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HyLoft ceiling storage units are great for the garage, basement, attic, closet, office or any other room in need of storage space.
The HyLoft 45 by 45-inch unit is made of strong, durable steel with a scratch resistant finish, and each unit holds up to 250 pounds. This easily installed solution will not interfere with garage doors or openers, utilizing space that you never knew you had.
The Pro Series 4x8 is the strongest and most versatile ceiling mounted garage storage shelf on the market. When it comes to decluttering the home, the garage often becomes the last ditch place for all the stuff we don’t want to throw out, but have no other place to store. Call today to find out why our Garage Overhead storage units are the strongest and most versatile units on the market. After just a 5 minute conversation, we'll give you an estimate and arrange a time to come out to your house.
Our high-quality garage shelves are the most effective way to create more garage space, get rid of the clutter, and put the items that you need within close reach. These patented units adjust to accommodate any ceiling joist configuration and can be mounted to sloped ceilings.

The height is adjustable from 16 to 28 inches so you can custom fit it to a variety of spaces, and multiple units can be connected to create a contiguous storage area. The height is adjustable and you can integrate one or multiple units to fit your storage needs. Our racks have the thickest gauge wire decking and frame components of all the units available today.
We'll measure your space and make recommendations based on your storage needs and your ceiling structure. Our quality storage racks eliminate wasted space above the garage door, and at the same time create valuable new storage space and added room. Garage Storage Cabinets, Garage Wall Storage, Garage Storage Racks, Garage Storage Shelves. HyLoft ceiling storage units are ideal for storing holiday decorations, luggage, coolers, sporting goods and other large, bulky items since the downrods adjust in height. Our versatile downrods can be placed anywhere on the rack allowing our units to be installed virtually anywhere in the garage. The good news is, garages offer a lot of options for storage that other parts of the house don’t.

You're just a five minute phone call away from the organized garage you have always wanted. Because our Hyloft Garage Storage Racks is the most innovative, high-quality garage storage concept in America.
Remember, we have the only rack having versatile down rods that can attach on both the short and long end of the units. With over 20,000 garage storage units already installed, our own professional, well-trained and certified installers can handle virtually any garage storage problem. It is using the cubic area of your garage, rather than just the floor space and uses space you would never normally utilise.
If the unit your are looking at does not feature a safety lip or the grid does not attach to the unit then call us today. They are easy to install and requires only a few tools that is in everyones tool box.So if your looking for more storage space - look up !

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hyloft overhead garage storage unit

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