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Hi Gary, thanks for the great overview of the state of the art for mobile website builder tools. Facebook contests and campaigns are powerful ways for brands to engage with customers in social.
You cannot pack up a mobile website with the same elements you would put on a traditional one, just smaller, hoping that they would work the same way. Make each section title clear so people would understand rapidly what you are talking about, mobile users are easily discouraged when they can’t find the information they are looking for. Keep it short and try to give only relevant information, cut the clutter off, people won’t spend much time reading on a mobile phones.
Use mobile specific keywords you want to position (some sites build with mobile templates like the ones Onbile offers are SEO optimized and make this automaticly).
Be cautious when using jQuery scrips, not every device has the advanced technology required to support them.
Interesting article, this is very useful for people that are begining to build their mobile site. A mobile-friendly website is one that has been designed, developed and optimized so that every user has the best experience possible, no matter which device they are using.  If you’ve ever tried to access a website from your smartphone and been greeted with garbled text or misplaced images, that experience was not mobile-friendly.
There are several options available to create a website that will offer a strong online experience to both computer and mobile users. The first one is to optimize the page that you already have through your website’s design and layout. The overall website design needs to be simplified as much as possible.  Fancy high resolution pictures and elaborate menus may seem attractive, but they are too “heavy” to load while using a phone, especially with older models. Your website’s layout should consider a smartphone’s display and therefore offer bold large fonts so important information is visible on a small screen. If you are tech savvy, you can certainly develop a mobile-friendly website using a plethora of simple web-building platforms available today.  For most of us, it probably involves hiring a web designer to create a professional website that will make a strong impression on prospective customers whether they are visiting from their computer or their mobile devices. Cathy Goddard has created a culture of sharing, educating, connecting and promoting small businesses through all of Lighthouse’s programs.
Cathy Goddard of Lighthouse Visionary Strategies was the jump start we needed to create our company’s first ever strategic plan.
Whether Cathy is facilitating a mentor group, leading a workshop or moderating an open forum, her passion for business is evident in everything she does. In the last mentor group I participated in, an introduction turned into a contract that provided three months of work. Cathy is an advocate for entrepreneurs passing along her energy and enthusiasm to everyone she meets, as well as her extensive know-how. Cathy came recommended to us through the conference services department of our Whistler hotel. This is one of the features I used to detect if a browser is a mobile device and redirect them to my custom mobile website.
For this to work, your Server must be PHP enabled, if PHP is not operative on your Server then, this will just be a dead end.
Contributing to the information World makes it easier for others to have knowledge about other information's. This entry was posted in Mobile Phones, Programming, Tutorial and tagged mobile devices, PHP. My AppsI wonder if, there could be an Application that can make other Applications, it seems as though the age in Information Technology has drawn so far, that it is so oblique to everyone. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 Generic License - Except Otherwise noted.
MobiRise Mobile Website Builder 1.5 Freeware Download - Pre Made Blocks Mobirise comes with huge collection of pre made layouts to help make your development faster.
MobiRise Website Builder creates responsive, retina and mobile friendly websites in a few clicks. Modern styles Mobirise has provided for website developers a growing library of modern blocks which can be used either partially or in full for every website developed through the builder. Bootstrap 3 Bootstrap 3 has been noted as one of the most reliable and proven frameworks and Mobirise has been equipped to develop websites using this framework.

