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The dividing-line among web designers seems to be whether or not to use a non-semantic span tag with CSS positioning, which involves a more complicated technique .. This allowed me to replace the foreground images (contained in those heading elements) with TEXT ..
The advantage however, is A» devices that don't render styles (such as screen readers and mobile devices) will now see a TEXT heading and tag-line displayed there, where before there existed only images. After all the pages are styled however, and the markup is coded semantically, there's still no substitute for insightful content ..
Changed the underlying markup that controls the links in the blue-green sidebars on the home-page.
Most surprising was that it took me so long to realize I had coded the home-page with semantically incorrect markup. Being a n00b, I don't know much about their program yet, except that they pay a percentage whenever a visitor clicks a link on my site and makes a corresponding purchase. What I like best about the Amazon program is that it allows me to monetize the site without including visible ads (.. I also like that it doesn't cost visitors anything extra when purchasing a book via a link from this site. I've long preferred LIQUID layouts (sometimes called A» FLUID), which resize column widths as you resize your browser window (called the "viewport" by those in the biz). Back when I investigated how to create a webpage template, a couple weeks ago, I really had in mind the notion of using a template as the basis for a new Rad guide .. Definitely takes longer to get up-n-running when using a template, cuz you first must determine exactly how the guide will be structured .. Templates force you to pre-think everything up front, before you begin generating content-one. I was so eager to get started on the guide that I actually had to start over (several times) .. It occurred to me again today, while composing a short thank-you note, that Texans donate more to the Rad cause (this site) than all other states combined.

While surfing the web recently, I've noticed more website authors including a photograph of themselves on their home page (..
I even sampled the exact shade of black contained in the photo's background, so I could blend the photo perfectly into its surrounding box.
Personally, I like to see a photo of the authors whose sites I visit and whose articles I read.
If you view this home page in Firefox (or a browser other than IE or Opera), you'll notice I added some rounded corners. Been reluctant to spend much time focusing on site styling, preferring rather to concentrate on generating A» content. In the world of cars, for example, I've always preferred the spartan cockpit of a Porsche to the bells & whistles you find sitting in a corvette. Techniques that use graphics to achieve their effect involve inserting additional HTML elements that are otherwise unnecessary, because current CSS standards (v2.1) allow only 1 background image per element (while each box has 4 corners).
They speed up site development, by allowing the rapid creation of web pages based on a preformed (uniform) structure .. They facilitate site maintenance, by enabling structural changes site-wide via the editing of a single-file .. If your web site grows bigger than expected (as they usually do), and you want to make structural changes (non CSS-based changes) to your web pages, you'll have to edit each page individually (.. When CSS came along, website designers could transfer all style controls into a single file, so that the look of an entire site could be modified by editing a single file (provided, of course, the entire site was based off of the same style sheet). Continue reading How to Use Templates in Dreamweaver CS4 to Help Develop & Maintain your Web Site. I modified the method of placing the graphics in the header found at the top of the home page ..
They claim it takes ~3 days to process an application, but I received my acceptance letter today. But when a template requires many edits, it seems easier to just start over and create a new one.

It was taken at night (at the Noguchi sculpture garden in Costa Mesa after a yummy Italian dinner), and the flash illuminated only my image (nothing behind). First, adding (otherwise) unnecessary markup goes against all that is holy to the Web Standards movement, which touts the tenent of 'Semantic Markup' as one of its pillars. Using images would allow for more creativity, but would also add to the page's download-weight. A» 'meaning') is one of the buzz-words kicked around when thinkers discuss the Web's future.
All I need to do is add the following code to the end of each Amazon link A» ?ie=UTF8&tag=radifiedcom-20. Looking back on my progression of web skills, one omission stands out A» incorporating the use of templates to help develop & maintain the pages of my web site. To be honest, I'm not sure if web design programs (such as Dreamweaver and Expression) had the ability to generate templates back when I launched the site. The boys at YaBB have adopted a new, fast-n-furious (3-month) release cycle, which keeps me hopping. There I implemented a technique known as A» CSS Image Replacement, of which there exist many variations, each with its own set of pro's & con's. The center section will continue to change proportionally, as you resize your browser window - just like before.
This box will expand and shrink (down-n-up) as necessary to accommodate text inside, as its width is fixed (to 205 pixels).

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how to make a website in dreamweaver from scratch kitchen

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