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Web India Solutions Tips to make your website more efficientWeb India Solutions, the complete solution for website development. Individuals who have decided to create a website for professional purposes already have two end-goals. Make sure that people know about your business: It is very important for a business or organization to make sure that people know about your website. You have to print clearly your website address or URL on the business card, signage or any other marketing material. You have to make sure that you remind people to take a look at your website for the information about your business or keep up with you. Make your Website Up-to-Date: You should keep your website updated with recent content on a daily basis. Take the Advantage of free Marketing Tools: Social Media tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Do not let your content get stale: It is necessary that you should periodically review the content of your website. Blogging: If you have a blog on an external website or on your own website, ensure that you keep it updated. Read the blog by yourself before you post it-if possible get some outside suggestions before publishing. There exists no foolproof formula to develop a perfect design that best suits each and every website. Many website owners welcome their viewers with their favorite song or a video that is related to their niche. As website owners, one has every right to design their own website as per their personal tastes and preferences. A good layout is as important as the colour-scheme; it should be convenient and appealing at the same time. Author Bio: Philip works as a Project manager at a digital marketing agency in Dubai, and regularly handles the design and content required for the launch of websites. This plugin also have several skins you can choose to change your responsive design looks just by one click only. The traditional Pin It button is important, especially for those who usually pin on mobile since the hover button wouldn’t work. Also, now that iOS8 has a built-in Pin It button on the iPhone, this makes it even more convenient for readers to pin your content – all they have to do is press share and pin! Rich Pins are so vital when a brand is serious about optimizing their website for better awareness and sales from Pinterest. The really important thing – Rich Pins are presented on Pinterest with a bold heading.
Anthropologie has great examples of how product images should look –> vertical with real backgrounds! I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, verifying your website for Pinterest is really beneficial. If your company doesn’t have a blog, consider making one to improve your website’s compatibility for Pinterest. Have questions about how you can optimize your content for Pinterest, increase your following, or improve your Pinterest account? The social bar, which is a small strip that will appear atop web pages with the inserted code, highlights recent site activity in a global fashion, and displays an expanded view of your site's activity feed, comment wall, and member list. To add the social bar to your site, just head over to Google Friend Connect, log in, select your site, click on "social bar," customize your options, and generate your code. With the social bar, you'll have an immediate way to bake community and social activity into your site without adding more clutter to your side bar. With more and more people preferring to conduct business exclusively online, a user-friendly website isn’t just desirable, it’s required if you want to be successful.  These nine tips will help you instantly make your website more user-friendly so you can get more visitors and turn your website into a sales generator.
With more than half of online searches coming from mobile devices, in order for a site to be user-friendly, it must be mobile-friendly. The more information you include, the better because it allows people to contact you in whichever way is most convenient for them. Let’s say you need branded red and white raglan tees for an upcoming company softball game. SAGE PromoSearch allows you to add any and all of the products from the SAGE database to your website automatically.
The more digitally dependent people become, the less we like having to do something as manual as making a phone call. People rarely read anything word for word, but they’re more likely to read and understand the content on your website if it’s clear and concise. Have you ever been on a company’s website and left out of frustration because you were unable to find what you were looking for? A strong social media presence is a must for businesses who want to be successful now and in the future. Since joining SAGE in 2013, Jansen has been diligent in executing marketing plans and keeping all projects on task. SAGE is the leading provider of research and business management tools for the promotional products industry. And while all of this is certainly important, not nearly enough attention is paid to site accessibility. Also known as the WCAG, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines outline everything you should be doing to make your site accessible to as many people as possible. Following these guidelines will make content accessible to a wider range of people with disabilities, including blindness and low vision, deafness and hearing loss, learning disabilities, cognitive limitations, limited movement, speech disabilities, photosensitivity and combinations of these. Perceivable: the site and the information on it must be presented in a way that users can perceive. Operable: the site and all of its navigation need to work under a variety of different circumstances.
