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An assortment of tools and a riding or push mower needs a home by way of a garden storage unit. One choice when buying a plastic storage shed is a chest resembling a toy or linen chest, only it is a plastic storage unit.
When considering what type of plastic garden storage unit to purchase, you may want shelving for storing trimmers, hand tools, gloves, and other items. When looking at large plastic sheds, the Keter shed manufactured by Keter Plastic LTD, is large enough to accommodate a riding lawnmower. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
This deluxe version of the beloved Lifetime storage shed brings a redesign of several features of the shed. The walls, roof, and floor panels of this shed are made with high-density polyethylene (HPDE) plastic.
The length of this shed provides ample storage space for most yard equipment such as a pushing lawn mower, tiller, shovels, picks, etc. We currently have a fault with our phone lines, we apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
Huge 507 litre capacity to store garden essentials such as BBQ utensils, cushions and chairs. This Resin Wicker Deck Box plastic garden storage is a perfect practical addition to any garden. We are here to help and aim to deliver within the recommended delivery time for each product. FREE STANDARD UK MAINLAND DELIVERY* LEAD TIMES (subject to availability & seasonal activity) Central England & Wales                                                                                                 10 Working days South West                                                                                                                          10 Working days Scotland                                                                                                                               15 Working days   *Deliveries to most parts of mainland UK are free of charge. The most economical and maintenance-free type is a plastic storage module available in many styles, colours, and shapes. The chest is an ideal size for storing outdoor furniture cushions, pool supplies, garden tools, and sports equipment. A tall plastic utility cabinet measuring 75x44x158 cm opens up to reveal two shelves and a sturdy bottom which supports heavier objects. The polypropylene resin shed has double, swing-out doors with a high-arch roofline, a window, and a skylight. The roof trusses have channels built in where the roof panels meet that directs any water coming through the roof back outside of the shed keeping everything in the shed dry. Make sure to check the dimensions of the doorways against the dimensions of the items you need to store to be sure they can fit.
This type of delivery requires the customer to be present to sign for the delivery and to move the packages wherever needed on the property. Delivery is free to most of mainland UK - some postcode areas have additional surcharges and may have extended delivery times. However sometimes this will not always be possible and any delivery or dispatch date given is only approximate and as the seller will not be liable to the Buyer for failure to deliver on any particular date or dates. I wanted a shed to store my gardening equipment and decided to build my own from plan. Before buying your plastic shed, get a handle on your buying possibilities, and then review listings by eBay sellers to find the perfect storage space. Measuring 140x62x72 cm, the all-weather plastic box is beige, mocha, or another colour with a contrasting lid shade. The maintenance-free shed is UV resistant to fading, has a woodgrain finish, and does not rust, warp, or dent. More natural light than ever is available inside this shed through the added windows on the doors as well as the full-length sky light along the ridge of the roof. The door reinforcements create a rigid frame that helps the doors stay stable when swinging and closing. Your shed stays looking nice for years to come, unlike wooden sheds that need regular repainting to protect the wood. Whether its a place to put your garden accessories or barbecue during the Summer or garden furniture during the Winter.
Time for delivery is not of the essence and shall not be made so by the service or any notice.

If this is the first time you tried to look for plans for a storage shed, you should take a look at what we have to offer you.
The lift-up lid is lockable and when closed serves as temporary seating positioned on a deck or patio. Other units have three adjustable shelves holding up to 20 kilogrammes per shelf made from recycled material in a grey and black plastic.
The floor panel means you do not need to put down concrete, and the gable vents help cool the building during summer.
This shed is backed by the same 10-year factory warranty as all Lifetime sheds, assuring your many years of use. The HDPE plastic is blow molded to provide wood-grain appearance on the wall panels, simulated shingles on the roof panels, and a slip-resistant texture on the floor panels. The combined reinforced structure of this shed creates a strong roof snow-load capacity of 23 lbs. The exterior is made from long lasting UV stable resin plastic and with its stay dry design it will withstand any weather condition. IF YOU ARE LOCATED IN ONE OF THE ABOVE AREAS PLEASE REFER TO THE ESCAPE RANGE WHO CAN DELIVER TO YOUR LOCATION. Before you tackle a project like this you will need some guidance through the entire procedure. The storage unit never rots and has wheels and handles for moving easily to another location in the yard.
The structure reinforced with steel includes two shelves, is set up to include a lock, and has a storage capacity of 11.8 cubic metres. The customer can also contact the freight company once they have their tracking number to schedule this appointment too.
ShedsFirst Ltd reserve the right to supply products which may vary slightly from the products listed. Before you purchase your plans for a storage shed there are a few questions that you need to answer first. Look for a Keter unit with an additional access door for ease of use when removing objects, such as a stepladder or gas grill. Instructions will see that the easy tools-free panels are assembled correctly in a very short space of time.
Do you need somewhere to place all your garden tools or would you like to put your golf equipment there? This Resin Wicker Deck Box plastic garden storage comes with a 5 year guarantee and is excellent value for money.
Please contact us if you have not be contact within in 10 Days. HOW WILL MY GOODS BE DELIVERED?
Do you plan to hide there to relax from time to time when you’re tired and need some private time or would you like to let your children play in it? However sometime this will not always be possible and circumstances such as lorries breaking down or stuck in traffic are out of our control. Overall this is a sleek handy storage unit, one that can hold multiple large items safe from the outside conditions. There are many possible reasons why you would like to have a shed and there are a dozen different sites on the internet to look for plans for a storage shed. If a problem arises we will always contact you as quickly as we can so you can make alternative arrangements. It is at the discretion of the driver if they are able to drop the garden building to a different location. Most are easy to understand and as long as you plan your work before you start the building project you will most likely be very happy with your new shed in your yard. As the seller we will not be liable to the buyer for the failure to delivery on any particular date or dates. If you have any special requirements or believe access to your address may be difficult for our delivery driver please contact us as soon as possible. Time for delivery is not of the essence and shall not be made so by the service or notice. SPECIAL WINDOWLESS BUILDINGSThis will revert to a standard 10 working days delivery service INSTALLATION OPTIONAll products with installation will revert to our standard 10 working days delivery. A general rule of thumb is that if a refuge vehicle can gain access then generally our delivery lorry should be able to but if in doubt please get in touch with us.

