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There are many great real estate websites out there – Marshall White has a beautiful and functional website, for example, and the Professionals group has a great network of matching websites with listings that are updated regularly. A content-management system like WordPress is a great platform to use if you’re having trouble creating, designing, or updating your current website. As such, WordPress is a relatively easy way to make any sort of website, and is ideal if you plan on updating your website regularly.
Design of your website – When creating a WordPress site, you choose from a variety of themes, which determine the colour scheme and layout of your website. Updates – Creating a new post on your website is just as easy as creating a page – type in the title and content of the post, and send it off! If you want to get a website or blog set up quickly with minimal fuss, and you want to be able to update and post new content easily, without knowing any code, then I highly recommend using WordPress. About Emily MurphyEmily is a digital strategist, Internet Communications graduate, and raving fan of WordPress.

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In my last few posts Ia€™ve pondered the issue of how insecure WordPress installations have become. For those who don’t, creating and updating your website or blog can be cumbersome – or expensive, if you pay someone else to do it. With WordPress, you can create pages and good-looking web designs without having to know any code – and because it was originally designed for blogging, making regular updates to a WordPress site is a breeze.
Herea€™s an interesting thing to try if you run a Wordpress site; install the 404 to 301 plugin and in its settings check the a€?Email notificationsa€? option and enter an email address in the a€?Email addressa€? field. Each of these events were recorded in an email with a date and time stamp, an IP address, and the requested resource.A Ia€™d set up a Gmail filter to label these messages so I used Googlea€™s Takeout service to download them in mbox format.

Mbox is aA  simple text only format so I opened the file in MS Excel and sorted the entire file alphabetically. For the purposes of this analysis I didna€™t need the date and time from the Date: fields but getting those lines associated with the message text would have been easy (email me if you want to know how to do it). A word to the wise here: Watch out that the editor youa€™re using doesna€™t use Smart Quotes because a lot of what comes later in mangling this data will fail in bizarre ways if youa€™re not using regular double quotes and wasted hours of your life as I have done many times. I opened the CSV file in Excel and now I needed to find out where the IP addresses originated. Because each IP address could generate one or more events I selected all of them and created a pivot table (I love Excel!) to extract a list of unique IP addresses.

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how to make a wordpress real estate site

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