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Every month, I go and search for exciting, new, and free WordPress themes flicking through the recent additions to the directory. TheFour is a multi-purpose theme as well, and is suitable for a business website just as well as it can be used for a portfolio or a blog. Simona was developed for the most special day in the life of a man and a woman or a man and a man or a woman and a woman (as you like it). Among the many cloud services, Cloudinary has specialized in image management and optimization.
In addition to that, you can add plenty of effects like vignettes and blurs, and alter contrast, brightness, and saturation on the fly. The URL contains all information like image resolution, format, as well as all effects that you applied. This way, you create suiting image versions without having to use the Cloudinary interface. Modern displays have a much larger pixel density and can display images at a much higher resolution than conventional monitors.
As modern smartphones and tablets usually come with high-resolution displays, it makes a lot of sense to distribute the image files for high pixel densities. Those that use large format images when it comes to web design should use smaller image files on smaller displays, to avoid an unnecessary page load. With Cloudinary, you can create different resolutions for your pictures and then integrate them into your website.
Often, however, images are not displayed in set widths but to adapt to the width of the viewport. The plugin assures that there will always be a generated image file for the picture’s current display size. For example, when an image is supposed to display at a width of 200 pixels, the images are generated and distributed with this exact width – done in the background by Cloudinary. Furthermore, Cloudinary also loads the appropriate images when enhancing or reducing the browser window.
Displaying entirely appropriate image files without having to scale down pictures in the browser is a major step for optimal image display that saves resources. Microsoft also has its image format called JPEG-XR, which has a much better compression, but is only displayed in the Internet Explorer starting from version 9, and Edge.
Using the plugin “JPEGmini”, which is free for up to over 100 compressions, images are always optimally compressed. Cloudinary is an extensive cloud-based image management service that is more than helpful when it comes to optimizing images for the web. Nowadays, different types of devices, resolutions, and pixel densities make it necessary to have one image prepared in a manually unmanageable amount of versions.
If you need more than that, you can choose from four offers from 44 to 224 dollars a month.
In this article, we’ll look at what designers or marketer can do to improve things for the success of their clients, or at least what advice you should be giving to your clients to avoid getting those nasty emails where they direct all their stored up frustrations at you. Obviously with any brand, it’s all about the name, so it makes sense to start with that.
Once you have decided on a good name, your first step should be to purchase the domain name.
Logos are also important, and because you’re going to be including your logo in your web design, it should be something that is easy to fit into a web design. A good logo also should be easy to identify even when it is not shown in its normal color scheme. No matter what else you do, the most important thing you are going to do before launching your brand’s website is to build hype about your brand first.
John West (manufacturers of canned fish products) did this successfully in the late 1990s and early 2000s when they released a series of video ads that people felt compelled to share.
Some experts will tell you to skip this step, and say it’s bad to have an announcement that your page is under construction. If you’ve built up a lot of hype and momentum about your site while it was being constructed, it has to actually meet expectations. That is indeed a tall order, but it is vital if you are going to be successful in getting to the top of the heap and fending off all challengers.
Following the above tips should help you build a strong online brand that engages an audience and makes them like you. Freiburg is the smallest of all our conferences; this means a super-friendly atmosphere right at the foothills of the magical Black Forest, but also not that many seats! The post SmashingConf Freiburg 2016: Some Things Are Just Too Special To Miss appeared first on Smashing Magazine. You can purchase and download or upgrade Sketch from the official website (note that it is no longer available in the App Store).
Intense is a multipurpose HTML5 template meant for building corporate and personal sites, blogs, online stores, portfolios, landing pages, etc.
Just like any other product from TemplateMonster, Intense entitles you to free, lifetime support.
With an incredibly wide choice of pre-designed pages, Intense allows for much faster website development. Blog integration helps engage customers and fill pages with keywords for better SEO rankings.
Would you like to complement your posts with tags, search, list of categories, archive or even social media feed?
The header is one of the most important layout areas, as it is the first thing visitors see when they enter your site.