Understandable: the site, how its navigation works, and all of the information on it must be understandable to site visitors. Robust: the site must feature content that can be read and used by many different user agents, including assistive technologies. These broad principles can be applied to any website online, not just those using WordPress, of course. With that in mind, the remainder of this article will be divided by the four principles listed above and offer specific ways you can achieve that principle for your WordPress site using plugins, external services, and more. The Accessibility Widget lets you add a widget to your sidebar exclusively for changing the text size on your site. Don’t just rely on color to denote an element you want users to pay particular attention to. You can also use a plugin like EsAudioPlayer to add a simple accessible audio player to your site so you can embed audio content and let those using text browsers download audio files.
From large text options to the ability to resize text up to 200% without compromising function, this ensures users can read everything clearly. If time limits are in place, let users turn them off or allow for adequate extensions, unless there’s a real time component in play — an auction, for example. This includes clear titles, sequential ordering, contextual linking, multiple link paths, and descriptive headings. Try installing something like WordPress SEO by Yoast or All-in-One SEO Pack to add prompts to your post editor for customizing page titles, descriptions, metadata, and more. It should be written in a clear and concise manner with the language clearly identified and word choice that could easily be read aloud by a computer voice.
You can quickly add a glossary to your site using the CM Tooltip Glossary plugin, though you may need to do some CSS fiddling to get the tooltips large enough to meet accessibility standards. You might want to use something like Submittable in this case — along with its WordPress plugin to let site visitors submit a variety of file types. This plugin merited its own section here because it covers so many of the guidelines mentioned above and only takes one plugin to it. For starters, this plugin fixes several accessibility issues that are inherently present in WordPress. It also adds several features like letting users skip links, adding an outline to the keyboard focus state, adding descriptions to images, and adding a toolbar specifically designed to give site visitors the option to switch between high contrast, large print, and grayscale theme views.
WP Accessibility includes several other features but it’s an all around great plugin that can help you fix several accessibility problems all at once.

Making your WordPress site accessible might seem like a lot of work at first, but the benefits are multi-faceted.
The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines might feel overwhelming on first glance, but hopefully this will help you get started and start checking a few of those modifications off your to-do list. By Brenda BarronBrenda is a professional writer and WordPress enthusiast from Huntington Beach, California. I was wondering what’s the difference between All In One SEO Pack and Sep by Yoast, please?
As you said in your intro… i spend most of my time on optimalisation, page speed, lay-out and more while totally forgetting about accessibility. SFI provides services to Hire WordPress Theme Developer, hire dedicated WordPress Developers. My perspective is from the VI-blogger – my partner is severely sight impaired and wants to start a blog. Do you have any recommendation for a responsive multipurpose theme that is accessibility-ready? We all have visited certain websites that look too cluttered as they have everything in their homepage. In this blog post, I’m sharing some easy tips that simplify your company website and make it more appealing for your potential customers. If you feel that there is something that does not have a purpose on your website, remove it.
When it comes to web design, you should focus on all the design elements in order to gain attention of the visitors.
When it comes to colors, don’t blend hundreds of color for the sake of beauty and tranquility.
First, you need to bring valuable traffic to your website, and secondly, you have to keep them coming back for more.
Blogging does not cost a penny, it simply takes time and persistence to make it a part of your routine. It is the amalgamation of design, layout, colours, SEO, right content and easy navigation that together make a website stand out from among its competitors.
This usually contradicts the whole idea, as majority of people dislike websites that play videos and songs automatically.
To increase the online exposure of your website, you need to create a layout that is simple and effective. Good content with proper grammar and spellings, is sure to win the confidence of your visitors. You can use a freelance SEO company to conduct frequent research and test your website, to maximize traffic.
A skin panel is included that allows you to customize the settings, create a custom mobile menus and try a different landing page for your mobile site. The skins are made and designed to give you a professional looks, simple but yet informative. You do need you go into your website’s coding to do this but it only takes a few minutes and will boost your Pinterest SEO immediately – plus it promotes an increase in followers. Not only is it fairly easy to start one, it opens up a world of opportunities where you can link multiple products into posts, feature guest bloggers and stylists, and it gives brands with images or products, that maybe aren’t a great fit for Pinterest, an outlet to become very Pinterest friendly!
Read Improve Your Pinterest Profile in 10 Minutes and Common Brand Mistakes We See on Pinterest for more Pinterest tips and examples! HelloSociety, and others are trademarks of HelloSociety, LLC Other trademarks may be held by their respective owners. Not to be outdone by Facebook Connect and its many great implementations, Google Friend Connect, which previously tacked on Twitter integration, is now getting a bit more social.
