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One night on a family camping trip to Quetico park, the reckless raven-haired Francis waits until her family have fallen asleep and takes a rowing boat out to the middle of the lake.
Pere Lachaise is the largest cemetery in the city of Paris, France (44 hectares (110 acres)), though there are larger cemeteries in the city’s suburbs.
A little girl is filling her bucket from a well in a beautiful night time setting, the huge moon turns out to be a 'creature of the night' It turns out that this is a gentle giant. Use similes and metaphors along with personification to descrbe how some of these paths 'move' across the landscape. Check out this great work produced by Logan after watching 'Whistleless'The Little BirdThe little bird has lost her whistle. The boat gets tossed and turned by the weather, it gets caught up in a war and becomes a floating wreck. Cid and Mo are the authors of the Janksters series of books and are passionate about putting the enjoyment and pleasure back into reading. They are currently very busy visiting schools, delivering hilarious assemblies, brilliant class workshops and inspiring children to read!

Rob Smith delivered a session as part of our Media Literacy program through which we are helping teachers use the power of film in the classroom to engage learners and improve reading and writing standards. I really enjoyed the Literacy Shed Conference last week because it has put me in a place to know where to take my school next as Literacy Leader. SHE HELD ONTO EACH SIDE OF THE BOAT, AND NOW SHE COULD ONLY WAIT TO SEE IF IT HAPPENED AGAIN. Let these images spark your memory of a joyous moment you spent with family, friends, or by yourself.
Rob was a natural choice as the Literacy Shed is the number one resource for tracking down the best short films to impact upon Literacy lessons.
The children can describe the cars crashing and how the little bird is feeling throughout the story. He delivered an inspiring, hands on session giving our Media Literacy teachers over an hour of fun, relevant, exciting and moving activities that they could take away and start using the very next day.
On her adventure she met a yellow man, a girl with a red dress, a police man, an elephant and a tiger.

I am in awe of all the work you do on Literacy Shed, it really is a life-changing site for teachers. The story is of a little girl exploring the cemetery and meeting up with the ghost of Chopin for piano lessons.Perhaps the children can research a famous dead person also buried in the cemetery and base their story on meeting them. There are some beautiful scenes at the beginning of the animation that can be used for rich description. Move out of my way!" he grumbled.The exotic explorer lurked his way through the mazy forest - he could hear all kinds of noises!

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literacy shed moving pictures johnson

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