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You’re probably familiar with the basic things you need in starting a website, and already pointed your domain name to your web host. To start with, a web page is basically an HTML document viewable from the Internet or a local area network.
Additional useful programs that you can use here are Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Web Developer, and similar apps that have also have built-in code editors. By examining the code above, the words used are all readable English words except on those keywords that have angle brackets and forward slash with them.
This is a very simple web page as compared to what you practically view on most websites which has beautiful layout, contains videos, images, flash and even audio.
Learning HTML is actually simpler and not as cryptic compared to other programming languages. Find the feature that enables you to do file transfer such as an FTP program or, the file browser or, File Manager on your CPanel (shaded in blue above) then prepare to upload your index.html file. If you’re not yet familiar with what’s inside a Cpanel, you can explore try its features on cPanel’s official site and try the demo page. 4.) Using the file browser of your CPanel, go to the root directory of your website then look for a folder named public_html (some web host named the folder with “www”). The public_html is the directory where the web server’s program starts parsing the scripts for your website.
If everything went right, that is, you have uploaded your index.html to your public_html folder, you are now prepared to test your domain name’s connection with your website and view your HTML document live on the web. In creating larger web pages or huge collection of web pages, the procedures stated above are enough to guide you in tackling the same thing. I am Samith Jhon a content writer and a Professional Blogger.  I am certified with 000-590 Exam which is very popular these days and have a great scope in the field of IT Certification.
With the assistance of a good SEO services company, your website would truly turn into a virtual storefront that would funnel all good things for you and your offered products and services. You’re probably thinking that in order to build an internet web page, you have to be some kind of computer genius.
On your desktop, move your mouse to a space that is not occupied by one of the graphic symbols (i.e. Now that you’ve created an official internet web page, you want to add some things to it by editing your internet web page. To see your internet web page on the internet, all you have to do is open your internet web page using this internet window.
Since your internet web page is complete, all that remains is that you share this internet web page with your friends.
The only problem now is that your friends don’t have the internet web page and the picture of your three rabbits on their desktop.
There are so many more things you can learn about internet web page creation, but I can only include so much of them here.
This post was written exclusively for Webdesigner Depot by Louis Lazaris, a freelance writer and web developer. WDD staff are proud to be able to bring you this daily blog about web design and development.
Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! Have you ever wondered how exactly search engine marketing works or how search engine optimization can help your business? Search engine marketing uses search engine optimized content to make your website easier for the spiders to find and for people who are searching the web to find.
If you want your website to show up higher on the search engine results page then you use to use search engine marketing and search engine optimization techniques in order to get the spiders to notice your site and put your site higher on the search engine results page. The number one rule to remember when you are planning out search engine marketing strategies or trying to figure out how use search engine optimization effectively on your website is that your website should have 100% original content. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing is more than just taking one word or phrase and repeating it a certain number of times. An annotated bibliography is a list of books, articles and other sources used in your research. The citation provides the author, title, date and other descriptive details about the source.
Say it out loud as if you're trying to explain it to someone, then write in out in no more than four sentences. Write one or two sentences describing at least two criteria you used the evaluate this source. For one of my recent projects I implemented transitions between screens in a web app so they looked and behaved exactly like they do natively on iPhone, watch demo.
Note: For information on how to cite an article from a journal, see the "Academic Journal - Print" section (above).
City: Should be listed in the Database record or on the Title Page (beginning of ebook) at bottom.
Publisher, Should be listed in the Database record, or look on Title Page (beginning of ebook) at bottom. Note: For information on how to cite an article from a journal, see the "Journal Article - Library Database" (above).
If using a work of formal visual art, like a painting or a sculpture, italicize the Image Title.
After directing your domain name to your website (which is located on your web host’s server), you are now all set to design your web pages. The example that I will show below is a very simple HTML code which includes texts and tags for formatting the document. These keywords are all HTML tags, and as you can see Notepad++ rendered it with color blue. No matter how simple our example above is, it is an actual web page which contains data and is accessible over the Internet.
A lot of web hosting service providers have cPanels installed on their web servers, visit cPanel’s to see how it actually looks like. What happens is that, if you type your domain name on your web browser, the web browser then connects to the Internet and finds your web host servers which are associated with your domain name. The web page should normally load and you should see the same web page that you have tested offline like the image above. You probably think you have to go to college for at least one year to learn to make internet web pages. But there is an easy way for you to make your internet web page look fancy without learning anything about the hard computer programming stuff. Now, since you’ve introduced your pet rabbits inside your internet web page, you also want to include an actual picture of your pet rabbits. Of course, you want to update the internet web page in the internet window so you can see the changes.

