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I created the picture frame gallery wall by using a few frames I had on hand along with a few I picked up inexpensively at the thrift store. When February 15th rolls around, the heart and flowers will be easy to take down while leaving no damage to the wall since I used the Command Brand Picture Hanging Strips. That being said, the trick behind a really great gallery wall is making it pleasing to the eye. So that I could remember where my horizontal axis was, I measured the distance from the wall to my line (well, Jesse did) and then put up a piece of tape.
Meredith Hudson PriestFebruary 8, 2012 at 1:26 PMThanks so much for explaining how to do this. Having a variety of art will add some balance to your gallery wall while still allowing for a diverse range of pieces. One of my favorite things about a gallery wall is that it’s able to grow over time – there’s something really fun about adding a new piece to your collection and a freeform layout will give you room to expand along the way. Frame sizes, colors and mats can help mix things up and create diversity within your pieces (even if a lot of them are standard 8?10 or 5?7 sizes).
Lay your pieces out on the ground before taking to the wall – get a feel for what pieces you’d like next to each other and a general sense of the layout you’d like to follow. Trace each frame on paper (I usually use brown paper bags!) and write what the piece is and the frame color on each cut out. After all of the pieces are in place, be sure to use a level to make sure everything is hung straight. Gallery shelves let you change out photographs or artwork without having all those nail holes in the wall. Today, I’ll show you how to build gallery wall shelves like the ones we have in our hallway.
A nail gun is not an absolute necessity for doing this project, but it’ll make all of your future DIY projects a whole-heck-of-a-lot easier. Once you have the bottom board nailed into the studs, attach the crown moulding with construction adhesive and nails.
It took one can of spray primer and white spray paint to change all of the picture frames from black to white.
I love that our new gallery shelves are not only functional, but they also give our hallway architectural interest with the crown moulding. If you’re looking for a little gallery wall inspiration, you can follow my Photography and Gallery Walls board on Pinterest. It’s funny you say that because I was obsessed about how I was going to make them for about 2 weeks. Hi to every , because I am actually eager of reading this blog’s post to be updated on a regular basis.

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Hi, after reading this remarkable paragraph i am also delighted to share my familiarity here with colleagues. You need to use two sets of Command Picture Hanging Strips on the backs of all the frames that will be attached directly to the wall.
Each layered frame and letter will need the Command Picture Hanging Strips placed in different areas on the back – it may not be on the top as the base frames were attached, so do one by one. To attach a single letter to a small frame – determine where the letter will contact the frame. So, even though you have a bunch of mismatched frames and art, you can make it look good by either making it symmetrical, or making it asymmetrical, but still lined up on an axis. We asked 3 top designers to share tips to help you create a professional art gallery wall — an eclectic mix of paintings, prints, photographs and other artwork — at home. They tend to sneak into gorgeous homes everywhere as a way to show off the decorator’s style and make a statement with a collection of carefully curated art pieces hung in close proximity of each other. They’re the perfect way to add some personality and color to a rental without the commitment of painting or renovation.
Combining things like typography, photography, watercolor and abstract will give you a nice mix of colors, textures and patterns when it comes time to plan your gallery wall and how everything will fit together. IKEA is a great resource; their RIBBA frame comes in a ton of sizes and is very budget friendly. Move things around and be sure to use the variety of your art to your advantage by breaking things up with different pieces, sizes, and frame colors. Using your floor layout as a guide, start in the center and tape each paper cut out to the wall to build the full layout and spacing on the wall.
When you’re happy with your layout and ready to hang, nail through your paper guides (making sure you’re lined up with where the hook or wire is on the frame) – when the nail is in place, simply rip off the paper and hang each piece. Our large selection of listings and helpful tools will make it easy for you to find an affordable apartment quickly.
I love the idea of having a gallery wall, but I also like to change and rearrange things quite often. If you’re just starting out with doing carpentry projects, this is perfect because you only have to make straight cuts. If you’re not using a nail gun, you will need to countersink the nails with a nail punch. I bought something similar at IKEA to display books in my son’s room, but these are much prettier (and cheaper in the end).

The molding I used is still showing up on Lowe’s website so they may be ship it free to your store.
Hearts are starting to show up every where I look –on blogs, on Pinterest, on TV, in town, the supermarket, at the library, in the mall – and now my house. Play around with how you want the frames to be on the wall – where your initials, heart, and flowers will go. Use a bubble level to make sure frame is level and then press firmly into the wall for 30 seconds. Hold the layered frame up to the wall on top of the base frames that are already mounted on the wall to determine where the Command Picture Hanging Strips will need to be attached to the back of it – You want to attach them where they will overlap the first layer of frames. You can just go to a bunch of thrift stores, find random frames and old art, and them piece them all together. Our walls just crumble if we try to hang anything, one of the reasons we don't have ANYTHING on our walls and if you take down what we do have up- there is a huge whole with crumbling plaster around it. If you can’t find an exact frame fit, the custom framing department at Michael’s can cut a custom mat size for you to pop in an existing frame. Theses ledges would also look gorgeous in a dining room or kitchen displaying a row of plates.
I think it is well worth paying extra for something that is already sanded and primed because all the boring prep work is already done for you. The moulding that I used is called Coronado crown and the bar code number is #7-16781-01290-2. I just joined your blog and hope you will join me to read about Missouri Farm Life and more. I went to Home Depot for all supplies except the crown and my total cost was about $90 ($60 for just the crown alone). Once you figure out where the Command Picture Hanging Strips need to be attached, attach them in the same way as in Step 5. And then, you can personalize it by throwing in a few personal pictures or artwork you've created.
Since our shelves span between the door jambs in our hallway, I didn’t want the bottom board to jut out beyond the depth of the jambs. I fell in love with this crown moulding years ago and was so happy that I found a way to use it in our home.
Also, for the holes you've already created (per you) you can use spackle to fill in the hole and then just touch up the paint.

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