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The blade can tilt between 0 degrees and 45 degrees with digital display showing the degree.
High strength plate structure in machine body can ensure a high stability and quiet when machine works. CNC engraving machine manufacturer FC-1315MSThis machine is the famouse type specially designed for the classical furniture carving, hollows out. Most reliable company - We have years of experience & skill in this line, so you do not need to worry about our machine quality!
Woodworking machine sliding table saw which installed double saw disc for cutting, used for panel sizing. This sliding table saw installed double saw disc for cutting, the big saw revolve deasil is the main cutting saw disc, the small saw revolve against the stream is the lining saw disc.

Side off roller conveyor is the rational choice to enhance the furniture productivity reduce the labor cost and decrease the product loss.A single conveyor is perfect combination of the factory automation. With handling machine to collect double end tenoner into a whole woodworking automatic milling production line. Panel Saw MJ6132 is a high quality machine produced according to international advanced technique. This machine is the famouse type specially designed for the classical furniture carving, hollows out.2.
Standard (width)700mm X length 1000mm X length 1300mm X length 2000mm X length 2500mm X lengthThe size of the conveyor can change according to the requirement.
Our main products include CNC engraving machines, laser engraving machines and plasma cutting machines.

The standard layout of three-headed carving spindle is even more powerful, and ensure the high efficiency in batch orders. Keenman Machinery Co.,ltd is anther company which specialize in automatic handling machine.
After several years of development, our products are now widely used in woodworking, advertising, mould manufacturing, glasswork, stone carving and craftwork applications.

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lead woodworking machinery co ltd

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