While the most important tasks are described above, there are some other things you can do to improve any future internet web pages you make. A search engine uses thousands of little bots called spiders to index the millions of web pages that are on the Internet. People who are using a search engine to look for websites will rarely click to the second search engine results page. The spiders will place your site higher on the search engine results page if the content that is on your site is original. The act of composing an annotation is an aid to evaluating information sources for usefulness, appropriateness and credibility. Your instructor will let you know which style manual (MLA, APA, etc.) to use for formatting citations. In general, an annotation should inform the reader of the quality and relevance of the source. Write the page numbers of the whole section you used (the whole story, essay, chapter, etc.). ONLY include if book has more than one volume and is listed in the Database record or on front of ebook. Should be listed in the Database record, or look on the back of the Title Page (beginning of the ebook). Write the page numbers of the whole section you used (the whole story, essay, chapter, etc.) -- usually found in the Database record.
Any kind of title that is at the very top of the page (usually top-left corner or top-center of page), usually the very first thing listed on a page. Look in the Address box at the top of your internet browser window; sometimes, it's also on the bottom of your print-out.
If there is no obvious title, you can use part of the caption, or the file name of the image, or the tool tip that pops up if you mouse over the image. If there is no obvious title, you can use part of the caption, or the file name of the video. Just for a recap, an HTML document is a text file with formatting instructions of HTML tags. This text editor is able to recognize the programming language that is being used on a certain file through its filename extension (e.g. On your code editor type the text exactly as shown below, I used Notepad++ on this example.
The filename should be named “index” because this is the first file that the web server will load when your website visitors visit you website. As you might have thought, it takes time and effort to “manually” create a lot of web pages for your website. In order to turn this file into an internet web page, you need to change the last three letters of the file name, and also give it your own custom name.
All you have to know is that now that you’ve put that line inside your internet web page, your rabbits will appear for everyone to see.
Search engine optimization makes it possible for a search engine’s spider to find your web page and add it to the search engine results page whenever someone does a search for a word or phrase that shows up on your website.
These spiders start at the most well known websites and work backwards following links and searching for common words and phrases. It’s crucial that your site be on the first page of the search engine results page or people will probably not find your site. When websites duplicate copy the spiders pick up on the repeated phrases and language and will sometimes not index a site at all if the spider determines that the content is too similar to the content on another site.
Look at the beginning or end of the article.If you have Multiple Authors or No Author -- Click Here! If there is none listed - you should question whether appropriate to use in an academic source - use the publisher to make your judgment (trusted source?)If you have Multiple Authors or No Author -- Click Here! If there is none listed - you should question whether appropriate to use in an academic source - use the publisher to make your judgment (trusted source?) If you have Multiple Authors or No Author -- Click Here! Once you have learned these steps, you can do it all over again and become familiar with the process, and learn more advance techniques in the future. Try to test and debug your codes offline by using debuggers, or use your web browser instead. Customizations, design and operation of a web page can be enhanced by using commonly used website development scripts such as JavaScript and CSS (CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet, script to design and give style to a web page). An example website with massive amount of web pages is Wikipedia, which has millions of web pages served around the world. After you attach these two files, you can add an extra note in your email to tell your friends what to do with the attached files. Every page that the spiders come across with those particular words on them is indexed and saved. Remember that a website is a collection of related web pages located on a server which is accessible over the Internet through a URL. Double click the index.html file, and if it is associated with your web browser, it should load normally and look like the image shown below. Additional programming and scripting languages that are used in web development are PHP, Perl, Java ASP and so on will not be covered here, these languages are introduced for you to have an idea and learn them from other resources.
Other examples are blogs such as Mashable, Engadget, TechCrunch and our own BlogsDB’s blog. Those pages are the ones that show up in the search engine results page when someone uses Google or another search engine to look for websites on a particular topic. Not all of these pages are really hand coded in HTML; these pages were actually generated by a program residing on our web server. The place where each site shows up in the search engine results page ranking is based on the content of the site, how many times particular words and phrases appear on the site and the relevance of the site to those search times.
PrototypeWireframes, mockups, and prototypes are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are three different things (though there is sometimes some overlap between them).
Most of the blogs and websites on the web are already using community-contributed scripts such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. Each one has a slightly different purpose that it gives to the design process.Wireframes are basic illustrations of the structure and components of a web page.
This is generally the first step in the design process.Mockups generally focus on the visual design elements of the site.
Or if you want to have a quick start, you can check our tutorial on how to install WordPress on your website. These are often very close or identical to the actual final site design and include all the graphics, typography, and other page elements. If your page numbers are in the hundreds, shorten the second number to 2 digits (ex- CORRECT 348-53, NOT 348-353). While they might not have full functionality, they generally give clients the ability to click around and simulate the way the site will eventually work.

Prototypes may or may not also include finalized design elements.Rough sketch of user interface flow on a mobile app. In its most basic form, your wireframe might be nothing more than a sketch on some graph paper.
More complicated projects will likely have more complicated wireframes, while simple sites might have simpler wireframes.What to Include in a WireframeYour wireframes should include enough information to reflect what needs to appear on each page of your website.
If your wireframe is just going to serve as a guiding document for your own reference, then you don’t want to get too involved in the wireframing process. High-Fidelity WireframesYou have a couple of options when it comes to the style of your wireframes.