The finishing touch of your site is just as important as its introduction, which is why Intense offers various footer types. Along with 150+ HTML5 files, you will get a set of 150+ PSDs, which is cool stuff for designers. What also adds to the usability of Intense is a set of 50+ scalable shortcodes with more than 110 components. Powered by Bootstrap, Intense comes with the main components of this framework, but isn’t confined only to them. Social networks are known as powerful traffic drivers, which is why Intense was developed as a fully-fledged solution for social media integration. If you are a newcomer to the web design world, a free Sketch app newbie, a Photoshop user who would like to make a change for the better, or a developer who would like to add UI design to your skill set, give this wonderful design tool a try. The use of vector-based drawing is the best and the most effective approach to website, icon, or interface design. Comparing Sketch’s requirements for disk space to those of Photoshop might lead you to think that Sketch is a drastically pared-down adaptation of the latter. When an app doesn’t have every feature or capability you need, there is often a simple solution. A stripped-down, pared-down, tightly-focused, and concentrated applications can be simply summed up as being one that is straightforward, clear-cut, and easy to use. As any veteran Photoshop user will tell you, working on large-scale web projects can involve working with a numbers of files, files that can be 100s of MB in size, with each one assigned to a screen you happen to be working on.
With Sketch’s infinite canvas, all of your Art-boards, as its screen designs are labeled, can reside in a single file. Exporting and slicing design assets can be a joy for Photoshop users, but only for those who are in love with difficult and painful processes. Try a few of the free Sketch designs, and we guarantee this app will become your responsive web design tool of choice. Lingo is an app from the Noun Project team that groups images, icons, SVGs, and illustrations into a single place. I work a ton with SVGs and icons, so I’m always trying to find ways to reduce friction between different software and editing processes.
For a great project, we need a well-functioning team, solid style guides, smooth workflows and well-organized kick-off meetings.
The post Web Development Reading List #134: AI, Keyboard Interactions And Living Style Guides appeared first on Smashing Magazine. An amazing set of 200 neatly crafted line icons for general purpose that come in SVG, Webfont, PSD, and Sketch formats.
An amazing set of 50 line style icons perfectly designed in a 256px grid adapted for iOS icon grid, they all come in EPS, SVG, and PNG (128 & 256 pixels) formats as individual files. A bundle that contains more than 91,000 realistic icons, organized in 29 different industries, that feature a realistic style and glossy effects. A huge set of vector icons covering the widely diverse industry of transportation neatly crafted in a nice flat style delivered in individual SVG, Ai, and PNG formats (several sizes). An extraordinary book that guides you through building Instagram from scratch while learning advanced concepts about Ruby on Rails. A nice chat dashboard layout that comes in a fully layered PSD file counting a header bar, a left sidebar icons menu, a contacts list, a central chat layout, and an agenda featuring a calendar.
A stunning branding mockup set for restaurants featuring a fancy minimal style and a professional color scheme available in both PSD and Ai format files. Showtime is a neatly crafted text effect for PhotoShop that features smart object layers giving it a cool 3D style ideal for typographic headings, flyers, greeting cards, and more. A great set that comes with 12 different presets for Adobe Lightroom including a wide range from black & white to HDR and desaturated ones available in JPG and RAW image formats.
A creative set of 2100 emojis for mobile chat applications organized in 5 different categories and available in Ai, SVG, and PNG multi-size formats.
A professional yet creative looking template for a letterhead that features nicely crafted flat elements at the top and in the background.

A professional photo shoot mockup that comes in a high-resolution definition available in PSD format featuring smart object layers for seamless integration of your design as well as 4 final effects, great perspectives, and organized layers and folders.
An amazing mockup for showcasing mobile application or site responsiveness directly in single or several floating screens delivered in 3 different PSD format files featuring smart objects for seamless integration. A UI kit for Windows 10 that comes available in light and dark schemes for all of its elements as well as frames for mobile devices in the most common sizes, and a full palette of colors for its metro menu tiles. If your target market has problems viewing your website then 508 compliance experts can help.
I received an interesting sales call this morning from a gentleman whose company offers the service of helping to make your website, or client’s websites, fall in line with Drupal Section 508 compliance. I began doing some research and there are numerous sites out there that can assist you in starting to move your site towards 508 compliance; but if your site wasn’t designed with compliance in mind then it’s probably going to be a long road.
