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Our business is exclusively Exporting and Importing wood.We also supply home & Office furnishings. Hillwood import Burmese teak wood from malaysia , indonesia , Burma ,African and Latin America Countries,size them and exports to gulf countries in required and standardized sizes.
Hillwood Building Materials is a one stop solution for all your building construction needs. We introduce our latest products in Furniture from the house of Hillwood.Hillwood Furnitures are made from the world class teak and Pyinkado woods.
Hill wood group of companies, is today a leading business entity in South India.This group has been in the fore front of timber trading and manufactur ing business for almost thirty years.

This amazing hand-built sofa is imported from Europe and made from only top quality Red Stag & Fallow Deer antler sheds. MODERN SOFAS AND SOFA BEDS FURNITURE We import sofas from three different Italian companies.
This group has been in the forefront of timber trading and manufacturing business for almost 30 years.
The farsighted vision of its promoters and their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned the group a reputaion among its customers and clients.
These pieces are built one at a time by our expert craftsmen who have been building antler furniture in Europe for over 25 years!

Colors and materials will blend to create subtle effects and continuity between each room and space.
That is why we believe a wide offer of materials and colors may be the key point for a successfull result! Our Italian furniture collection is wide and so are our modern fabrics and leather options.

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importing wood furniture into uk

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