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Expand your outdoor storage possibilities with this space-saving shed from the Factor series by Keter Plastic.
Its compact size makes it the perfect choice for those with small yards, yet the interior of this plastic shed is surprisingly roomy.
The body is crafted from steel-reinforced polypropylene resin, a material that has the texture and look of wood but is actually a rugged material that's resistant to moisture, UV exposure, wind, snow and insects.
Store your gardening tools, grilling accessories, pool toys, patio furniture, lawnmower and other household items with ease.
The heavy duty floor panel offers support while the wide double-doors give you plenty of access for loading and unloading of yard equipment, outdoor toys or just those extra boxes of Christmas decorations.

Its steel-reinforced polypropylene resin construction makes for an incredibly sturdy, weather-resistant structure. A fixed window and skylight give you plenty of light to see what you're doing, while the high-mounted ventilation panel helps prevent the buildup of fumes or musty odors.
This Keter shed is designed to prevent fading and whitening from the sun's UV rays and retain its original color for years to come. Your possessions will stay safely inside once you've added a lock to the robust metal door latch. Its waterproof construction ensures that your belongings stay dry during thunderstorms, blizzards and other inclement weather conditions. Keter products are made from a durable, environmentally friendly plastic reinforced with steel.

Unlike wood, metal and many other building materials, polypropylene resin won't rust, rot, peel or dent. Whether storing recycling bins, retrieving the lawnmower or working on outdoor projects nearby, you'll never have to worry about doing damage to this plastic shed.
Due to the use of recyclable materials and sustainable manufacturing processes at Keter Plastics, choosing this well-made product minimizes environmental harm as well.The shed's neutral brown and beige color scheme complements a wide variety of housing decor styles.

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keter 6 x 6 shed best price

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