Drupal is making significant strides to alleviate the effort that is required to deliver a compliant site and there’s some great information about Drupal accessibility here. Now, let’s look individually at these modules specifically and how they can aid your efforts.
Serve as a demonstration to promote accessibility improvements to Drupal core and contributed modules. We realize accessibility should be integrated into core and all contributed modules, but understand the need for short term fixes also.
For those non-drupalers out there it essentially makes it easier for user contributed modules to meet standards as well, and not just core.
The Text Resize module provides your end-users with a block that can be used to quickly change the font size of text on your Drupal site. This module display a adjustable text size changer or a zoom function on the page for a better web accessibility. This module display a style changer on the page and in the browser menue for a better web accessibility. I love this one as it's an easy way to resolve issues for those who have visual impurities; with just a few clicks they can view your site in a contrasting format that's easy to read!
Honestly, I hope you get what this one does without an explanation, but just in case your visitors can easily change the entire theme of the website if need be, theme must be installed or it still won't function. Better Select module overrides all multiselect HTML elements in Drupal and replaces them with checkboxes. Again, this ones pretty easy to get, but it takes the guess work out of how a user must select more than one item from a list; now just click the check boxes! This is by no means an entire list of what needs to be done to give your site Drupal section 508 compliance; however it's a good star to put your Drupal site well on its way! Chris has an extremely vast knowledge of Drupal ranging everywhere from basic site building, themeing, SEO and module development. I do this so you can always give your blog a new look and separate it from the thousands of other websites out there. It displays content in a fashion similar to Pinterest, and thus, it creates a unique blog that sets itself apart from others. The header image, the background, and the colors, as well as many other settings, can easily be adjusted. Different devices with different resolutions and pixel densities require much more than just a default image file.
The service allows you to upload pictures, and integrate them in your website or blog in different resolutions, formats, and qualities. You can edit images from the Cloudinary interface, and then tie them into your web project via a generated URL. For those that prefer working with PHP, there’s a proper PHP class that works similarly to the jQuery example.
Due to the “” element, different image files for different resolutions can be implemented rather quickly. This way, you can set up multi-column galleries, for example, which orientate themselves towards the browser window’s entire width. This allows you to avoid the integration of unnecessarily large files, and helps you make your website slim and fast.
For example, Google Chrome supports the WebP format, which creates significantly smaller files than JPEG and PNG.
In Chrome, for example, the image is displayed as a WebP file, and in Internet Explorer, it is shown as a JPEG-XR.
Especially those that work without a content management system will find a valuable assistant in Cloudinary. Anyone that hosts up to 75,000 images, and doesn’t exceed the limit of 7,500 conversions a month, can use the service for free.
Of course it won’t hurt to combine the offline and online marketing techniques, and indeed for best results, you should do that. Then the force of their frustration is often directed at the website designer, as if to say that the design is the reason for the failure. The only way you can really do it is by creating something so completely amazing that it markets itself just by being accidentally discovered. An ideal name has some kind of positive association, is easy to remember, easy to spell, and universally possible to pronounce.
Then you can start worrying about other things like creating a logo or what color your stationery should be. Therefore obviously logos that will easily fit into a rectangular space are better than logos that contain huge circles, for example, because circles don’t scale down well. It is a very common mistake for inexperienced graphic designers to create logos that are mostly based on color and derive their identity from color. You can use social media to build hype about your site (and brand) before the site is launched.
You have to commit as heavily to this step as any other, and make a page that really creates buzz. Whatever you’ve built it has to be big, it has to be relevant, and it has to be better than anything that has existed before it. The key to it all is to keep your integrity, deliver what people want, and get attention by being the best. Both professional developers and DIYers commonly opt for ready-made HTML5 templates, as they are enormous time-savers in web site development. Later, this massive template will be subject to constant updates such as new pages, skins and child themes to embrace any possible niche.
Instead of building each page from scratch, just swap the default content with yours, edit colors and fonts, and the page is ready to deliver your message.
This is why Intense HTML5 template is integrated with a blog and has 20+ blog pages for it. On hover, they reveal some project details (its title, categories, short description, etc) and other elements (CTA button, commenting and rating options).
