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As a former woodworker and wood shop owner, I appreciate quality equipment that helps get the job done right and on time.
MARTIN is one of the leading German manufacturers of woodworking machinery: sliding table saws, shapers, jointer, thickness planer.
A modern sliding-table saw must be able to reliably perform final cuts as well as pre-cuts. Control A unique feature in this class: all T60 machines have a control panel on eye level with an intuitive touchscreen control for positioning the height and angle of the saw blade within seconds. On all T60 models, important mechanical components such as the edging table, the cross-cut fence, and the rip fence are made of high-quality material and are very durable.
The T60 Basic supports a maximum blade diameter of 315 mm (12”) and has a blade guard at the riving knife. On the basic machine, the entire fence is adjusted with an easily accessible handwheel via a digital display; the infeed jaw is also adjusted with a handwheel according to a Vernier scale. The oscillation-damping machine frame in a com­pound construction, along with the optimally balanced cutterblock, are a guarantee for providing out­standing surfaces.
Thanks to the TERSA solid steel cutter block, which enables a positive, exact positioning of the blades, the surfaces are perfectly planed – and it takes less than a minute to change each blade. It does not matter whether you are planing or jointing, the modern SUVA bridge guard above the cutter block is a quick and safe, adaptable protective device, which is valuable in practice.
The TERSA solid steel cutter block Z2 on the T54 offers many practical advantages: The high running smoothness in the precision bearings and the exact positioning of the positive fitting reversible blades results in an extremely accurate cutting circle - and thus the best conditions for cleanly planed surfaces. It should be quick, faultless, and comfortable to use, operate in a reliable manner over many years.

Moreover, the control panel has an integrated calculator, and intuitive menus provide step-by-step assistance for complex processes. The rip fence runs on a ball bearing, and on the T60 Classic you can even adjust it directly from the operator position. The Basic model enables cutting heights of up to 80 mm (3.15”), the T60 Classic allows you to cut material of a thickness of up to 130 mm (5”). A powerful search function as well as “group” and “favorite” functions assist the operator in selecting the needed profiles. Besides the proven MARTIN DornFix quick-change system that is used on the basic T27 machine, two versions of pneumatically clamping HSK tools are also available. Furthermore, the sound-absorbing construction in a modern industrial design ensures a comfortable, ­whisper-quiet operation. The machine starts with an automatic soft start and it brakes wear-free electrically when it is shutting down. Helping woodworkers get the right solution at the price that make sense for your company is vitally important. The machine is with one, adjustable from outside, scoring unit and hydraulic lifting and tilting the saw blade fitted to 45. The edging table is designed as you would expect from a MARTIN machine: with a replaceable table lip and stable, highly-ribbed hollow-chamber profiles.
The HSK system is especially suited for those who want to use their shaper as an effective supplement to their shapers or CNC processing centers. A solution that is as intelligent as it is extensive, which consistently ensures perfectly machined workpieces.

The standard auxiliary fence is integrated into the main fence so that small, narrow workpieces can also be fed safely over the machine table. Let our over 35 years of experience work for you in helping you to select the equipment you need at the price you can afford. The cross-cut fence features smooth operation of the fence carriage and standard fine adjustment of the stop elements – a vital precondition for precise cuts. The T45 comes equipped with a soft start Star Delta starter and an electronic wear free brake.
In addition, by using two dummy cutters, the standard Z4 cutter block can also be operated as a Z2 cutter block. The standard equipment of the T60 Classic comprises a protective hood for saw blades with a diameter of up to 400 mm (15.75”).
In addition to the cutting height and cutting angle, the cutting depth, the infeed jaw of the fence, the table opening, and the height setting of the feed support can be adjusted by the controller.
Using this technology, you can easily adapt the tooling of a CNC processing center directly to the shaper, freeing up your router from time consuming traverse moulding jobs, thereby reducing bottlenecks.

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