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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Wood-grain finish steel panels, the WOODHAVEN storage shed with it barn style offers a lot of room for yours tools, lawn mover, patio furniture or yours backyard essentials. Simple to construct and reasonably priced, plastic sheds like the Duramax Littlehut 5x3 Apex Roof, are manufactured from flame retardant PVC and supported by a sturdy hot dipped galvanised steel frame. London is a major tourist destination for every type of traveller, whether they are from across the ocean or within the UK.
There is a wider variety of languages spoken in London than in any other  city worldwide. London has more international visitors than any other city in the world numbering 15.3 million per year. In Britain, drivers are required to drive on the left but there is one exception to this rule. The London Underground is host to a unique species of Mosquito, thought to have arrived at Heathrow Airport and carried to the underground trains and tunnels where they bred.
Before the industrial era, a workshop was the main place of production and usually provided the space, tools and machinery needed.
The Canberra Workshop and Canberra Garage are the ideal metal buildings to suit many needs.
This garage provides a 12 foot fronted building with an up and over front sliding door and rear side courtesy door. The hot-dipped galvanised steel structure and powder coated panelled walls produce a building of both style and substance.
Customize Your Vinyl Storage BuildingThe best way to discover what type of structure you need is to CALL US! Maintenance free siding and trim on vinyl structures will enhance the beauty and practicality of your new building.
All of our vinyl storage sheds and Buildings come with a standard 10 year guarantee against structure failure or material defects. A vinyl garage is a smart and effective way to keep your beloved vehicle out of harms way, while protecting it from the prying eyes of undesirable passers by. These UPVC outdoor storage buildings are an extremely versatile option as they are not only easy to assemble, they are also simple to disassemble. The larger VDM 10x23 Apex Roof Plastic Garage, includes hinged double doors, a side door, a skylight and vents for increased air flow. Manufactured from fire retardant UPVC these attractive and functional buildings are supplied with their own foundation kit for a sturdy and secure result.
There are lots of good reasons to visit Barnstaple, in North Devon, especially for people who like sport, fishing, bird watching, walking and even skydiving and flying! Minehead in Somerset, is ideal for anyone who loves the coast or countryside, with all of the joys of a traditional beach holiday and the option of a stroll along the South West Coast Path from Minehead to Poole in Dorset. The Somerset county town of Taunton, is a thriving, lively place with a host of activities on offer including shopping and entertainment. The main areas of product base for SM Garden Sheds centre on garden sheds, garages, workshops and storage boxes.
SM Garden Sheds ensure that the materials used in manufacture of their garden storage sheds, boxes and other products are of the highest quality.
Having ensured that the materials used are of such a standard, we are able to offer the maximum guarantees recommended by the manufacturers. We have a helpful range of accessories such as skylights, windows, shelves, tool racks and bike racks.
One of the main advantages of these sturdy PVC garden sheds and buildings is how maintenance free they are, never requiring painting, treating or waterproofing.

