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Another concern I have is weather tightness, we live in a very wet and windy climate in the Pacific Northwest so I need to wait for the really bad weather to see how they hold up. My advice when you unload the package look for distressed plastic if you see this, you may be in for some problems.
Achieving success in life requires 3 key ingredients:1) planning 2) discipline3) executionOpen our success module for FREE guides on these key success points. This storage shed will fit all of your needs whether small or large and features two options for entry. Deck Box in BrownKeep your garden tools and other essentials clean, dry and organized in style with the attractive Borneo deck box by Keter. Providing a way to collect your water in todays a€?green environmentsa€? the shed features a water collection gutter.
We followed the directions and laid the first unit parts down, leveled the grade and started assembly. Woodland Store-it-Out Midi Resin ShedThe Keter Woodland is an attractive wooden look texture storage shed that adds a contemporary style to most back yards.

Plastic Outdoor Storage ShedWhen you need a separate space for tools, garden accessories and other outdoor items, an outdoor storage shed is a smart investment. We got the unit roughly together the first day, enough to withstand the wind until we could tighten everything together the following day.
Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.Local store prices may vary from those displayed. Neutral color scheme will match perfectly with any landscape, the beige walls and brown trim and doors are both natural and aesthetically pleasing. All told it took two of us a day and a half to put the first one up and we were able to get it up without too many difficulties. Factor outdoor storage shed is great for storing long-handled tools, ladders and garden furniture. Dual entry, you can use the wide double door opening for pulling in your lawn mower or the smaller side opening for grabbing a smaller tool or item. We that would have been the case if the shed parts had been in as good condition as the first unit.

Deck Box in WhiteWorthy of poolside placement or anywhere outside, the Keter Brightwood 120 Gal. Providing a UV protected space tall enough for walking, large enough for your riding lawn mower and much more make the Summit a great addition to your home. You might say you should have returned the unit which is not so easy since they are special order and bulky and heavy, you might also say contact the manufacturer for replacement parts and maybe we should have but we really needed to get them up and did not think the issues we're insurmountable. Well, let's just say we had some real issues getting the second unit up and we probably should contact the manufacturer.
I would say the unit was distorted during shipping which caused some serious issues snapping the parts together.
We would have given up in frustration if we did not have the experience from the first unit to help us.

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