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Depending on the size pavers you use to construct your planters, they can accommodate a variety of different plants and flowers. Check out the full tutorial over on DIY IDEAS. If you'd rather put your time towards something else, check out our roundup of 25 Awesome Modern Planters! I really love this idea though I think I will spray the inside of the planter with a clear colorless paint so the alkalinity of the soil does not suffer from the concrete.
About the bottom, I found the original tutorial at the Way Back Machine (internet archive) and it says "Apply adhesive along the upward-facing edges of the planter in a drop pattern rather than a solid bead. Video demonstration for creating forms and molds of unique designs for concrete countertops. Countertop makers mold these sinks either with their own custom-made molds or with purchased molds. In this article, you will learn a little about countertop molds and a little more about sink mold and countertop mold inserts. Decorative concrete floor systems are popular with many home owners for a variety of reasons. Stamped concrete or stampable overlays are used extensively on pool decks, patios, walkways and stairs.
Concrete Overlays – a very thin layer of concrete that can refurbish damaged floors and expand your color and decorating choices. Self-Leveling Concrete – an affordable solution for uneven floors and surfaces with drains, fixtures and other raised features.
Stamped Concrete – designs with multiple colors and shapes can be created for less than the cost of patio stones and tiles.
Stained Concrete –modern concrete stains can make cement surfaces look like marble, granite or natural stone. Epoxy and Polyurea Coatings –high tech, advanced floor systems create ultra-durable surfaces and resist micro scratches so they can be quickly cleaned with just soap and water.
Living Rooms – Stained Concrete and Concrete Overlays create classic floors that work with modern and contemporary interiors. Basements – Basement floors are often uneven and may occasionally flood from washing machines, pipes or rain. Pool Decks, Patios – Outdoor areas can be transformed into fashionable places for less than the cost of patio stones or outdoor tiles.
We apply interior and exterior concrete systems at condos, resorts, apartments, and homes in the Boston, MA and Providence, Newport, RI areas. Areas ServedNew England, Boston MA, Providence RI, Newport, Nantucket, Marthas Vineyard, Cape Cod, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut. Slab foundation - This type of foundation is a standard concrete slab with footers that are poured on top of the grade. Piers on grade beams - This type of foundation relies on a three part foundation system: piles driven into the ground, standard concrete grade beam poured on top of piles and piers on top the concrete grade beam.
Columns on grade beams – This type of foundation is similar to piers on grade beams, but instead of piers, concrete columns are poured and tied into the grade beam. Piles – This type of foundation is the simplest type, but only is used in areas that houses cannot be built on grade. Chain Wall - This type of foundation is typically made of either poured in place concrete, or concrete masonry units (CMU). In New Orleans, where flooding is frequent, almost all homes require an elevated foundation. First we dug a trench about 3’ deep and 2’ wide around the perimeter of the where the home would be.

Third, we formed rebar in the trench for a ground formed grade beam, with rebar projecting vertically for future columns. Lastly, we poured columns on top of the grade beam, to which our Floor Framing is attached. Over time, we’ve used several different types of concrete columns, including plywood square forms, steel square forms and sonotubes.
Today we use a two-step process: We start by driving piles 40’ into the ground using a vibratory pile driver. Bethel Commercial CenterLight shelves and sunlight shafts that reduce energy use and air conditioning load.
Even in the moderate climate of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Hazelwood Estates stands as a leading example of the benefits of concrete construction. The multi-unit residential property features exteriors walls constructed of insulating concrete forms (ICFs) finished with fiber-cement siding.
Easier Energy Star® Compliance with Concrete HomesA Thermal By-Pass Checklist must be completed for all homes earning the Energy Star® Label.
ICFs are used for walls in residential and commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. Since ICFs are filled with ready-mixed concrete, also see cast-in-place for further examples of sustainable attributes. One of the main concerns when using an alternative construction type is whether the system requires major adaptations on the part of most construction firms. Stacking blocks is intuitive for most crews, and the cutting and leveling required, draw on standard carpentry skills. Filling ICFs with concreteSince insulating forms are light and power equipment moves the concrete, labor costs tend to be below those of frame construction. And the reasoning is simple, my modern tastes can make things really expensive really fast. What the molds have in common is that they must be smooth and waterproof and able to hold the concrete in place until it sets. For a detailed explanation of how to make a countertop mold, get a copy of Fu-Tung Cheng's book, Concrete Countertop Book. Polished and Stamped Concrete can be matched to your wall tiles so you can achieve beautiful results at an affordable price. It is a wall that sits on a grade beam or slab and is a continuous wall that holds up the floor structure. Because of this, our homes sit at a minimum 2’ above the required Base Flood ElevationLevel of floodwater expected to occur once in a hundred years. On subsequent houses, we employed more advanced engineering techniques, enabling us to reduce the number of piles by 50% and remove all concrete work.
Under the direction of Dennis Kilfoil, the Marion County Housing Authority built a 32-unit, affordable housing project for seniors in the agricultural community of Woodburn, Ore. Kilfoil says the fire-resistant concrete walls helped provide a significant and surprising insurance savings and the residents love the peaceful noise reduction courtesy of the thick, concrete walls. The Checklist identifies required exterior wall details homebuilders must incorporate into the homes, and that third party energy inspectors must review, to make sure the exterior envelope performs efficiently. The solidity of concrete construction reduces flexing in floors, as well as shifting and vibration from the force of the wind or the slamming of a door. The superior insulation, air tightness, and mass of the walls can reduce the cost of operating HVAC in the building by up to 40%. Concrete buildings survive high-force winds like hurricanes far better than wood or metal frame buildings. Most carpentry crews will have to brush up on the use of concrete, however, and electricians will need to learn how to cut channels in the surface of the foam to house their cable. Because of low labor requirements, total construction cost is only slightly above the cost of frame construction. Photo courtesy of Quadlock ICF houses can be completed with almost any interior and exterior finish, including siding or brick veneer.
But with a little elbow grease, these DIY concrete planters just might be the start of something wonderful for my home's curb appeal!All you need are a few pavers, landscape-block adhesive, and a little time. But it's usually only called a mold when it is smaller, more detailed-such as for a countertop or a sink or concrete furniture. Materials that meet those requirements include fiberglass, Plexiglas, rubber, and polystyrene.

