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We leave for school, spend the day at school, and then return home for homework and a flurry of after-school activities which range from gymnastics, to lacrosse, to music, to tennis…and then we slide into home base together at the table. The table is where I can look into the eyes of my husband and see how long his day was, and where I can see my children and listen to their stories. Regardless of who or what was coming against them, the table was prepared, protection was provided, and the shepherd was intentional about getting his sheep to the flat land.  He gently guided them there with his staff.
The shepherd knew his sheep would be safe, and they would thrive in His presence at the table.

Take-out could be eaten in the car, or we could eat in front of the television, but then we would miss out on the golden few minutes of conversation we have with our children. If you let the culture command your schedule, you will never get there.  The pace of our culture tears families apart.
As we thrive when we are in God’s presence, your children thrive when they are in your presence.
A day in my home begins with waking up the children, the golden ten minutes of family time, and then scooting out the door with clean clothes (hopefully) on, lunches in hand, and backpacks (with completed homework – hopefully) in tow!

Set a time.  Establishing a set time means that dad leaves work in time to join the family and children are all home from practices and games.

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how to prepare a base for a shed

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