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When you are considering basement floor paint ideas, you can think about making the basement a warm and appealing place by introducing elements of warmth into it. Choose colorful tiles for basement floor paint ideas because they will help ensure that you introduce color into your basement and you also have a very good finishing where your basement tiles are concerned. The ultimate lesson: staining raw concrete usually yields perfect results, just be sure to pick your semi-transparent stain color carefully as it seems that second chances are iffy.
Update – Wanna know where we got something in our house or what paint colors we used?
At 61 years of age, and after building at least 7 houses I finally tried Behr Latex concrete stain. Yeah they should tell people to first test the floor by dumping a little water on it to see if the floor absorbs it at all. I saw you speak in Richmond about your blog and I had a few ideas for you to do in your spare time. Unfortunately we don’t have any experience with a cleaner and an etcher but visiting your local Home Depot or Benjamin Moore store and speaking with the stain & paint specialist should provide you with all the info you need! Thanks for the information and pictures, it isn’t easy to find help with DIY projects.
Question #1: Did you let the stain dry between each coat and how long between each application?? Our memory of the floor-staining process (we actually did it almost two years ago) is that we didn’t need to wait long between coats because by the time we got to one side of the large room the other side of the room where we started had pretty much dried.
Oh and we didn’t seal the concrete with a gloss (which we thought would keep things looking casual and allow us to add stain down the line).
Using a floor buffer with a scrubbing pad would be a good alternative to solvents or chemicals.
A full day with one would probably be overkill for just a front porch, but you could also use it to clean up the garage floor a bit, also.
I am curious why you decided to skip the etching stage of prep that is recommended by Behr.
You’ll want to follow the advice on the floor stain can that you choose (since timelines can vary by brand). If you have a damp basement floor with no standing water, click on WATERPROOFING BASEMENT FLOORS to learn how to solve this problem.
The colors to introduce into a basement, ideally, should be warm brown, orange, green, all the earthy colors and shades that you can think of. Choose from basement flooring options like anti slip and textured tiles for a better finish and ensure that the whole basement floor is covered with them. We used a vacuum cleaner to grab all the bigger dust bunnies and then followed up with a mildly soapy wet rag to be sure that it was squeaky clean.

Two or three coats should do the trick (the color intensifies slightly with every coat, so keep going until you’ve reached your desired color saturation). Otherwise you’ll end up repainting the whole floor with oil-based porch and floor paint to cover your grungy second staining attempt. As you probably gathered, we’re pretty busy these days- but whenever we have a spare moment we’ll look into your ideas!
We made the mistake of adding the Concrete darker stain over the lighter stain and the results are awful. My idea is to work in small sections as I do with blending paint on walls to get the result I am looking for then move on.
It was a great finish because it was semi-translucent so it really hid dirt and also brought out the beauty of the concrete floor beneath. But even without sealing it, you can see that restaining it later was not really an option at all (it came out so gross we would never recommend it). We also didn’t seal our concrete, we just stained it but left it raw which really wore well and held up perfectly (and also allowed us to paint the concrete a few years later without worrying about adhesion). I definitely think approaching the concrete floor with something more mild and less toxic is a great idea. RadonSeal Deep-Penetrating ConcreteSealers are great sealers that waterproof the concrete and keep radon from passing through the concrete.Consider them a must when waterproofing your basement floor.
It can be turned into a guest room, it can be transformed into a child’s play room or a family room.
You can either incorporate tiles into the whole setting or you can buy thin cotton carpets, rugs and area rugs for this purpose. Monochrome pattern tiles might be a stylish and good choice for a basement and you can also choose different patterns and designs as you deem fit. So anyone with a garage, sunroom, basement or porch with a concrete floor should seriously consider this super simple process. It also helps to apply each coat in the opposite direction of the previous coat, so there are subtle crosshatched brush strokes instead of more obvious lines that all go in one direction).
Luckily our sunroom floor adventure had a happy ending, so check out our floor painting tutorial over here! We can disperse info to plenty of people by doing a blog post, using twitter, or using the fan page that we set up on Facebook!
We ended up painting the floor an opaque color with porch and floor paint and it came out awesome.
You can definitely go back and touch up areas (raw concrete will suck up a number of coats with no problem). I have used a toxic adhesive remover and scraper on my front porch which had the same carpeting, but I don’t want to use it again since it was messy, smelly, hard to clean up and even ate through rubber gloves.

They’re supposed to be durable, especially since the floor is not exposed to the elements. It can be the ideal space for a home theater or a family entertainment room, a study or a game room. The color of the walls also play a big role in how warm and appealing a basement looks and for this purpose, you can easily get the walls painted in beautiful and warm colors of red, orange, brown and others. There are tons of tile choices online if you care to have a look, there are many patterns and colors and designs available in a variety of competitive prices and there is something for every budget. Short of pushing a heavy washer and dryer across the floor, we have yet to see any scratches in our semi-transparent stained concrete floor. We’ve also heard that applying the stain with a rag in circular motions can achieve a nice rustic look without any brush strokes at all. But two years later we wished we had gone with more of a chocolate brown color and less of an orange tone (to better complement the colors in the rest of the house and make the sunroom feel more connected to the indoor spaces). Also loved the outcome…but now 5 years later we are trying out some carpets to cover them…just a bit! It stung really bad and now that I have a naughty, nosy dog, I don’t want to use anything that can burn her paws.
One can even think of utilizing the space available and turning it into a personal spa, a large bathroom, an indoor swimming area or simply, an extra bedroom. If you have a small basement and want it to look large and spacious then choose to paint your basement in shades of white and cream though you have to be aware of the fact that it is difficult to maintain lighter colors, especially in the basement where there will be a lot of dirt and dust to deal with. Basement floor paint ideas include making an effort to include different shades into the floor paint scheme – if you have a large basement you can think of dark colored tiles for the flooring, light colored tiles will make the room look spacious and darker ones might make the room look smaller than it actually is. We’ve heard from numerous other DIYers that applying a darker stain over a lighter stain never looks good at all. Let me suggest that you put a remote mike on the speaker, add more lighting and get a better video camera. Even if the basement is a room where you keep old items of the house which are not used then you can think about decorating it, keeping it clean and neat and making it an appealing room to be in, regardless of how it is used. Painting ideas for basements involve one wall being a feature wall, warm color accents like brightly painted shelves and so on and so forth.
Choosing bright paint for the walls, for the ceiling, making an effort to tile the floor in pleasing colors, buying rugs or carpets for it, installing shelves and interesting light fixtures would be a very good idea for the basement.
Check out basement floor paint ideas for your home when you want to redecorate and renovate your home and make the whole house look the best.

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