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EDIT: I have done a hard reset on my phone, and the free space available is somewhat similar to what I saw before.
One problem I've noticed is the (at least in Android Froyo), the stock Web browser caches to the phone storage.
I had a similar issue and found that it was mainly due to the contacts taking up 40mb when I enabled the Facebook and Twitter sync. On ny Hero after I'd updated, I kept running out of space, none of the obvious things were working. I'm experiencing a similar problem (low internal memory) and have yet to find a good 'fix'. I struggled with this issue for a long time and it's one of the biggest reasons I have rooted my phone and have an EXT partition on my SD card mounted as internal storage. I also have a Desire, with similar issues as you do, despite having moved all possible applications to the SD card (and I haven't even installed all that much in the first place).
I believe the cause of the problem are the updates to some of the preinstalled applications on the device (Flash Player, Google applications (Maps, GMail, Search, Market, Voice Search, YouTube), Facebook). Those updates must have taken some space on the ROM, as they are nowhere to be found on the SD card and function even without the SD card being mounted. If you are rooted, you can use the app Titaniun Backup to merge system app updates into the ROM and reduce the space used. I have a Desire too and after reading this post I’ve been doing some tests on the device and as you noted, of the internal 512MB of ROM only 150MB are available for the user to install applications. I’ve changed the stock ROM of the Desire for the CyanogenMod custom ROM a few days ago, and even now I have a top of 150MB to install applications. I would say that the internal ROM is divided in two partitions, system and apps, which is the cause of we having access only to 150MB of the full 512MB of ROM. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged htc-desire internal-storage storage insufficient-memory or ask your own question.
As far as storage goes, users can expect 4GB of space, although HTC says that available capacity varies.
The news doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, however, considering the Desire 200’s name and specifications leaked almost a month ago via a Taiwanese certification page. There’s no telling how much the Desire 200 will cost, but we’re hoping to see a sub-$100 price tag, considering it’s lower-speced than the $99 HTC First. HTC has announced the newest addition to its Android smartphone range in the form of the Desire U. The Desire U has the familiar HTC family look to it, which has started becoming a bit too familiar now. For now the handset is only announced for China and no pricing or availability information is available at the moment.
Htc one s9 android smartphone announced, The htc one s9 is equipped with a 5 inch super lcd display with a full hd resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and the device comes with a mediatek helio x10 processor clocked at 2ghz.

Htc one s9 introduced with 5-inch display, octa-core helio x10 cpu, marshmallow, Coupled with 2gb of ram and 16gb of internal memory. Htc one s9 android smartphone announced - The htc one s9 is equipped with a 5 inch super lcd display with a full hd resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and the device comes with a mediatek helio x10 processor clocked at 2ghz. Htc one s9 introduced with 5-inch display, octa-core helio x10 cpu, marshmallow - Coupled with 2gb of ram and 16gb of internal memory. The one lives on - htc one s9 is official with a 5-inch fullhd display and helio x10 soc - Internal storage is rather scant at 16gb, 9.24gb available to the user what you'd be missing out on though, is fingerprint recognition. Htc one m10 vs apple iphone 6s plus: comparison of specifications, features, price - The htc 10 is available at a starting cost of $699. In 2005, Steve Jobs made a jaw-dropping announcement: that after 21 years of putting chips made by IBM or Motorola into Mac computers, Apple would switch to Intel processors.
SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. Samsung has added a new entry to its growing catalog of smartwatches with the debut of its Gear S. I get warnings that my internal storage is full, I have about 13mb left of what I believe is 512mb worth of rom. So, is it normal to only have about 150mb available for apps when the internal rom should be 512mb ?
This has removed my "low internal storage" limits; my free internal storage space now stays much more consistent except when installing new applications. My solution was to use SD card as second partition for application's dex, lib and apk files.
Then I realised that when I had connected my phone to my Flickr account I'd selected an option which meant that I'd downloaded 100s of Meg of data from the Flickr site when keeping my account updated.
This enables me to move the entire application to SD (more than the Froyo+ Apps2SD feature) and also the Dalvik cache, which is a huge difference maker. But the question seems to expose a problem where the ROM is full even if only a small part is actually used by the system and applications.
Unlike normal applications, you are not able to remove those completely, but rather only to uninstall the updates you have applied and return them to the "pristine" condition since your last OTA update.
Although HTC has not specified which version of Android the device will run on, it will come with HTC’s custom Sense skin just like its other handsets. This also marks the second addition to the Desire line HTC has revealed in the past several weeks. When she’s not reviewing gadgets, she’s usually browsing patent databases or interviewing experts to track down the hottest tech trends before they even happen.
Unlike its previous smartwatches, however, this one packs its own 3G data connection, which means it doesn’t have to be tied to your smartphone at all times. I have checked with the app "diskusage" and my apps take about 122mb, with about 20 more mb being used by "data" (unsure what this is). Every couple of weeks, take a glance at all of your applications and see which ones you aren't using and remove them. Near the end of May, the company unveiled its mid-range HTC Desire 600, which comes with more budget-friendly specs than HTC’s flagship handsets but with the same BlinkFeed and BoomSound features. When I check the apps list, my biggest app is some 12mb, and even within the first screen of apps this drops to just over 6mb.

However, with the Android model, you get more flexibility in that you can upgrade to a bigger SD card but you are still limited by the number of apps that you can download and run.Does your phone memory go low when you try to install a new application?
There are some techniques out on the Internet especially those involving moving apps from memory to the SD Card of your phone. But all these solutions require you to root aka jailbreak your phone using something like App2SD application. This method was officially suggested by the HTC support for resolving the phone storage space issue and low memory warnings. Also, the only way to do this was to use the app called App2SD which required rooting or jailbreaking the phone. However, Google listened and with Froyo or Android 2.2 release, they included the App2SD functionality. Find and Install your OEM USB drivers hereLaunch the SDK and AVD Manager by double-clicking SDK Manager.exe, at the root of your SDK directoryExpand the Third party Add-ons and Google Inc. Select Properties and go to Device ManagerYou will see the missing driver with the exclamation mark on itEither double click on right click on it. Select Update Driver SoftwareBrowse for the USB drivers folder in the Android SDK folder you downloaded and updated in Step 3 earlier. At the Run prompt, type in cmdYou need to change your path to the platform-tools folder in the Android SDK you downloaded and installed.
This includes your task manager apps and a few other appsThis option also becomes the default. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. Also the command on the cmd prompt is, it would seem, slightly different now (the prompt will tell you, just scroll down until you find it after it returns the error and help instructions). Still, miles better than any of the other article out there, especially with the last option. For example, we had to fully download and install Samsung Kies latest version and run the full version (not lite) for the ADB driver to be installed correctly. At first when I got the phone I downloaded about 7 apps, none of which took up massive memory space, but my phone seemed to cope with them, and then it suddenly stopped and said I needed to uninstall them. My message limit is set so that for each contact I can only have 100 messages and then it deletes the oldest when I start to go over that, I rarely use any apps already installed on the phone apart from facebook and youtube. And lastly, I have a 2GB SD card, but when I had installed apps when I first got the phone, it would only let me put about 2 of the ones I’d downloaded onto my SD card, and for some reason it wouldn’t let me put the rest on!
After a few snags along the way I  was able to make this work I’m so happy I can use my phone again.
Apps that give you the choice of phone or SD card are loaded to phone, and I have to manually switch them to SD card.  But system apps stay on phone.

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