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The nature is starting to slowly turn back to green everywhere around us and it looks so beautiful, especially after watching some fairy tale movies or reading about their majestic gardens. So if you have a garden, why don’t you consider using some of the decorations in this collection of 23 fairy tale miniature garden decorations to turn your back yard into a fairy tale village?
By combining these beautiful miniature decorations you can create small gardens, small houses and even whole miniature villages in your garden which will look even more awesome when spring fills the nature with life. All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain.
I adore this one, like everyone else I am wondering what the inside looks like, the square footage etc. Decorating kids bedroom is one the most difficult things as they don’t easily get compromised.
Look at this unique bunk bed design that looks like a castle and the ladder leading to the to the upper tier. Anyone would just instantly fall in love with this bunk bed as the lovely beach themed wall paint with coconut trees and a wooden tiled home makes it look refreshing like a beach house.
This is a roped hanging bed that in the attic, and looks like a marine bed, with the ring and ropes that makes it much like a nautical themed bedroom. This is a modern bedroom with a beautiful green wall paint that makes the room look fresh and the bunk bed with storage stairs makes it perfect for a modern bedroom design. This is a nice bunk bed that gives one like a camping feel, as the top tent with bright blue and white dots looks like a celestial view.
For all the boys who would love to have vehicles in their room, will love this tractor bed with faux wheels in it.
Besides the main set of jaws, their attacks may include typical plant traits: entangling with rapidly-growing vines, spewing damaging or debilitating substances or even spawning mini-copies of themselves that threaten to incur a Death of a Thousand Cuts. Unless they are sufficiently vulnerable to normal attacks (although, they typically take LOTS of ammo to kill this way), expect them to be fought by means used against plants in Real Life (or just take much more damage from them): cutting tools, weedcutters, pesticides, fire (or even napalm) or acid (they might instead attack with acid themselves). In Japanese Media, the giant flower Rafflesia sometimes gets depicted‎ as this, though in Real Life it's a non-insectivorous root parasite. A commercial for the Toyota Echo that advertised its spacious interior had a grocery boy help a lady carry her bags to her vehicle.
The pseudo-titular leviathan of Kaiba is a giant planet-eating plant that behaves rather like a sea serpent. Ninin Ga Shinobuden had the main character raising a Venus Flytrap to man-eating size, a fact which she was blissfully unaware of. In the manga Short Cuts, a girl from a distant land wears a flower on her head to eat bad bugs. In the second chapter of Season II, Tsukune and pals are faced with a monster durian, which everyone except Tsukune thought looked delicious. Zetsu of Naruto is actually a cross between a two-toned human and a plant that eats people corpses, which he uses to cover the tracks of the Oddly Small Organization he is part of. In the manga adaption of Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories, Big Bad Marluxia, whose Elemental Powers are pretty pink flowers plants, has a couple of these hanging around.
Scorponok sent a pair of these against the Autobots at one point in Transformers Headmasters.
When Celine falls ill (or seems to, at least), the cast leave for space to search for the cure. Digimon has the giant plant Blossomon, who is not only a giant flower with a giant mouth, but has vines that each have smaller biting flowers!
Kurama from YuYu Hakusho loves these, and they get a Crowning Moment of Awesome in his fight with Karasu.
The school's Gardening Club brings one out to fight in the Tournament Arc of Futaba-kun Change!. James from Pokemon has had the dubious honor of owning two Man-Eating Plants, Victreebel and Carnivine, who constantly gnaw on his head whenever he sends them into battle.
In the 1978 Captain Harlock series, Miime's homeworld was overrun with carnivorous plants and now she's the Last of Her Kind. Hime from the series Princess Resurrection is attacked by one that Sherwood planted in the front yard of her mansion before leaving. Though black Izs in The Maxx are ambulatory basketball-sized black globs with arms and legs and lots of sharp teeth, they are in fact plants, as they come from Julie's Outback, where every native species, including the predatory ones, are plants.
A villain in Marvel Comics called Plant Man has been known to create these, although he tends to be a joke. Papa Smurf accidentally created a Smurf-eating plant in The Smurfs story "The Smurfs and the Howlibird" (and its Animated Adaptation), which required a Smurf to chop at its roots to stop. The Godplant is one of several carnivorous plants which appeared in an episode of Judge Dredd. Charles Addams had a group of jungle explorers come across a plant that might be a new species of carnivorous plant. In Soul Eater: Troubled Souls, the prologue has Maka, Kid, Black Star, and Crona rounding up man-eating plants in Madagascar. The Hungarian animated film Cat City features a gigantic, mouse-eating plant in The Amazon. Tarzan and Jane are nearly eaten by a mutated plant when entering the meteorite chasm in Tarzan (2013).

In Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Manny and Diego get trapped in a giant carnivorous plant. Scary Movie 2 featured a Man Smoking Plant: a plant of marijuana grown by Shorty that suddenly becomes a human-sized plant, and rolls Shorty in a joint and smokes him. One of the jungle perils in The Film of the Book Jumanji is a large, rapidly-growing man-eating plant. The animated linking story from Creepshow 2 ends with the main character leading a pack of bullies into an area where he had been secretly planting and growing these for just such a reason, much to the amusement of the creep. Made even more horrible in the {Novelization where Professor Decker first rapes the poor girl, and then Konga knocks her into the plants. Similar shrubbery sprouts up in the 1960 version of The Lost World and in two Hammer Film productions, The Lost Continent and When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth. 2008's Journey to the Center of the Earth, had Brendan Fraser's character and two kids without any real personality fighting off actual snapping giant man-eating venus fly traps. Like everything else in Magnamund, some of the plants Lone Wolf meets try to kill and eat him (not necessarily in that order).
An early example are the eponymous menaces in John Wyndham's novel The Day of the Triffids. Though most famous for his detective stories, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle also had his fair share of strange monster stories. The children's book Pearl's Pirates features a carnivorous plant from which the heroes rescue a lost child. Subverted in the Edgar & Ellen books, where aggressive, semi-sentient, meat-eating plants do exist, but most aren't big enough to eat anything larger than a pinky finger. Note that the one belonging to the circus performer is big enough to cram a small child inside, but is stated to be incapable of digesting humans.
In "Beyond the Deepwoods", the first story in Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell's The Edge Chronicles, the protagonist Twig encounters a man-eating tree called a Bloodoak. In the earliest books carnivorous grass and kelp (or algae) show up as well, and are suggested to be common.
The mostly realistic Life of Pi features a rather unrealistic giant flesh-eating plant that appears to be an island. Suzanne Collins's Curse of the Warmbloods features the underground jungle of Tantalus, where almost every plant is deadly in some way.
The Coldfire Trilogy has a less animalistic version: trees that drug and paralyze nearby animals, then grow tendrils into them and slowly devour them from the inside out.
The Syren Plant of Kashyyyk in the Star Wars universe can take at least two humans (or a human and a wookie) at a time. A man-eating Venusian plant is mentioned as having almost killed one of the heroes in John W.
We have at least 3 of every tool because it’s so hard to walk up and down all those stairs if we need one and it’s on a different level!
You can design your kids’ bedroom with some of these enjoyable bunk beds and they would just love the idea of it. Everyone would love to slide down no matter how old we get and these bunk beds with slide in the center will make it all the more exciting and will also be a play bed for him or her as they can keep sliding within their room.
The wall paint makes it look like a complete castle and the chairs in the room also look different and make it a much like an ancient room.
The top tier looks like a balcony and the house also has windows to make it look much realistic. Boys would especially love this kind of bedroom design, as they can have fun climbing up with help of the ropes.
In the back was a massive Venus Flytrap-type plant that snatched up the boy while the woman looked around slyly to see if there were any witnesses. However, it's worth noting that, while he's drained energy from the living, all the people he actually ate were dead, possibly a reference to plants getting nutrients from decomposing bodies. And razor-sharp leaves that can slice through anything, allowing the flowers to be launched like shuriken.
Interestingly, this is implied to be how they show affection, and that they aren't trying to eat him (Carnivine even hugged James while gnawing on him. However, most plants in the game are incredibly weak and focus on monster-swarming or swapping. 5D's builds her deck around these, with a plant-based dragon-type Synchro, Black Rose Dragon, as her trump card.
She was once human but is now a mobile, autonomous, sentient and altogether villainous plant.
Joe: The Movie was an entire field of trees referred to as "Carno-Trees" which grabbed enemy soldiers and wrapped them up.
The Gardener who created her treats her as his pet and affectionately calls her "Adelka" ("Little Adele"). She's several hundred feet high and has a taste for general destruction as well as flesh, which of course irritates a certain radioactive dinosaur. The whole plot revolves in trapping our heroes on the titular ruins that are infested with a man-eating plant that grows into your arteries when it smells blood. This low-budget opus offers up Boris Karloff as a scientist leading an expedition to the titular island.

