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We understand that when going through the process of buying an important item for your garden, you like to understand the product fully before making a final decision. Overall, we think this is a fantastic shed with many modern features that won’t be found on traditional wooden sheds.
As recommended by the manufacturer, assembly of this product requires two people as the flat pack parts are large and may be difficult to handle alone.
Keter is a market leader in plastic outdoor equipment and storage solutions, providing aesthetically pleasing, stylish products combined with a quality like no other. The great thing about the plastic construction of this shed is that it will always stand strong and the colour finish is treated, ensuring that the colour looks just as great in five years’ time as it does today. A fantastic purchase for anyone looking for a modern storage solution for their outdoor and garden equipment and toys. The ever popular Keter Apex plastic shed is more than just a storage shed, the refined patented design of the PVC storage sheds makes it perfect for a storage or tool shed, farm equipment or whatever.
Keter also manufacture smaller, lower range outdoor sheds for those with less of a budget or garden. Made from strong, durable plastic, the shed will protect all of your outdoor belongings for many years to come. It has ample space for gardening equipment, garden furniture and children’s toys plus you can use it comfortably as a workshop too, pottering with your plants or looking after your lawnmower for example. Below we identify and answer any questions that we think a potential buyer may have for us.

This particular model is designed for outdoor equipment, tools, garden toys and garden furniture storage. If you are storing smaller items such as tools, you may wish to add hooks or shelves for easy storage solutions. Some basic tools are required for construction, including a drill, screwdriver, tape measure and ladder. The minute that you see it, you just know that it will do its job of keeping all of your outdoor equipment and toys safe and secure. To clean and maintain this sheds great looks, simply hose down with water or wipe clean with a wet cloth, as per the manufacturers’ instructions. If you are looking for more features than a traditional wooden shed has to offer then this could be the ideal shed for you. If you simply want a place for storing your shovels, rakes and other tools, not your lawnmower or hedge trimmer, then the small 6?4 feet Apex at around ?250 and a fourth the price of the Summit will do nicely.
An excellent long term solution to your storage issues that will keep your items dry and secure at all times. Although these are what the designers had in mind for this outdoor shed, in reality you can store anything you like inside as the plastic construction ensures that all of your items are kept dry and protected from the elements.
This shed has been cleverly designed to allow natural light to flood into the shed during daytime hours.
For security purposes you may wish to add a padlock to the double doors to give you peace of mind.

Unfortunately due to the plastic construction that is not possible, however some freestanding shelves and storage may be the solution.
An excellent and easy-to-follow set of instructions are provided with the product by the manufacturer, with simple diagrams to ensure a smooth construction process. Built like a rock, if you want more than a traditional garden shed for your garden, this plastic shed may be the one for you. Although at the higher end of the price range for sheds, this shed will last for years and years making it great value for money all round.
Overall keter sheds are extremely good quality. Crafted from resin means it is completely durable, weather resistant and maintenance free, the perfect garden companion plus it is exceptionally easy to assemble – it’s a wise choice! This is a unique feature not seen on traditional sheds, only highlighting the modern nature of the design. The instruction manual is provided in many different languages to allow accessibility for all. Durable, robust and absolutely solid in design and construction, you needn’t worry about your belongings once they are being stored inside. And finally, like all Keter garden sheds, the plastic Apex is totally maintenance-free, meaning you won’t ever have to repaint anything, whilst the chance of something breaking is also rather slim.

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keter plastic sheds 6 x 6

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