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1 user rated this ebook - write a review of The Creative Person's Website Builder: How to Make a Pro Website Yourself Using WordPress and Other Easy Tools.
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Whether it is used as an online shop, a marketing tool, or a portfolio, a good website is an essential for artists, photographers, designers, and makers from all creative backgrounds and disciplines.

This community of people, in particular, needs the design and function of their sites to reflect their individuality and style. Using WordPress, it takes you quickly and rigorously through the process of setting up a website, giving you tips and hints to improve your style choices and create the look you are aiming for. It also showcases a variety of approaches to creative websites, covering everything from the online shop to portfolio sites.

And, to give you the best chance at grabbing an audience, the latest search-engine optimization and social-media techniques are explored.

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how to make a website with wordpress pdf generator

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