The Woodbridge 10 x 13 plastic shed comes with a 15 year manufacturers non perforation guarantee.
Belongings like bicycles, motorbikes and lawnmowers hanging around can spoil that organised look which is why the Biohort Storemax is an excellent option. This exciting city has something for everyone and its museums, theatres, art galleries, changing of the guard, 10 Downing Street, the London Eye, Houses of Parliament act as a magnet to enthusiastic and enquiring minds. Once industrialisation took place purpose built factories took on the job with the resulting increased output or mass production. We identified a requirement for maintenance free storage options that require no extensive planning permission and which are quick and easy to install.
If advice is required as to which building to choose, the sales and service department will be happy to talk you through the options to allow customers to arrive at an appropriate answer for them with full confidence that they are dealing with experts on the product. Each model includes all the attributes of the Canberra build quality, 0.3mm hot-dipped galvanised painted steel mist green wall panels, mid-wall bracing and 2m wall height and ventilated gables.
The building includes a highly engineered and very strong portal framed option allowing the structure to be extended in 6 foot modular extensions, commencing at 12x20, extending to 12x38 and beyond. With over 3 acres of tool sheds, garden sheds, garages and gazebos it might take us just a little while to run back to the main office! We were able to have the exact match to our home, making our new garden shed a real part of our property. Your car, motorbikes, or even cycles will sit happily in this snug, dry and clean environment. This means a convenient solution which can be packed up and transported to a different location, in the case of moving house. No need to worry about weather damage either as these plastic garden storage buildings are resistant to the effects of strong sun, freezing conditions or rain. Unaffected by bacteria, insects, rodents, rot, they are modern, easy clean and maintenance free. If you like to cycle, you will also love the Tarka Trail, which takes its name from the famous novel 'Tarka the Otter' by Henry Williamson, published in 1927. In the 1820's Ilfracombe residents who wished to access their beautiful beaches without having to climb the immense cliffs that surrounded the beaches, contracted Welsh miners to create a series of four tunnels through the rock. Alternatively, the beginning of Exmoor National Park, North Hill, is a short walk from Minehead town centre, and when you meander across these green hills you are likely to spot delightful red deer and the famous Exmoor ponies. Taunton is interesting in a historic sense as it was the setting for the 1685 Monmouth rebellion, which was violently quelled by Judge Jeffrey's bloody assize at Taunton Castle. These are available in both steel & vinyl (plastic) and are imported from the most reliable sources all over the world. Coupled with the latest engineering, the products can be assembled with the use of highly informative assembly manuals, to produce finished storage products which will look good, are secure, maintenance free and give lasting pleasure and performance. Safe, secure, unobtrusive storage of bikes, mowers, gas bottles and tools is an important consideration for caravan enthusiasts. They stand up to any severe weather conditions when properly secured, and won't rot or become susceptible to infestation or insect damage. Amongst the excellent quality garden storage range, you will find plastic garages like the VDM Apex Roof Garage, protecting its contents from the elements and other unwanted attention! With a double opening system featuring sliding roller shutters, this compact storage solution is presented in a metallic silver finish.
This curious rule was bestowed upon Savoy Court by parliament to allow women to exit the car first, as historically, women traditionally sat behind the driver.
Recently the 'workshop' is undergoing something of a revolution or rebirth as more and more homeowners turn their hand to DIY.
It is important that the build quality of these larger buildings does more than merely make them into large sheds.

Many more customers who purchase the larger buildings, also take advantage of our expert installation service. The garage includes the standard door configuration, two hinged doors at the front end with a courtesy rear side door.
Over the past three decades our designs and construction techniques have constantly improved to make sure our customers are getting the most value for their money. Plastic garages come in all shapes and sizes and are an attractive addition to your outdoor area as they are available in many pastel shades with no need to treat or paint. The Duramax VDM 10x16 is supported by a hot dipped galvanised steel frame, and features pre-cut, pre-drilled and numbered parts for building ease.
They are also tested for up to 115 mph when anchored to the ground, and there is a 15 yr manufacturers warranty with Duramax garages and garden storage products. 30 miles of unspoilt countryside, as described in this classic tale allows the visitor to pass through Barnstable town centre, or to bypass it by taking another route. The castle is the most important secular historic monument in Taunton and has housed The Museum of Somerset for over 100 years, which is free to visit. Maintenance Free, Easy Clean Storage, with Pre-Cut, Pre-Numbered & Pre-Drilled Parts with Simple Assembly Instructions.
Security, style and value are the catchwords with garden storage products from SM Garden Sheds. This ancient park has remained relatively unchanged and has never been a stranger to Royalty. Extra rooms are being created within homes which can be used as workshops, where home maintenance or hobbies can be carried out. The structure must be properly researched and developed as the walls are often taller and the roof expanse is longer and wider.
The door configuration allows for easy access through large double doors at the front with a side access door. There are 21 information boards along the way, full of interesting details about the wildlife and history of the trail. Bridgewater in Somerset is the home of many fabulous golf courses, set in beautiful countryside, and offering stunning views such as the rolling Quantock Hills. The buildings require meticulous engineering to ensure stability and durability throughout the life of the guarantee, and well beyond. An after sales service department can also provide continuing assistance in the case of damage or other problems to complete an expert and highly professional service. The workshop allows the doors, double and single, to be placed on the side allowing for more convenient access for those who specifically have this requirement. The light cream finish of the PVC walls provides an attractive looking building, which will require minimum maintenance.
Accommodation is Comfortable and pleasurable, making these golf locations the perfect relaxing break. The snow-loading measurements and strong wind resistance tests are of critical importance, as we now experience greater extremes in our weather. The design and build of these structures is similar to the Canberra sheds but with extra strengthening to compensate for the size. All products supplied by SM Garden Sheds are of extremely high quality at discounted prices and our staff are always glad to help.
While there may be similar looking buildings available, none have the strength and generally high specification and durability and no other steel buildings come with the flexibility of choice of 10x15, 10x17 and 10x19.

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