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Sliding Barn Door Hardware,sliding door fittings,6ft Flat track,model SWD11, very hotsale in USA, View Barn Door Hardware, OEM Product Details from Ningbo Tengyu Metal Product Co., Ltd. Furniture maker Austin Aaron and his Dancing Grains Woodworks create these sliding barn doors from salvaged wood recovered from demolition projects in his local Boulder, Colorado area. The reclaimed wood is mounted in a hand-welded raw steel frame and hung from a heavy-duty, metal barn door rolling track. When designing beautiful rooms, buildings, offices and homes, bring nature’s elements indoors using the EcoChi® philosophy-blending feng shui, green and sustainability and environment psychology.

Hours can go by as we entertain ourselves by peering into a small fish tank or an aquarium. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The rustic doors are a perfect solution for closing off a dining room, study, or work room. The focus in this design system is the relationship between nature, the beauty of buildings and the wellbeing and happiness of the inhabitants.

It is possible to purposefully arrange an environment so that it has a positive effect on the people who live, work or visit there. When bringing nature’s elements indoors people feel happier, healthier, calmer, and at the same time more energetic and optimistic about their lives.

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metal barn sliding door hardware

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