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Suncast the stow away 3 ft 8 in x 5 ft 11 in resin horizontal storage shed - Keter woodland store it out midi 4 ft. First of all you have to build the foundation for the outdoor storage shed by leveling the ground. In this step you have to frame the walls 16 inches which is located on the center by using 2 X 4 and a framing nail.
Plastic outdoor storage sheds can also be used if you want to have an extra storage for your house.
The frame should be assembled on the ground and then you have to attach it to the foundation.

The 2X4s require being lower on the back wall and higher on the front wall in order to accommodate the pitched roof. The board should be laid across the frame and you have to fasten it by using framing nails. You have to consider that the back ends of all six joists will have to be notched in order to fit flush by using the back wall header. You have to set the rafters which are located in the top of the back and front walls and then you have to fasten them with a framing nail. You have to hold a rafter up at the end of the building and align the bottom of the rafter with the top of the front wall in order to decide the angle and the depth of the notch.

On the back wall, you have to drop the rafter about ? inches below the top of the wall and the top plate should be traced of the back wall into the rafter.

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installed sheds and storage buildings florida

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