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NOTE: This is a tutorial I made a long time ago when I had no tools and  was just starting off as a cake artist. Now I do not have any shoe molds or silicon forms so what I show you here is basically freehand. If you do not do shoes often or do not want to buy the former you could also use gum paste or play dough.
The first time I did a shoe I used my own shoe to draw a template of the base and the top was a strap so I did not need a template. Perhaps on a future post I will share how to make your own template as well as how to customize these templates.
For the second shoe I did both the sole and insole together, glue them and then put them on the former. Next roll a long thin sausage by hand or using your extruder and place all around you shoe to give it a nice border.
The second shoe has a cocktail stick in the heel which was put in the cake board too so that way it wouldn’t move in transit.
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Roll out some fondant or modelling paste , modelling chocolate or flower paste even, whatever you feel is suitable for your shoe.
Roll out some fondant, modelling paste, modelling chocolate or flower paste even, whatever you feel is suitable for your shoe. When your shoe has dried for a few days, cut out the templates for the back and front of the shoe. Attach the back of the shoe, I use sugar glue but you can use royal icing or whatever you usually use for glue. Shape and stick the front of the shoe on to your shoe, I stuffed mine with clingfilm to hold the shape of it and left it like that for 3 days so it had time to dry in shape16.
When the shoe is dry add a little black under the heel and attach the shoe to the heel very gently with some royal icing. Do that if you need … Just roll it as per your design and then cut with the same template. So if you are a cake decorator it might be worth the money investing in these expensive toys but if you do these ones a year like me, my little post on how to make a gum paste stiletto shoe might help. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link, in fact often times I am able to negotiate a lower rate (or bonuses) not available elsewhere.

Take craft knife and remove the inner sole of the shoe very gently, I cut the little stitches just under the inner.
I then put it on a piece of white card and drew around it slightly bigger that the actual sole and then longer and rounder at the front to get the full shoe shape. I cut it and then placed it on the shoe to test the size and I had to trim a little off the front part of the shoe.
Also cut out templates of the actual sole itself to fit into the shoe later and cut templates of the back of the shoe and the front. You can make up your own templates but this was my first shoe, I used the original shoe design.

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how to make shoe storage rack

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