There are some things you should remember when you’re trying to decide where it should be placed.
The first thing to keep in mind is that you need to build it in a place where it won’t disturb your neighbours or some other member of your family.
Both product and install will take place on separate days. BOOKING YOUR DELIVERY DATEPlease use the delivery date checker tool on each page. Once you have placed your order you will be contact by our delivery team to confirm your delivery date. If you have not been contacted by our delivery team within 10 working days after your have placed your order please email us or call us and we will chase this for you.Delivery is between the hours of 7am – 7pm Mon-Sun. Once your order has been placed, you will be contacted by our manufacturer's delivery team and your date will be confirmed or you will be advised of a specific delivery date.
It is possible to request a call an hour prior to delivery but this is subject to the driver having a mobile and cannot be a guaranteed service. Delivery is between the hours of 7am – 7pm Mon-Sun If you are going to be out on the day of delivery, it is possible for the item to be left somewhere (for example down the side of a house) but at your own risk. You will be able to add additional delivery information at this point.  HOW WILL MY GOODS BE DELIVERED?Please be advised delivery is kerb side delivery only.
Please note this is not possible for Metal sheds where the product is shipped with a courier.If you are going to be out on the day of delivery, it is possible for the item to be left somewhere (for example down the side of a house) but at your own risk. To do this you must leave a signed note detailing your instructions in a clear location for the driver to see. It is important that you sign the instructions as this will be taken by the courier as proof of delivery. It needs to be big if you want lots of children to play in it, but it doesn’t have to be as big if you just want to put your golf equipment there. It will be much easier to choose the perfect plans for a storage shed when you firmly decide what purpose your new shed will serve. A general rule of thumb is that if a refuge vehicle can gain access then generally our delivery lorry should be able to but if in doubt please get in touch with us.Typical delivery is 1 – 20 working days but we do aim to deliver a bit quicker.
Please note we will always contact you by phone or by email to confirm a delivery date – we will not just turn up unannounced – if you do not have a confirmed delivery date please email us or call us.We are unable to specify a delivery time during the day of delivery. Routes are planned the night before delivery so on most products we will be able to give you a drop number on the day of delivery.Please note your card is debited at checkout.
Not only will they learn how to read the plans but they will also learn how to take direction, and how to use tools safely and in the fashion they were designed for. We will contact you if a surcharge is applicable and at that point you can chose to accept the charge or cancel the order and we will make a full refund to your card.
Are your backyard toys and paraphernalia multiplying like mushrooms and becoming an eyesore for your neighbors? Whether you decide to assemble a precut kit or choose a backyard shed plan from any number of sales locations, the addition of this small structure will definitely add value to your home.
Will it be for large riding lawnmowers (which may need a larger unit with a garage door-style opening and a ramp), or a collection of gear such as weed whackers, rakes, or other lengthy tools?
A shed can also be used by gardening enthusiasts as a place to do planting preparation, and store the variety of tools needed to create a spectacular, colorful yard that is the talk of the neighborhood. Backyard sheds can also be turned into a getaway room to relax and unwind, or write the next great American novel.
Buy a good set of plans (or a kit) that include both the drawings and step-by-step instructions so the building process is clear. If you choose a wood post foundation, use concrete for the base around the posts to protect the wood from frost or moisture. If you are using wood for any part of the shed, from foundation to roof trusses, use treated wood to avoid rot and wood-eating insects.

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