Responsive One of Bootstrap 3's big points is responsiveness and Mobirise makes effective use of this by generating highly responsive website for you.
Web Fonts Google has a highly exhaustive list of fonts compiled into its web font platform and Mobirise makes it easy for you to use them on your website easily and freely. Unlimited Websites Mobirise gives you the freedom to develop as many websites as you like given the fact that it is a desktop app. Retina ready Mobirise also provides the retina support, this make your website looks super awesome on Mac's retina display.
Automatic Website Builder is revolutionary, all-in-one automated site maker for creating, publishing, updating and monetizing websites.
Website Realizer, a website builder, lets you build websites just by dragging and dropping images, media, and effects, then adding your own text, all in the comfort of an intuitive WYSIWYG editor! Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Password is a powerful solution for the recovery of Microsoft Outlook account details. FotoJet is a free online collage maker that enables users to create amazing photo cards, collages and posters quickly from its 190+ perfectly designed templates without the hassles of downloading or installing anything. This plugin automatically detects the type of mobile browser that you site is viewed from, and activates the mobile theme you have chosen for it. Website Realizer, a WYSIWYG website builder, lets you build websites by dragging and dropping images, media, and effects, then adding text, integrating PayPal buttons, all in WYSIWYG editors. A4DeskPro Flash Website Builder allows you to build your site in just 5 minutes, with professional designed templates!
Please direct any questions or bugs regarding software to the company that developed the program.
Rocket Download is not responsible for any problems that may occur from downloading or installing software that listed here. We are merely a software download directory and search engine of shareware, freeware programs available on the Internet. However report a problem you have had with any individual software listed here and we will delete it promptly. We are constantly extending our feature set, however you already can bulid a great looking and functional mobile site.
Try to keep texts concise and to the point, people using mobile devices are often on-the-go. It should be easy to find and when it is possible contain a map (google maps, tomtom…) and a CTC button, so your potential clients could contact you easily.
Try not to overload your website with images, they make the website heavier and slow the loading times. A lot of people access the internet through their mobile gadgets, if you can make your website mobile-friendly there will be a huge difference in the speed loading time and visitors won’t need to wait long until your website loads. The tech company is now incorporating a site’s mobile-friendliness into its ranking algorithm.  Quite simply, that means that web pages that are not adapted to accommodate mobile will be ranked lower by Google and consequently, that will likely have a significant impact in search results.
Whether through her coaching services, award-winning mentor program or the Open Forum Speaker Series, Lighthouse empowers small business owners, helping them to discover opportunities and encouraging them to action. It’s right there in her company name, Lighthouse Visionary Strategies, but she truly lives it. She was able to guide our team through a new process with patience and experience; she helped us build a plan that suited our company and she has provided continuous support to ensure that we follow through.
The intimate group setting encourages close connections that focus in on achieving business targets. That would not have happened without being a part of the Mentor Network and I look forward to driving my business growth in this round of the program. I worked with Cathy through her Mentor Network and she truly practices what she preaches, making her an excellent role model for any small business owner. Her enthusiastic personality and innovative platforms have given me the confidence to launch my new business. Although we hadn’t met prior to her actual presentation, she grasped our intention right away. My ideas and knowledge on the Internet and in Computer Science, has brought me a step closer to having logical understanding of things and i feel knowledge is power and with that anyone can become somebody special.

Mobirise helps you cut down development time by providing you with a flexible website editor with a drag and drop interface.
Deciding which website builder software to trust with your project is not an easy task, try our software today, compare and decide. Download our free software and create an unlimited number of mobile websites and be part of the mobile revolution that takes place on the internet right now. Therefore they don’t have much time to spend reading, besides reading on a small screen is not very confortable. As part of Lighthouse Mentor Network from the very beginning, I have witnessed Cathy’s willingness to share her business advice and feel that this program has enabled me to prosper in exciting ways. She envisions business opportunities or programs that help others reach their potential and then she makes those ideas real, delivering excellent results for all involved. Cathy has a real talent for providing effective business solutions for small business owners. The group members share professional advice and their business contacts, turning what would be a “cold” call into a “warm” call. Her level of customer satisfaction is outstanding and she truly cares about the success of everyone in the program. Cathy funneled my ideas into a structured vision so my company is true to my intentions and goals. Her workshop focused on building leadership from within and and received lots of positive feedback from our team. Although Now-a-days mobile devices support JavaScript still for security purposes most users disable JavaScript on mobile device.To work around this, one of the most effective and easiest scripting to use will be PHP. This can be easily done if you can convert and miniaturize all your content that you previously had on your Desktop version of the website.Once that is complete you can place the give code below, in the head section or any preferred place you wish it to be, but it should be before the body, so the users can be redirected to the appropriate mobile site. Even TV shows and news programmes now are embracing this, encouraging viewers to Tweet e.g. We are talking about usability, one of main ingredients on the recipe for an effective mobile website. Her energy, enthusiasm and determination are infectious and with her support, anything is achievable. Cathy kept everyone in focus and did a great job of delivering the message in a humorous but thought provoking way. I am thankful for her guidance to clarify my ideas and encouragement to believe in my dreams. I would highly recommend her for any group or team as she was able to customize her presentation to fulfill our desired message.
The answers to these questions will give you important clues on how to create your mobile website.
But many businesses seem to not connect this increase in mobile browsing with their business. The fact is that typically 10% (1 in 10) of customers are coming through to your site using mobile – and that is conservative; for many businesses is much higher some of our clients are seeing up to 46% (restaurant). On the left hand menu go to Mobile click here and it will show you how many visitors are coming to your website via mobile and on what device.
Most new themes from leading suppliers like WooThemes and Genesis have a great range of responsive themes.
Some of the main features of WPTouch Pro include: easy customization options, themes and an easy to use admin panel.
It syncs with your WordPress site and also provides mobile SEO functions.Customised Mobile Site Soutions1Mobify Mobify is ideally suited to small to medium sized ecommerce businesses upwards or larger enterprise customers. They provide a build your own tool kit that can can be highly tailored to your brand – prices for this start at $39 per month.
The popularity of this is growing as businesses recognise the need to be have a fast and effective solution.Summary and Key PointsMy recommendation if you are using WordPress is to go for WPTouch Pro as a start point to get mobile.

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