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With this workbench plan even a beginner can build a workbench strong enough to hold a V-8 engine!
Use this simple workbench plan to build a sturdy, tough workbench that'll last for decades. For the names of the parts and their dimensions, see the Cutting List in “Additional Information” below.
Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY.
Painting the exterior of your home is a big undertaking: you'll need the right type of paint, quality tools and few tips to get the job done.
With exterior painting, be sure to take into account the fixed colors of your home: brick, stonework, and the roof color, for example. Also, remember that no home exists in isolation: Its appearance is affected by the appearance of neighboring homes and even the color of shrubs and trees around it. Similarly, the safest approach to exterior painting is to use white, beige, or another neutral color on the siding and a darker accent color on the trim. Extreme heat or cold, moisture, and prolonged exposure to the sun all take their toll on the exterior of our homes. There are two general categories of paintbrush: those made of natural-hair bristles and those made with synthetic materials, such as nylon or polyester.
Temperature Blisters. ?Paint bubbles can show up pretty quickly, from within a few hours to a few days after application.
To repair blisters, scrape them off, smooth the edges, and repaint, being sure to avoid direct sunlight while the coat dries. Water vapor moving through walls to the outside paint can come from plumbing leaks, sink or tub overflows, cooking, or using a humidifier. Intercoat Peeling. ?Another type of peeling occurs when a newer coat of paint separates from the coat underneath. Peeling can also occur when too much time has elapsed between applications of the primer coat and the top coat. Cross-Grain Cracking or Crazing. ?Too many layers of paint or one layer that is too thick can result in an interconnected, uneven pattern of cracks. Chalking was more of a problem with older paints that contained excessive pigment for the amount of binder, but other triggers include the failure to properly prime and seal exterior wood, spreading the paint too thinly, or thinning the paint too much. We have a solid reputation for distinguished craftsmanship and delivering creative designs at competitive prices.

They are used to support plant materials, they define boundaries and can highlight certain areas of the focal point and overall design.
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The most flattering color treatments will be those that work well with these existing elements. When paint deteriorates, cracks in the substrate are exposed and let damaging moisture penetrate the home. Elastomeric coatings that retain their flexibility and stretchability over a wide range of temperatures are becoming popular solutions for homes in storm or extreme-weather regions. If you are working with alkyd or oil-based paints and coatings, you can use either natural bristle brushes or synthetic bristle brushes. Rain, dew, ice, and snow on the outside or vapor and moisture buildup from the inside can cause problems with exterior paint.
Improper construction techniques and lack of flashing can cause outside water to pool at joints, on window sills, frames, or on the end grain of the wood. The vapor moves through exterior walls if there is not a vapor barrier or if the barrier is incorrectly installed. If more than two weeks separates the primer application and the paint coat, the primer’s surface can begin to break down and prevent proper bonding with the paint. The thick paint is unable to expand and contract with the wood, so breaks result, starting in the outer layers.
Unless the wood is too fragile or the exposure of the nail head is related to the original construction system, it’s best for nail heads to be countersunk, primed, and filled before painting. We love working with wood and our relationship with the craft is a passion first and business second. We are a complete Home Remodeling company, serving the Long Island and New York metropolitan area with over 50 years of "know how" to complete your residential, commercial or community project.
Consider choosing a color that will pick up the color of a non-painted area—the brown that appears in your brick or a green highlight from your stonework, for example. For example, earth tones are always a good choice in natural, wooded areas, but they may not be the best choice in other settings. Formal Colonial or Greek Revival homes look great with white exteriors and muted interiors, while Victorians come to life with bold color treatments that accentuate ginger bread and other interesting architectural details. A good paint keeps severe weather on the outside but breathes to allow damaging moisture vapor to escape from the inside. However, high-quality natural bristle brushes work best when applying enamels or any topcoat.? When applying any type of latex coating, use only brushes with synthetic bristles. While sprayers may use more paint than other types of applicators, the ease and convenience they offer make them ideal for large jobs.

A quick rise in temperature, like sunlight shining directly on the newly painted wood, causes a thin skin to form on the outer surface of the paint. Thick coats and dark colors are more likely to blister than light colors and thinner paint. Look for this deterioration particularly outside bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and the gable ends of the attic. If the problem is not corrected, moisture enters the paint layers, causing deeper cracking and deterioration.
Once the wood is bare, clean it and treat it with a paintable, water-repellant preservative.
Chalking comes from the disintegration of the paint resin due to exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The second cause is a chemical reaction between moisture and wood, such as red cedar, which results in color buildup on the surface. Stains from wood extracts need to be cleaned, rinsed, dried, and primed with a stain-blocking primer before applying the finish coat. We can tell you where they will go, when they should be constructed and how they should look. No matter how much water they are exposed to, they hold their shape and maintain proper stiffness. Moisture blisters, unlike temperature blisters, go through all coats of paint down to the wood. Once the preservative has dried, apply a primer and top coat at the recommended spread rates. Too much, however, can cause discoloration of other painted areas below as rain washes off the chalk.
Our carpenters will work with you every step of the way to insure that your new piece of carpentry work looks just as you envisioned it would.
When properly cleaned and stored, they will continue to apply paint smoothly and uniformly for years to come.
We are proud of our commitment to excellence, and strive to exceed our customer's expectations.

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