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Visual Staff Scheduler Pro 14 is the easiest way to assign shifts and manage work schedules.
Click on the Download Now button to start downloading the free demo edition of the software.
When the download is complete, double click on the VSSDemo.exe file on your desktop to install the demo software. When using a manual method of creating employee schedules you’re so limited in the ways to display that information.
It’s common for a department manager to want to know who is supposed to be working that day, when and where. The monthly schedule gives you the complete picture of who will be working the next four weeks. Please type the letters and numbers shown in the image.Click the image to see another captcha. Please click on the consent form below (link) to be printed out, completed and brought with you at the time of your course. For all of those registered for Compton Little League, please see the practice schedule below.
For the second consecutive day the Academy staff visited Willowbrook Middle School to host baseball and softball clinics for students.
As a reminder, please feel free to contact anyone here at the Academy about how you or your kids can take part in all that we offer. We would like to sincerely thank everyone for their support in making our Community Day celebration such a wonderful event!
Due to Major League Baseball’s Scouting Bureau High School Showcase on Saturday, February 9th, Academy workouts have been postponed to the following Saturday, February 16th. The following are trademarks or service marks of Major League Baseball entities and may be used only with permission of Major League Baseball Properties, Inc.
April 8, 2013 by Mallory & Savannah 22 Comments Welcome to Spring Cleaning Week at Classy Clutter! Every Monday, I get overwhelmed thinking about my week if I do not have some sort of schedule mapped out. This is my plan for each week but I have included a blank schedule for you and a lined one if you prefer to use that.
Good luck and I can’t wait to show you what else we have in store for your for Cleaning week! I think you posted so effective content about of article Weekly Cleaning Schedule – Spring Cleaning Day 1. Warning…the following is VERY LONG, but I promise there’s a purpose to it if you read all the way to the end! I managed to be able to get a fair amount of work done for more than a year, but then my strength started to fade away again, When that happened, I made an appointment with a Rheumatologist in early April, 2010. I had an initial brain surgery to see what type of tumor it was…a WHO Grade 2 Oligoastrocytoma.
They put me on steroids to control my brain swelling and I gained 60 pounds in less than TWO months! I typed up a page showing which steroids I took and the tapering schedule I followed when getting off of them. My many medications are organized by removable colored circles that I label with the names of the medications so that I can find what I need quickly.
I like having check-off lists and feeling like I’m making accomplishments daily, no matter how small they are. In case you wanted more personal info on me or were wondering, my husband and I don’t have children.
Before going to work with my Brother-in-Law, I taught 2nd grade for 5 years (I have a Master’s Degree in Pre-K through 3rd grade). My brain tumor is stable now but I will have to continue monitoring it for the rest of my life. 1.) The only thing you can control in life is your attitude and how you choose to deal with things. Danielle, you have definitely gone through a journey of illness and recovery, that would daunt anyone.

Old fashioned paper calendars and Excel spreadsheets only allow for a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) view of the upcoming work schedule. A daily roster report is the perfect way to communicate that information to managers and supervisors. Just click on the link below, print and complete then turn into the Academy office along with the league dues. The clinics have been taking place all month at various elementary and middle schools in the Compton community. Be sure to check out my “Cleaning Pinterest Board” for more cleaning tips, tricks and tutorials! I never learned to clean growing up but trying to change that & teach my kids but not very good yet. I will print this down, I will put this in my room and start prioritizing what to clean on the day. Previous to the move, I was very stressed with packing up the whole house and trying to keep things organized as I did so.
I gained the weight so quickly and was so uncomfortable that it felt like my skin was going to rip apart!
I put my post-it notes in there of notes I make when my appointments are made (or changed), notes from phone calls, etc. I taught at 3 different schools in 2 different counties and had 5 (yes,five!) different principals! I started to not like the profession for many reasons and I always told myself that if I ever started to resent teaching, I’d get out so that I never did a disservice to my students. Employee schedule software is flexible enough to give you a daily schedule, weekly schedule, monthly schedule or any other type of work schedule you want to see in a matter of seconds. A legend explaining the abbreviations can be attached to the monthly schedule to make sure employees understand what each one means. Daily, weekly and monthly schedules are only a few examples of the types of reports available in VSS Pro. We seek to encourage the youth throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, motivating them through the game of baseball to work hard and be the best they can be! This includes toys, clothes on the floor throughout the house, dishes left out, basically, a super quick tidy up. I wasn’t feeling my best and then shortly after, I started to feel worse and have health (female) problems. Well, that explained the fatigue, lethargy, daily body aches & pains and headaches I was having. I gained most of the weight in my belly and I seriously looked like I was nine months pregnant!
They were going to have to do another brain surgery to go in, grab a sample and do the biopsy. All notes have the date and the time I spoke to them as well so that I’ve got documented records for my own personal history.
I bought a drawer organizer for socks and created 3 columns that were then sectioned off into 3 rows so that I could put all of my morning medications in the far left column, all of the meds that I take twice a day (both a.m.
The amount of work compared to the pay was ridiculous and being that Type A person, I spent over $40K of MY OWN MONEY in those 5 years for things like books, supplies and materials to support the curriculum because teachers are given close to nothing!
The glimmer in his eyes and the big smile on his face when I gave them to him was priceless!
I always ask for a reference like this so that I can visualize and understand the tumor better, plus it helps to have a reference of how much it’s shrunk.
You don’t have to do it all in one solid hour, you can break it up throughout the day if necessary but having a plan makes things sooo much easier! It may take you over an hour at first but once you start memorizing your list and get through the first week or two, it will become routine and things will tend to stay cleaner longer! I was even keeping my husband’s t-shirts in our closet in rainbow order since I was the one who did all of the laundry. I found out I had a golf ball sized cyst on my right very and a softball sized fibroid in my uterus, so I had to have a partial hysterectomy and had surgery on Dec.18,2008. So since I had to have that surgery again, I decided to just get a Craniotomy so that they could resect the new tumor and while they were in there, remove any extra tumor from the original one.

