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Our ranges have a vast selection of storage solutions, all designed to make the best use of space in your kitchen, as well as making your kitchen easy to use. Soft close doors and drawers come as standard, with optional extras such as internal wire racks, drawers and corner solutions. Ex-Display Kitchens and Ex-Display Bedrooms for sale Once again we need to renovate our showroom! 1 Take advantage of the vertical space in your kitchen by transforming an unused wall into a storage area. 2 Use decorative crocks and pottery to hold your kitchen utensils; keep the most often used items close at hand near the stove. 4  For an instant change in your kitchen, remove some of the cabinet doors and place matching wicker baskets inside on the shelves.
The recipe for a functional, clutter-free kitchen is easier than ever before, thanks to innovative storage solutions designed for every corner of your kitchen. Essentially a successful kitchen design starts from the inside out; too often the kitchen plan considers the position of the sink, cooker and refrigerator but often overlooks the location of utensils, small appliances and critically, packaged groceries. Endless frustration and compromise can be avoided by spending valuable time at the planning stage to ensure your storage is easily accessible and sufficient for all your needs.
Needless to say, all Holtam's kitchen designers are well able to demonstrate and discuss the most efficient storage solutions for your new kitchen. Here are several tips to improve the storage space in your kitchen pantry for canned goods, rolls of sheet goods, and recycled plastic bags.
Canned Goods Storage Rack: To maximize the storage space for canned goods, install wire shelving upside down and slanted down toward the front.

Storing Rolls of Sheet Goods: To store rolls of sheet goods, such as plastic wrap and aluminum foil, punch in the perforated tabs on the ends of the box, and hang the rolls on the inside of the pantry door with self adhesive hooks. Recycled Plastic Bag Storage: To keep plastic grocery store bags neat and ready for reuse or recycling, attach a plastic bag storage container, such as the one made by SimpleHuman (model# KT1166), to the inside of the pantry door. Maximizing the storage space available in a pantry is always important, and creating a solution for canned storage is a great start.
Wire shelving cut to the width of the pantry can be installed upside down using standard brackets for a fabulous fix. Rolled goods, like cellophane and aluminum foil, can be hung on the inside of the pantry door for easy access. Sign up for Danny's Monthly Newsletter and stay up to date on tips and tricks for the home. The corner cupboards used to be the place where you would put things you didn’t need very often, simply because they were hard to get to, but now there are a large number of solutions allowing you access to the back of the unit. There are a variety of sleek stainless wall accessories and rack systems designed specifically for this or you could just use a pegboard.
Organize them in separate containers according to the type of item, such as wooden spoons, flexible spatulas, whisks, etc. Place a few rows inside your cabinets and you have an instant and inexpensive solution for keeping these items upright and easy-to-reach.
These baskets function as substitute drawers and can be used to store anything from paper goods to pet supplies. You won’t have to go fumbling through the drawer trying to track down the one you want.

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Install the brackets so the shelf rests at an angle, allowing new cans to roll down as others are removed.
Simply punch in the perforated tabs on the ends of the box that hold the roll in place, and hang it from self adhesive hooks. In addition to posting comments on articles and videos, you can also send your comments and questions to us on our contact page or at (800) 946-4420.
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It's having the right space in the right place so food and cookware is at hand when you need it.
One of the rooms where I’m always trying to come up with new storage ideas is the kitchen. Today, I have 5 stylish kitchen storage ideas to help you find a place for everything and keep your kitchen organized.

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