This 1961 English rip-off of King Kong (1933) features a mad professor who invents some kind of serum that enlarges an ordinary chimp, first into a man-size gorilla and finally into a Kong-size monster. In this enjoyably unrealistic depiction of prehistoric life inside the Earth, a man-eating plant makes a brief appearance, interrupting a fight scene between the hero and an adversary. His "The American's Tale" (1879) (which has nothing to do with mice, by the way) features a Venus Flytrap big enough to hang a man from. Subverted somewhat in that all the characters are mice, so it's not really a man-eating plant, and far more realistic (some carnivorous plants in the tropics have been known to get big enough to eat small birds and rodents). A parasitic symbiotic plant known as the tarryvine snares victims and then drags them to the Bloodoak where they are devoured, complete with rather graphic descriptions. By day it is dormant and the meerkat-like animals that inhabit it go to drink out of small ponds that form at the "center" of the island-plant.
I’m also interested in interior space and am curious how the space is working out for you so far.
I hope I can see some inside pictures as well and a floor plan if it’s not to much to ask!
Kids will love to sleep in something different and fun filled and especially with these kinds of bunk beds, they can have exciting time with their friends and cousins. Then it absorbs Luffy's crew members and outright becomes a Neo Exdeath-like Eldritch Abomination.
While she may not literally eat human flesh (although this has been alluded to on occasion), she's certainly a man-eater in every other sense of the word. Somewhere during the expedition, anthropologist Claire Winters (Jean Engstrom) goes off on her own and decides it’s time for a swim. Working on the theory that that was not enough to keep an English audience properly horrified, the film also has the professor growing some sort of mutant Venus Flytrap in his hot house. This early anthology from Amicus Productions contains five short stories that run the gamut of classic movie monster cliches: a werewolf, a vampire, voodoo, a crawling hand, and yes ? a killer plant. Needless to say, even though the two men had been trying to kill each other only minutes before, the hero saves his opponent from the clutches of the carnivorous creeping vine, and the two become fast friends, joining forces to defeat the evil Mahars that rule the underground world.
Before you even get to the freakin' castle, Lone Wolf might encounter seaweed that tries to kill and eat him! By night, the critters have to clamber up into trees, for the island-plant secretes digestive juices that it uses to eat things with. I like the way this little cabin is situated among the trees, & all the windows (of any size) that let in light.
What do you love about your storage and what would you have done differently (if anything)? Also, while the real plant eats insects by trapping them within its leaves and digesting them, the Man Eating Plant actually swallows its victims; its stalk seems to house an animal's full-scale digestive system. There's also Traptrix Nepenthes, who's pet or true form is based on the pitcher plant, and Traptrix Tio, who's pet or true form is based on the venus fly trap.
Her sweat contains pheromones which make her just about irresistible to members of both sexes and her lips secrete botanical toxins which she can and will use with relish to dispatch enemies with a kiss. Never mind that for all she knows the jungle waters might be infested with poisonous snakes, crocodiles, or other predators.
While Konga runs amok at the climax, one of the professor?s female students has the misfortune of getting her arm trapped—a difficult thing to do, since the carnivorous cauliflower has no tendrils to draw her in.
There is little or no explanation for the vicious vine; it is simply noticed growing around an isolated house.
The main character, Pi, discovers the island is carnivorous when he tries to eat a fruit from a tree on the "island," only to find it had a human tooth inside.
Light is SO important when you are surrounded by verdure & shade at least 6 mos of the year!
She does eat one person near the climax of the movie, though it's nobody of the intended victims, and it's not her creator either. Well, she gets far worse than that when she finds herself wrapped up by the tendrils of a prehistoric man-eating plant. Soon, it is snipping phone lines, strangling a hapless victim, and trapping the survivors in the house ? until they learn that the wicked weed is afraid of fire, enabling them to escape. If she's not in the mood for a decent snogging, she can always feed her current play-toy to her "babies".
The final shot, of the vine batting out the flames left behind by the humans, leaves open the question of whether the plant is truly defeated. Making it deliciously ironic and karmic when one of her "babies" became Harvest, a Plant Person Mind Hive of the people she fed to it that promptly decided to add her to the menu.
Thanks to Batman and Robin she survived and the monster vanished, but Poison Ivy was left with a fear of plants for a while.

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