasons ONLY the summer state will show. You must have the expansion or stuff packs listed below installed to use this custom content. Sadly none of our trees were big enough since they were planted when I was in grade school. If you have forgotten your password, click here, or if you have forgotten your username, click here instead. I would recommend using her ladder as it works well, takes up little space AND doesn't look out of place! Since we don't have to wait for trees to grow in the Sims I decided to see what I could do about that.

I started by editing the birch tree from the game, which was going ok-ish when I saw this tree by misty fluff on her tumblr. Since she has a very open TOU, I quickly snagged that cute little mesh and did a bit of editing to make this decorative tree - which worked fine and I've happily used it since then. Then I got a message a few days ago from Raynuss saying he edited my tree and wanted to know if I wanted it to offer as an alternative. Load a new ImageMod The Sims - Stone Mountain Lake Cabin - Real Swimmeable Lake and Tree house!

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how to make a treehouse on sims 3 generations

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