The concrete can also serve as a finished floor – great for homeowners on a budget or those who want an industrial look inside the home. Piles are driven a specified distance with a pile driver, and the remainder is left out the ground to which the floor foundation is attached. These types of walls are used to raise flooring above flood zones, or to act as grade walls in a basement.
Energy savings, thanks to the thermal mass of concrete, are even more critical for an affordable housing project during a period of rising fuel costs. Properly installed continuous concrete and foam wall systems, such as Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) inherently provide alignment of insulation and air barriers with no gaps, voids or compression.
4086)Insulating concrete forms (ICFs) are hollow “blocks” or “panels” made of expanded polystyrene insulation (EPS) or other insulating foam that construction crews stack to form the shape of the walls of a building. In addition, ICFs allow the installation of smaller (generally, less expensive) heating and cooling equipment. Experience shows that concrete structures are more likely to remain standing through fire than are structures of other materials. But these are not complex tasks, and training is available from manufacturers and industry groups. See resources at Concrete Homes (link below) for manufacturer listings and cost comparisons. The formulation quickly cures to a smooth finish and can be customized with translucent stains in a variety of colors. Wait 24 hours for everything to cure and you're ready to move your new planters into place and fill them with dirt and greenery. Although some people refer to stamped concrete surfaces as being molded when referring to the pattern or texture, such as on patios and walkways.
Make It Right currently does not use this foundation type in New Orleans due to cost restrictions. Because of frequent hurricanes, our New Orleans homes must be able to withstand 130 MPH winds.
While MCHA plans to maintain ownership for several decades, the low maintenance advantages of the ICF walls and fiber-cement siding add yet another benefit to this handsome community.
The high R-value combined with thermal mass means ICF walls exceed most energy code requirements.
Concrete walls have also proven more resistant to allowing fire to pass from one side of the wall to the other.
In fact, some interesting effects, such as curved walls and frequent corners, can be less expensive to build into an ICF wall. Don't be put off by having to work with a new material: Building the plywood forms and casting the concrete isn't all that difficult.
Building up an area with fill dirt to meet city elevation requirements is unaffordable for most homeowners. We tie our houses to the ground by attaching structural members to our foundation piles, driven 40’ into the ground. Concrete wall systems reduce the more expensive and time consuming challenges and coordination of attempting to obtain compliance with conventionally insulated frame construction. There are over 20 brands of ICFs in North America, each providing variations in design and materials. This is a significant benefit in areas where brush fires are common, or where high density zoning increases the risk of fire spread..
ICF construction sandwiches a heavy, high-strength material (reinforced concrete) between two layers of a light, highly insulated one (EPS or foam).
Buildings constructed with ICF walls have a more even temperature throughout the day and night. By reducing the building’s fossil fuel requirements, the ICF plays an important role in reducing the negative environmental impacts associated with fossil fuel use.
This combination creates a wall with many desirable properties: air tightness, strength, sound attenuation, insulation, and mass. Concrete does not break down until it is exposed to thousands of degrees Fahrenheit—far more than is present in the typical residential or office building fire.

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