The latter shows all the items in the cart and has options to remove some of them or add more. It can make or break your business introduction, which is why you must test different variations to choose the most effective one. For example, the default version of the footer has a logo, social icons, subscription form, useful links, and latest news. Such a huge number of ready-made solutions allows you to create any layout you can imagine within a few moments. In addition to the standard components, the template offers an extended Bootstrap toolkit with elements that the framework lacks, but all the developers long for. It features multiple social widgets, from Twitter and Facebook feeds to Instagram and Flickr galleries.
Before you do so, be sure to check out the selection of free Sketch App resources and free Sketch designs you’ll find at the end of this article. Since it is a single-window App, whatever design element or feature you may need when using it is always within easy reach. It has the features you need, yet it requires only 41 MB of disk space; a minuscule amount compared to the 16 GB Photoshop requires. As we mentioned earlier, Sketch does not have a lot of interface clutter you have to fight your way through.
This involves a good deal of juggling and switching among files, and any revisions you may incorporate will only add to the workload. With Sketch, those hard drive-busting issues, resulting from outsized files, will become a thing of the past. Whenever you create a shape, it will always snap to the nearest pixel – no blurry lines, no half pixels. Exporting an element from a Sketch Art-board involves but a couple of clicks – a process that hardly could be described as painful, but one that is definitely a joy to perform.
What this means to the user is that there is a lot less baggage to have to deal with than is the case with similar apps that do not rely heavily on CSS. It has nevertheless become the go-to web design app for an ever-increasing number of designers, and it’s only going to improve. It lets you browse them quickly, and then you can drop them into another application without any hassle. Today disabled people rely on the web to provide them critical information, services, and e-commerce. Many websites when processed by screen readers read the information out of order or inaccurately. Let our 508 compliance experts work with you to make sure your website is 508 compliant and enjoyable and accessible to everyone.

The block includes two buttons that can increase and decrease the printed text on the page.
The zoom function is comparable to the text zoom function in Firefox 3, but this module resize also variable media objects, variable pixel images and vector images. Selecting more than one requires Ctrl+clicking (or Cmd+clicking on Mac), and explaining this to users who sometimes have trouble even clicking the mouse at all is no one's idea of fun. He has spoken about Drupal at numerous Drupal camps and user groups and has been very involved in training both novice and intermediate Drupal users.
Colors, logo, and the favicon can be customized, as well as the header image and the links to the social networks. Of course, other usage purposes are thinkable as well, maybe as a portfolio, blog, or photo website. Even though high-resolution displays require large images, the files have to be kept as small as possible due to limited data plans, especially on mobile devices. To do so, the “srcset” attribute was added, which you can use to load images for different pixel densities. It doesn’t take much effort to have it give out files in different densities for each image. Depending on the picture’s content, sometimes a stronger, and sometimes a weaker compression makes more sense. Cloudinary will flawlessly and automatically compress and crop images, and adjust their formats for you. Too many times clients think that all they need to do is have a website made for them and then they can sit back and count the money as millions of visitors arrive at their site.
Usually it is not the case that the design is to blame, but rather that the site owner has done nothing to promote the site either online or offline. The chances of that happening are microscopically small, so it’s not a clever strategy. When Prince decided to change his name to a symbol and have people refer to him as “the Artist Formerly Known as Prince” that generated instant long-term viral publicity, because it was talked about, parodied and mocked for days.
Your name is your most important business asset, so give choosing it the respect it deserves. You get a lot of wasted space around the edges of the circle, because websites need everything to fit inside a rectangle. Ideally people will be talking to each other about how awesome your “under construction” site is, and that will build anticipation in their minds that the real site will blow them away when it finally arrives. Your customer service should be of an excellent standard, and it should be easy for anyone to communicate with you. However, many templates come only with standard features and pages that do not necessarily cover all of your needs. Whether you deal with finance or artwork, you will be able to find the skin already adapted to your specific activity. Whether you prefer a classic or modern style, grid or masonry structure, you can pick the most suitable layout type for your taste. Each layout is equipped with a filtering option, which lets customers explore your projects by categories.
The Apollo effect also gives a bluish tinge to the picture, while the classic one zooms in on the image.