Site owners can opt to enable the bar solo or in conjunction with other Friend Connect gadgets (like the one we have in our sidebar), and deploy it site-wide or keep it page-specific. Let us know why or why not in the comments, and if you've done so already, add a link so we can check it out. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. A responsive website gives every user a flawless online experience whether they’re viewing your site from a desktop, tablet or mobile device. Research shows the top left is the best place for your logo because this is where people’s eyes go first. But if there are two things your website needs, it’s your logo AND your contact information.
A phone number, email address and business address will usually do the trick, but it doesn’t hurt to also include your hours of business so people know when they can reach you.
This can increase your sales by allowing your web visitors to browse through products on your website. People don’t like to be limited by store hours or location and don’t want to be bothered to have to go somewhere or call someone to place an order.
Some other suggestions include improving your site’s navigation and speeding up your site’s load time. She won the Rising Star award in 2013 and is referred to by her team as the Marketing Cheerleader because her positivity puts a proton to shame as she rallies them on a regular basis.
SAGE provides product research tools, websites, e-commerce solutions, printed end-buyer catalogs, artwork services, payment processing, tradeshows and tradeshow services. Following these guidelines will also often make your Web content more usable to users in general. If you take the extra effort to make your site usable by those with disabilities, you broaden your reach considerably. While it may not be possible to hit every single guideline recommended in the WCAG, I’m doing my best to fit in as many as I can here. You can do this manually, but the SEO Friendly Images plugin adds the right title and alt attributes to all of your images for greater accessibility, of course, and greater search engine optimization.
It’s also designed to work with screen readers, whose users can select the play and stop buttons easily. With it, you can set minimum and maximum resizing percentages and apply it to specific classes, IDs, and tags. Can it be accessed from a number of different devices and does it account for assistive technology?
You also ensure that there are no keyboard traps, or spots on your site where input via keyboard can’t be navigated away from using a keyboard.
Also, moving content (auto-scroll or auto-updates) are to be presented either in conjunction with non-moving content or the function can be turned off.
In the name of accessibility, it might just be best to avoid plugins that offer this feature altogether. That means your HTML is beyond clean with start and end tags, no duplicate attributes, and unique IDs. WP Accessibility offers a wide variety of features, all designed to make a site meet the WCAG by modifying your WordPress theme. Many of these fixes are deep down in the code, but they make a real difference in how your site is presented to those using assistive technologies.
For starters, you’re doing the right thing by making your content viewable and usable by the largest number of people possible.
You can often find her typing up a storm at the local coffee shop, or at home re-watching Back To The Future and Doctor Who.
I was wondering if Brenda Barron had a recommendation for a contact form that was accessible?
Everything seems compressed in a very small space, business information is shove into every corner of the website and there is just too much to display. There must be attention-grabbing elements and everything on the web page must be accompaniment. Stick to three or four colors to simplify your website and make the layout more visually appealing. Blog writing is her passion and she shares her knowledge and insights on the latest advancements, on-going trends and much more.
This is often true for small to medium-sized businesses that operate with a limited resource in contrast to their larger counterparts. As you’re carefully creating every page of your website, you need to make sure that you’re providing informative content in a format that isn’t going to scare your target market away.

If you have a content management system that makes it easy to update your website, make sure you utilize it!
You should often make posts on your Facebook Fan Page or your Twitter account to let people understand updates or changes made to your website.
A good website should impress the visitors visually, and cater to their requirements, providing them the appropriate solutions to their questions. Website owners need to understand that every viewer is different and nobody likes to be force fed with something they aren’t interested in.
Instead of focusing on what you prefer, design a colour-scheme that best caters to your target audience.
Even if you plan to explore the creativity of your web designers, make sure the layout supports the navigation process and all the links are easily visible. No matter how much time you dedicate towards writing your content, you should always check your content before uploading it on your site.
Check the website with different browsers and calculate the time consumed by each browser to view pages. So, responsive design or mobile design for your website is very important, or you lost potential clients. This makes a HUGE difference in the impact your images have on Pinterest, promoting better likelihood of being repinned (shared), better awareness, and higher sales. If a blog still sounds too much for you right now, consider creating a Tumblr account or microsite for a campaign.
