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Soil Of Choice (I use "used" coffee grounds that have been microwaved on low power for at least 30 minutes. The actual number of circles you may need will depend on the size plant you want to make and the type of container you choose.
I use craft foam for the petunias as it holds the bloom in shape as it dries which gives you deep, crisp centers leading to an accurately shaped bloom. NOTE The number of blooms you need to glue on a stem will depend on the size plant you want and the type container you choose to use.

Place your potting soil in your container, add your stems one at a time, clipping the stems to the appropriate length as you go. Era along with husband, Robert, entered the world of dollhouse miniatures in 1977, and started the business of "Pearce Miniatures" in 1990.
Era earned her status of IGMA Fellow in the category of plants and creates a wide variety of miniature plants and flowers, as well as completed gardens and greenhouses. Although being involved in creating and selling miniatures from the 1970's on, miniature plants and flowers became her passion in 1999 when she sold the full size greenhouse she owned and operated.

With a toothpick and yellow craft paint (or Green craft paint, if that is your preference) paint a prominent dot in the center of your red circle where the lines all meet - Allow the paint to dry thoroughly!
Do not panic at this step - the white pen lines and yellow paint will not run if they have been allowed to dry thoroughly!

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how to make dollhouse furniture

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