Some designers opt for low-fidelity (low-fi) wireframes that are basically just lines on a plain background with some labels. Image by Paul Downey.High-fidelity (hi-fi) wireframes go one step further, using certain design elements within the wireframe. He outlines his entire process for creating wireframes, from sketching on paper to creating a grayscale wireframe in Illustrator.
Some designers make rough sketches on paper and then move over to software to create more polished wireframes. Some are specifically made for wireframing, while others are more general-purposed but work particularly well for the task.The tools you decide to use will depend on personal preference and project requirements. Graph paper works particularly well, as it allows you to create relatively clean wireframes without having to break out a ruler.
Image by John Manoogian III.You might want to use a pencil for your initial sketches, so you can erase things without having to start over. They also have the added advantages of being accessible from anywhere and being cross-platform compatible.
Following are a few examples of browser-based wireframing tools.MockingbirdMockingbird works in Safari, Firefox and Chrome and has a number of unique features.
One of the better time-saving features is that it has automatic text resizing: If you change the size of a button or similar element, Mockingbird changes the text size to match. It also lets you create multi-page wireframes with links.Lovely ChartsLovely Charts can be used for wireframes or a variety of other charts.
It has an intuitive, drag-and-drop drawing interface, which makes it incredibly easy to use. It includes publishing options for your wireframes that lets you share them publicly with anyone who knows the URL, though editing and managing of wireframes is all handled through an SSL connection for privacy.LumzyLumzy can go beyond just wireframing and into a fully-featured prototyping tool that lets you add events to controls, put controls inside other containers and emulate the finished project with triggers caused by user actions. It also includes live chat, real-time collaboration and an image editor.JumpchartJumpchart works for both wireframing and prototyping, with plenty of tools for showing page hierarchy and relationships between pages. Jumpchart also lets you export your finished prototype to WordPress (with the paid version).Balsamiq MockupsBalsamiq Mockups aims to reproduce the experience of sketching wireframes, and because the end results look more like sketches than formal designs, it maintains the metaphor of sketching out a wireframe on paper. Balsamiq Mockups has plenty of collaboration and sharing tools as well.Google DrawingsGoogle Drawings is just starting to gain some traction as a viable wireframing app.
It works similarly to other online drawing apps, with predefined shapes and the ability to add text. What really makes it useful, though, is that there’s a set of templates (from Danish UX designer, Morten Just) specifically for Google Drawings that you can use to create website wireframes. It includes over 200 icons and banners you can use in your wireframes and you can create master pages to use as a framework to avoid repetitious work. It includes a large library of mockup components ready for you to use, as well as a variety of publishing options (including PDF and PowerPoint export). It has both collaboration and project management features, making it a great choice for teams. It includes an on-screen text editor (with rich text format support), export to HTML, PNG and other file formats, built-in stencils, and more. There are also standalone builds of Pencil for Linux and Windows.Prototype ComposerPrototype Composer is a web app prototyping program. It lets you build usable applications that closely mimic the experience your end-users will have, all with a graphical UI that doesn’t require coding knowledge.
The downside is that it’s easy to get sucked into actually designing and coding the site, rather than just creating a quick wireframe.
Your wireframe can very quickly become a mockup or full-fledged prototype much earlier than it should.But again, wireframing with HTML does give you a head start on the design and coding process. Wireframing can let you work through a number of design and layout ideas quickly and at little cost but your time.Wireframe sketched with pen on grid paper. Image by John Manoogian III.Take a look at the design specification documents you have that tell you exactly what elements you need on the site. Release your creative inhibitions at this stage.Wireframes as a Project DeliverablePresenting wireframes to your clients can be a valuable way to make sure everyone is on the same page prior to creating the actual design mockups. SketchyOne of the biggest considerations when creating deliverable wireframes is how polished they should look. Polished wireframes can often help a client better visualize what the site’s layout will eventually look like.
If you’d like to connect with her, check her out on Twitter.This was published on Nov 1, 2010 Previous PostNext Post95 Commentspaul Nov 01 2010cool guide! Axure is THE premier wireframing tool for mocking up and documenting interactive wireframes.I use it for documenting critical designs, after having tried many of the other tools.
Thanks, very interesting.maybe, you should mention that you can simply build a wireframe using coulored cells in Excel.cheerioScott Nov 26 2010Great conversation! I would really be interested in a conversation about going from low to high fidelity mockups. Low fidelity makes sure that the marketing is in the right place and works really well with helping clients commit – but still I struggle going from low to high fidelity. A Sketch is supposed to be so quick to make you can dispose of it without feeling like losing your work.
So it is easy for us getting things turn-around very faster and in sync.AMRoberts Dec 09 2010Thanks for sharing. Hugely helpful (just wish I saw this a week ago before I submitted my wireframe to my designer!). I often use my.origramy not only for wireframing but also for mind-mapping before making a web-side prototype.
I liked the nice interface and how fast it is to load and easy to use !baidu678 Sep 08 2011world wide web.

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