If you don’t have your logo clearly displayed on your website, not only are you missing a prime branding opportunity, but you could also be confusing visitors who may think they’ve stumbled upon the wrong company’s website. Without your contact information easily accessible on your website, you could be missing out on a lot of potential business. They’ll want to know the material, the available colors, the imprint size and countless more answers. PromoSearch has full e-commerce capabilities, so visitors can easily place an order directly on your site. That way, your website visitors can easily skim your website for the information they’re looking for. Adding search functionality makes it easy for visitors to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for. Your web visitors will love being able to connect with you in this less formal environment and you can keep them up to date on specials, hot new products and more via your social channels. Jansen is a native Texan who studied integrated marketing communications at Abilene Christian University. With a database of 1 million promotional products from 4,300 promotional product suppliers, SAGE makes doing business easier. You can install Accessible Dropdown Menus to allow site visitors can access your menus via the keyboard alone.
Infinite scroll — a feature that automatically loads new content when you reach a page’s footer — is sometimes built into themes. You need clear headers and paragraph elements so the content appears as it should on screen readers. As of this writing, there are 11 themes to choose from including the Automattic creation, Twenty-Fourteen and WPstart.
And second, you’ll automatically improve your SEO, which means increased site traffic. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject, including any challenges you’ve faced in the comments below! Having a website with all these mistakes not only makes it unappealing, it turns-off potential customers as well.
Currently, she is working for Dubai Monsters - a leading web design company in Dubai that offers digital marketing solutions.
Instead of startling your viewer with a welcome song, include an option that requests to play the audio or video.
If your website is exclusively created for a younger audience, then utilize vibrant colours that are reader-friendly. Be it a pop-up or drop-down method, your artistic interpretation should complement the whole process of navigation and not confuse the visitors.
When tailor-made to suit the preferences of audience, informative content gains their interest and makes them come back for more. If possible, invite your family and friends for suggestions and let them check out your website before making it available to your entire online audience. If your website has recipes, recipe Rich Pins will share the ingredients, time is takes, dietary category (Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free). People are not going to work very hard to find this, so make sure it’s in an obvious place on your website.
You could manually add all of this information and make sure you’re continuously keeping it up to date.
All the site visitor has to do is click on a dropdown menu to select a high contrast stylesheet and the content will be easier to read. And you can use Accessibility Access Keys to create site-wide access keys to make for easier user navigation.
The auto update feature could possible throw off screen reader functionality, so be on the lookout for that as well. Though you can also play with custom menus to ensure you’re offering the most clear link options as possible. It shows that a company has an amateur designer who has no idea about web design standards.
If certain things does not have a purpose or does not fit with the rest of the page, it needs to be eliminated immediately. Don’t opt for fonts that are overwhelmed, instead go for the simple ones that make a clear statement. Using lighter colors for a background can highlight the company information while making it clearer. For your business website, stick to a paragraph or two that explain everything about your services, products, mission statement and vision. Clean websites can appear more organized and increase the chances of more conversions if designed correctly. We pay great attention to the details you require and add a little magic of our own to make websites that are simply enthralling. However, there exist certain elements which can competently boost your presence in the online world.
This is a win-win situation, since you can impress potential clients, encourage more views and serve your regular visitors better, as well.
If it caters to senior citizens, then use minimal shades that accentuate the font, making it easily readable. It is advisable to hire the services of an SEO company to ensure that the content on your website meets current SEO requirements and standards. Or you can use PromoSearch and all of the products from the SAGE database will automatically be added to your site, along with all of the product information. Just subscribe to a SAGE Maintenance Package and let one of our professional web developers know what you would like done. Don’t be scared of using one font in different sizes and weights, as there are many websites that are well-designed with single font.
Below are the few things you should consider while designing your website, to help make it more effective and efficient.
The colour-scheme you choose should simplify the navigation process and allow visitors to effortlessly read the text without straining their eyes. You’re going to save yourself the trouble and go with one of the companies you already know that has it. But if you feel single font design strategy is too boring, you can use two or three fonts for variation.

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