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The windows offered on our website are specifically designed for installation in metal or steel sided buildings. Metal Building Accessories offers a comprehensive line of high-quality windows designed for installation in metal or steel-sided buildings, from regular, fixed-glass windows to upgraded, customizable options. Our Cannon Ball Brand windows are manufactured in a top of the line ISO 9001 certified facility maintaining a high quality control standard.
Among the metal building we offer are 200 Series Utility Windows which are single pane and non-insulated ideal for barns, garages and other exterior buildings, and are available in horizontal sliding, 3-lite slider and fixed configurations. Our 1200 Series Builder Choice Windows are among the best values on the market, and work well in most steel building window applications.
Our 2100 Series Builders Choice Windows are also commonly used for light commercial and agricultural steel buildings with metal siding, and come standard with a Pro Fit Trim package for easy installation once the metal is already on your building. Compared to wood trusses or other building systems, exposed roof rigid frame steel church buildings from the Metal Building Outlet convey a sense of strength, have an open feeling, and integrate modern technology and advanced steel architectural elements. To sustain community support for the construction of proposed new steel church building designers need to produce credible, cost-effective construction plans that can be completed within a predictable time frame and within budget. When budgets are tight, there can be a conflict between the functionality and the outward appearance of a building. We Offer You a Different Type of Steel Building Let's face it, there are lots of companies selling steel buildings. Metal Buildings, Inc, a distributor for Outback Steel Buildings, is the best choice for ease of ordering, construction, quality, and overall value.
Submit specifications for a quote online, or contact us by phone or email for more information.
Catapult Steel Buildings offers the finest and most economical metal garages in the industry. Catapult Steel Buildings is the only company that offers you 3 types of doors and flexible opening sizes to the meet your needs. Note that some of the window options include the exterior trim package for standard metal building siding (R-Panel).

Our windows are intended for retrofit application, meaning that they are to be used for existing construction and are not included in the original design of your steel building. Metal Building Accessories' windows for steel buildings offer an easy, economical method of increasing your building's energy efficiency by correcting any leaks or gaps between frames insulating the interior of your building and helping you comply with energy efficiency standards. Nailing flanges come standard, and an optional J-trim package is available as well as standard color options of white, brown and bronze. Pro Fit packages are available in an array of colors and include top and bottom J-channels with integral nailing fins and side rails with a weather seal.
All units within the Series are rated C-50 or above, and come with a powder coat finish, a full perimeter nailing fin and sliders with brass rollers to ensure long life.
Metal Building Outlet supplies cost-effective designs for steel church buildings that meet proposed material specifications and offer engineered solutions that easily adapt to individual facilities and cost effective construction methods.
In these situations, the project should focus on the functionality of the steel church building as a state of the art facility that supports the goals of the church congregation and not on "fancy" and expensive exteriors. The width is usually the smaller of the dimensions, is the gabled end of the building and is clearspan with no supports.
This roof is a small upgrade from the regular roof and gives a more traditional look to your building.
This is our premier roof, it is stronger, leak resistant, and the most stylish option we have. These doors are extremely economical and are the only options most of our competitors offer. This fee is for openings with a door or openings on the sides of the building with or with out the door. Also, you can choose from the regular fixed glass window or select upgrades to configure your own custom design. They are offered in horizontal sliding, single hung, 3-lite slider, fixed and architectural shape configurations, and are available in light stone or a limited range of two-tone color schemes. Our 2000 Series steel building windows are offered in horizontal sliding, 3-lite slider and fixed configurations.

Oklahoma City-Midwest City-Del City-Moore-Norman-Choctaw-Edmond METAL BUILDINGS Minimum size is 1,200 sq. Metal Building Outlet understands these issues and is skilled at consulting our clients on the selection of exterior materials that look great and require little or no maintenance.
Our Buildings range in size from 12 foot wide to 40 foot wide and are designed in three size groups. These frames are standardly spaced 5' apart but can be moved together to increase the strength of the building. Usually you need 1 foot taller than a door installed on the gabled or width side and 2 foot if you would like it on the side or length of the building. This model has round or rolled corners down the length of the building and features horizontal sheeting.
Catapult Steel Buildings recommends vertical siding on buildings over 41 feet long to avoid a "lap seam" at sheet splice. Furthermore, all proposed steel church buildings and school gymnasiums should take future growth and expansion into consideration. You can choose from our economical Regular Garage or add options to match your exact needs. This dimension of your building will be the length minus 1 foot for the 6 inch roof over hang on each side. Catapult Steel Buildings Metal Garages are pre-engineered in our factories to meet your exact specifications then shipped to your site.

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metal building for sale nc

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