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If you’re fortunate enough to have a storage room or storage area in your basement or some other part of your house, you know the trick is keeping it organized and having a system that allows you to retrieve things you need without having to make it an all-day search and rescue mission. These are just a few things I’ve learned.  Do you have a storage room?  How do you keep it organized? They'll add storage that can easily be accessed from both sides.For other free standing shelving units visit Wayfair and top off the look with a feature pouf - Habitat has a good selection. The point of a store room is to store things, so keeping as little in the room as possible defeats the purpose.

My husband and I will be moving from Ohio to Florida this summer which really means going from a four bedroom colonial house with a basement to a ranch house with no basement, one less bedroom and much less storage.
I have six of those same shelves featured in this post in my basement that my husband was thinking of getting rid of. I showed him your blog and he now agrees we need to keep them and line the garage walls with them for storage.
I’ve kind of been freaking out about where to put things, to the point of being kept awake at night!

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how to open storage room on dantooine

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