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Love it but seems like there’d be more room with the door swinging out instead of in. I’ve seen people mention that before with tiny homes, but I would never want it to be possible to block my door closed from the outside.
I live in California and I want to settle in various parts of California, depending on the time of year.
The 2 story buildings in our Liberty line are custom built and have an endless array of options to fit your needs.
Where is the bathroom and what is the little room by the kitchen and what is in the tall cabinets?
I’m coming to the conclusion that a tiny house is the solution for my new dwellings at that point. I’ve been told that California has the most stringent zoning laws and building codes of just about anywhere.

I am thinking of getting a tiny house and retireing to northern CA, to a place like Crescent City. You can select from different custom windows and doors, including but not limited to double doors, single doors, garage doors.
Why not just make the whole roof the same pitch as the “dormer” to open up the space more?
Also, the loft really needs a railing or some sort of storage shelving or book case to act as a barrier or railing. The hallway before the kitchen, between the stairs and closet (YAY FOR INCLUDING CLOSETS THOUGH!) easily wastes 8 sq ft that could go to living space.
We do not put on railing as of now to keep cost down for the consumer and if requested we can do it. The only way to have a open layout is really only to have open space and not a bunch of stuff crammed in every nook and corner.

Yet we still manage to have more storage space than most tiny homes and we are even less expensive than most tiny homes.
I really don’t want to look at all of my stuff on open shelves which seem to be all the rage in tiny or normal size homes. We have the front door swing in so that the rain does not collect on the door when you open it and drip off on to your floor when you shut it from the inside.
Looks like gas for the stove, but what about off grid, or other power scenarios, and water supply.

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liberty house sheds review

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