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After you layout your site, you'll need grab all your "assets," that is, all your pictures, sounds, anything that's going to be on your page, and put them in one folder on your computer. Take a look at the site map I drew (above) and you'll have a good idea how the final site will fit together. Drag all the pictures, sounds, movies--anything that'll be on your site--into your new folder. I edited two pictures in Adobe Photoshop: a scanned photo of me as a kid, and a picture I took with the camera in my cell phone.
It's best to use hexadecimal color codes instead of the color name if we want our web page to look perfect for everyone. I looked up the color codes for my page with a simple Google Search for hexadecimal color codes. If you do decide to add a background graphic, remember to also set the bgcolor to a similar color as the graphic. If you take a good look at my site map and outline drawing, you may have noticed all the pages have a header graphic, which we're going to link to the this first page we're working on.
When you design for 800x600, you can't make a web page that's actually 800 pixels (dots) wide--you need to take into account that there will be a scollbar on the right side of the web browser window.
Here's how it works: We use just a standard regular ol' HTML table, with one cell, and set border="0", cellpadding="0", and cellspacing="0" since the table is just one cell. Now, this code, as it stands, will put our table--holding our graphics and text--on the left side of the screen automatically. SWF Video Converter converts any movie file (AVI, MPEG, WMV (constant FPS), ASF, 3GP) into SWF and FLV formats. With Video to SWF Converter you can: Make a movie in a Flash format instead of video one Flash is the most popular format for web animation and movie clips. Modify your output SWF file SWF Video Converter gives you a very useful opportunity to alter SWF files to fit your desires and professional needs.

Create HTML website with embedded SWF or FLV Make your website stand out from the rest by integrating an SWF Flash movie into it. Spice up your movie by adding a new soundtrack Add something of your own to the movie files, converted into SWF. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. I wanted to design such that no matter how low the target resolution would be my site would shrink to fit the whole screen without needing to scroll down. My problem is that when I make the resolution of the browser small, the content doesn't shrink to fit the screen. When you reduce the screen size, the font-size doesn't change, hence it occupies same space as usual and breaks up. When you zoom in or zoom out, the pixels are increasing or decreasing respectively according to their provided percentages. Try giving max-width , min-width(In pixels) , max-height and min-height(In pixels) properties to them. In the pictures, it looks like the browser window also increases, not just the HTML document. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged html css or ask your own question.
Why do the cameras Canon 1Dx, Nikon D4, Nikon D5 have a different form factor than other DSLRs? A quick, non-elegant but working standalone solution with inline CSS and no jQuery requirements.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged html css html5 css3 or ask your own question. I had no idea how to accomplish that, but had a couple of short funny movie clips I wanted to use.

It provides fascinating animation effects and you can easily share your Flash movies with people all over the world because all they need view them is a Flash Player. Copyright protect your SWFs by adding watermarks of any character to your resulting movies, choosing any opacity and position for them on the screen.
Replace the original movie soundtrack with any of your favorite sounds or music clips (MP3 and WAV) and adjust the way you want it to sound. Now you're ready to actually see the construction of a real web site from scratch with HTML code.
Add video and sound movie controls to make process of watching the Flash movie more comfortable. Without the profound knowledge of web-mastering and web-design you can easily make a Flash web page that will look exactly the way you wanted it to be.
Make your movies more captivating by removing unwanted areas or cropping what you don't need in the movie file. To make sure that the conversion process goes well, check Activity log to be aware of any possible problems.
Alternatively, you can save the existing original movie soundtrack in a separate file for future use and editing. All video formats such as MPEG, AVI, WMV (constant FPS), ASF, 3GP can be easily converted into SWF or FLV files.

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how to make a website fit to screen html background

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