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Thanks to The Shed's Facebook friends for the writing ideas, Sally Hague, Rebecca Hoy and Nicola Fitzpatrick. Shadow of Blue is a beautiful animation that mixes together models and real life to create a stunning visual effect. An autumn day in a deserted park, an elderly man named Geri plays a game of chess against himself. The video of "Eye of the Storm" tells the story of an anonymous airship pilot, whom we see in a very dark, simplified form  deciding in his melancholy to steer his airship into a massive (and possible ether-driven) storm. Teaching IdeasChildren can draw their own versions of the gate and label it's components.
The film centres around a man looking for an elusive phoenix feather to complete his collection, but after an unfortunate encounter finds himself in need of help.
Grammar does not need to be taught out of context, it can be taught in English lessons through the use of quality texts.
But a few months before, there are rumours that the bar will be higher for qualification so as an athlete you start to jump higher, training harder and exceeding your personal goals.
Once again you feel as though you have cracked it, however four months before qualification there comes a shock announcement from the governing body.
What happens to the coaches of the ‘failed’ athletes?  They are put under increased scrutiny and eventually lose their jobs while the governing body touts their positions to the highest bidder. However, I am against tests that are filled with 'booby traps' and questions designed to confound and bamboozle young children. I would like to think most of my twitter followers are well educated adults, most of whom are teachers or within the educational system. I have recently read arguments on prominent blogs and on twitter that suggest grammar teaching does not have to be dull and boring, that learning grammar will not turn children off learning English and that just because the children have to learn to label the language terms (in order to pass a test) this doesn’t mean that they won’t enjoy learning them because ultimately children like to learn.

As with any school subject we try to force children to enjoy; it is hard to engender the love of it if we constantly test them and tell them that they need to improve or that they didn’t score well enough so they will have to miss a break time etc.
He then moves to the other side of the table as the "black" opponent who wears no glasses. Throughout the video we see him preparing his craft, setting it on "autopilot", and saying goodbye to his one companion- a dragon. In drama sessions children could act going through the 'Gate of Youth,' they could also go through the 'Gate of Aging' and come through the other side as an elderly person. Even after the utmost sacrifice of the phoenix, the man's lust for greed triggers the phoenix's magnificent rebirth through his soul.
Retrieve – Reread the text in order to identify and retrieve the grammar features that are the focus of the session, pupils may want to highlight or underline them. Revisit – For children to become secure the grammar focus needs to be revisited as often as possible.
In their question the could ask which words have been contracted to form the following: Shan't, Couldn't, Wouldn't or even Won't which is common but irregular. They will not have had 2 years of learning from this new curriculum because it hasn’t been out that long, and the tests are taken in May cutting a further 20% of the learning time in Y6. Test the pupils when they have had opportunity to embed the new curriculum in their learning and use it in a range of contexts ensuring that they are secure in their use and application. This process may take a single session plus the revisit or it may take a number of lessons, this is dependent on the ability of the children and the difficulty level of the task. This could be done individually, with a partner or alongside the teacher in a group where necessary. Teacher could share a different model from that in the ‘Read’ and ‘Retrieve’ sections so that pupils can identify grammar focus.

Teachers and pupils may point out the focus in their reading, teachers may ask for contextualised examples in other subjects such as science or history. In addition, some of the language is different from that learned by teachers, such as speech marks to inverted commas or the use of an exclamation only for sentences which begin with ‘What…’ and ‘How…’ etc. The "white" Geri is caught in a bind with his king piece and outsmarts "black" Geri by feigning a heart attack and turning the board around. This is grammatically correct but it is again another trap, into which 10 and 11 year olds who have not been exposed to a full and rigorous grammar curriculum, will fall into. The "black" Geri realises he has lost the game and hands over a set of false teeth as the prize. The children could make up their own Dreamgiver, what does he look like?  How does he give the dreams to people?Compare with The BFG or The Sandman. For example if the text used in 1 and 2 was The Three Little Pigs and the grammar focus was expanded noun phrases then the children could rehearse phrases such as 'the small, hairy pig,' 'the house was made of soft yellow straw' etc. Writing Opportunities Writing from 'Man's' viewpoint - using flashbacks to tell the story. Pause at 3:06 and ask what they think has just happened?  Can they predict what will happen next? Pause at 5:40 discuss use of music for tension – can children replicate this in writing using long descriptive sentences punctuated by small snappy ones? The minute somebody turns it on, I go to the library and read a good book." ~ Groucho Marx.

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