I also included the invoices from my mail order speciality pharmacy (for the very expensive chemo drugs) behind each monthly template.
We adopted a new dog10 days after losing our 2nd JRT who is listed as a Patterdale terrier. Usually our weekends can get pretty busy but if I have a couple things planned to clean up, I feel like I’m more on top of it all.
Our first Christmas in our new house was spent with me in bed most of the time, trying to heal and recover. I bought an industrial pencil sharpener that was $115 alone to speed up the morning routine and to make my classroom run more efficiently. I find it easier if I encourage them to clean up after themselves and do it as I go about my day. I figured I’d put that extra energy and attention to our other household common areas and my own side of the closet. Plus I only had ONE wall mounted sharpener and I couldn’t STAND the noise it made and the long line that always formed behind it! I was blessed with great doctors, wonderful care and fortunate to having a very high tolerance for pain! Like I said, it’s my dissertation that is steadily growing and may become a novel very soon! Mail began to pile up and my emails piled up too, often not being answered or even acknowledged! I felt that delay was costing my students immensely, by missing out on valuable instruction time, so that pencil sharpener was a worthwhile purchase in my eyes! So I attempted to get back to work with my brother-in-law who is a Land Surveyor (it’s a family business). Once the other teachers learned about it, they were all asking me if they could use it after school! Inside, I’m the office manager and I draw the completed jobs (plats) on our AutoCad drawing software. My husband & I love the outdoors and were avid hikers, bicyclists and kayakers, among many other activities. January stayed a Winter Wonderland but I changed the lights to blue, of course Feb.was red and March was green, etc. I ended up having to buy TWO radios because at this really rough school, my first one was STOLEN!
I bought authentic Native American items on my vacations with my husband when we went to the Southwest like moccasins, deer skins and dolls.
My Neurologist ordered an MRI and 2 weeks after I learned I suffered from Fibromyalgia, I found out I had a brain tumor! So when I need to fill my medication container up, I just grab my box (sock organizer) of medications and start filling them up.
Is also helps in keeping track of when I’m low or running out of certain medications and when I need to order refills or call the doctor for new ones.
Every year I’d add to my Reading center by purchasing books (on average $1,000) every year.
I was grateful….I know that sounds awful to be grateful for finding out you have a brain tumor, but it answered SO many questions about my health and moods! I would always pay extra when turning in my film and getting my photos (this is before I had a digital camera) so that I could send the copies home with the children so that the parents had them for their child’s memories. I never had very many pictures like this as a child and I’ve always wished I did, so I tried to do things for the parents and kiddos that I would have wanted for myself. I recently saw a mother of a former student and we caught up, exchanging emails and contact information. She sent me the nicest card with 2 photos included…one of me with her son from 2nd grade where I’m giving him a hug and another photo of him now in the Marine Corps! So she held on to that copy I sent home to her, which verified that they meant something to at LEAST some of my students and parents.

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