In the sidebar area, shoppers can switch between different categories, brands, colors and sizes of your merchandise. There is a product gallery, accordion with info details, available colors, sizes, quantity, price, and add-to-cart button. On the checkout page, customers fill in their billing and shipping details, check all the ordered items, and choose the payment type. Using the second variant, you can show your logo, address details, testimonials, social icons, and contact form.
Unlike many other HTML5 templates, Intense embeds these widgets into the layout elegantly so that they are able to blend well with its entire design. This huge package of this HTML5 template will also grow over time, providing you with more new pages, child themes and other features for free. With Sketch, you can not only edit vector-based drawings, but you can also edit bitmaps, including blur and color corrections. When you first power up Sketch, what you will experience is a squeaky-clean, well structured, and uncluttered interface. Free Sketch app resources and Sketch plugins make up for anything you might find lacking, and more.
If you are in the habit of working in Zen mode, where focus and clarity of purpose prevails, you’ll love Sketch. This is particularly true when your designs are destined to fit different screen sizes, where having the ability to rapidly resize elements without any loss in quality is a must. The way Sketch operates is more in tune with the way in which today’s designers and developers go about their work.
Features such as One Project, One File, an Inspector that understands math, and a design presentation where everything is a vector by default, will speed up your workflow and make your life easier. In fact, there was a funny quote from someone a few years ago on Twitter, (my memory is too spotty to remember who said it) “Fun Fact! Visually impaired web users need graphical content appropriately described to ensure a web experience on par with the current leaps in making the Internet truly accessible.
This module is primarily focused on increasing the accessibility of your pages, by helping visually-impaired users to adjust the text size so that it is most comfortable for their eyesight. This theme can also be the base for an online shop as it is prepared for the popular WooCommerce plugin. There are more than 30 filters that are similar to the ones available in Photoshop, and other image editing applications. JPEGs are mainly useful for photos and large images while PNGs are used for graphics, as well as everything that requires an alpha channel.
All of that made Prince suddenly relevant again at a time people were not paying much attention to him. Keep up your social media presence as well, and hire dedicated staff to handle only that task if you can afford to. While you can save some time with a ready-made design, a limited feature pack still forces you to look for third-party functionality. The template comes packed in an unexaggeratedly all-inclusive package, in which you can access 150+ HTML5 files, 150+ PSD files, 50+ shortcodes with 110+ components, child themes, and much more. There are both standard options such as contacts, about info, and FAQs and extras such as coming soon, maintenance, and appointment. Currently, the package for Intense has 2 child themes, one for restaurants and one for photographers’ portfolios. It provides numerous header types for experimentation, particularly a sidebar toggle, floated bar, top panel, etc.
Each footer layout has its own set of elements, so choose the right one depending on the info you want to highlight in the end.
It has deservedly been called the latest and greatest tool available for UI digital design; as is evident by its continual increase in market share. This app is a tightly-focused piece of software, which is vastly different than being a pared down version of anything. One design guru put off using any of the available plugins until he was completely comfortable with the app. Those ads I talked about are years old now, and yet here I am writing about them in this article, extending their virality. Get them to bookmark you, ask them to subscribe to your RSS feed, get them to part with their email address… whatever you can do to make it easy to tell them when the site is ready for their viewing pleasure. TemplateMonster, a web design company with 14 years of experience, has come up with a solution to this problem. You can also access a 404 template that will come in handy when visitors try to enter a non-existent or already deleted page.
But, as we’ve already mentioned, their number will constantly grow as a result of lifetime updates, to deliver a ready-made solution for almost any niche.
Intense HTML5 template also has a ready-made layout to showcase a single project with images, videos, text, info about its author and related works.
You are presented with a familiar user interface that features a Toolbar and a Navigator and Inspector. He later related that the decision to do so was a huge mistake, since many of the plugins turned out to be tremendous time savers. Today, you’ll learn how simple image and performance optimization with Cloudinary can be. To overcome any limitations, its inventive team released Intense, a multipurpose HTML5 template with a zillion pages.
With Intense, you will have all the essentials at hand, without the need to browse the web for the missing parts. There is never a need to go through a series of setups and maneuverings just to produce a basic design.

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