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When we think of a house of straw, the first thing that comes in our mind is the story of the Three Little Pigs. Other undeniable qualities are low price, the absolute organic materials, ease of execution and the charm of the building results.
The cost of a bundle not exceeding one dollar adding money to lift a metal structure resistance with conventional concrete foundation, it is clear that these homes can save construction industry from the lack of credit. The house of straw bales cost, finally, between 12,000 and $ 20,000, and only because all modern utilities are installed: sewage, electricity, air conditioning and insulated windows. Simple, modern, comfortable, low costs are just a few words that define the new house of straw. In response to a reader inquiry, I am going to post a cost-breakdown (Thanks to the builder Vic Coletta) for the construction of the Aircraft Hangar. As I had stated in my last post of Aug-21-2006 Aircraft Hangar Building-01 in St Clair Michigan, this Aircraft Hangar is a Metal Building 80 ft span and 80 ft wide.
The Aircraft Hangar is 80'x80'x24' Manufactured Metal Building and was erected on the concrete foundation that I had designed for the building.
When you a purchase a pre-engineered metal building, most often your steel building supplier does not do the foundation design. The building price is low but we need to spend on proper foundation engineering and design. It usually takes two weeks for the soils report and one week for the foundation design to be completed.
Pouring a concrete slab is a relatively simple step in the construction process but every building has its own foundation requirements.
When it's time to build, you will need to determine which type of foundation is right for both your building and your budget. The following foundations are at the higher-end of the cost range but excel in reliability.

As mentioned above, the lighter nature of steel building frames makes them more susceptible to wind uplift. While there are particular challenges in determining the right foundation for each project, working with a metal building manufacturer can be a helpful.
There we picture a home that is unsafe when the hungry wolf blows a everything gets destroyed.
Think of it as any lost traveler would not think of to sleep overnight in some piles of bricks, as long as, nearside, there is a haystack.
The straws are shaped with a saw, electric and sanitary circuits are mounted, and resulted walls are skimmed. Summer is not necessary to use air conditioning only about two hours a day, which reduces the electricity bill by 80%. However, you are required by the City or County to get a soils report and foundation design plans. In the case of metal buildings, requirements are based on the type of building being constructed as well as the local environment. Even so, the foundation design can be a little more complicated due to the lightness of metal building structures and their susceptibility to wind uplift. In the meantime, a significantly annotated version of metal building foundation considerations can be found below. Dense soil, heavy with clay deposits behaves differently than poor or sandy soil conditions.
Slab-on-grade foundations are only an option for smaller and lighter buildings, like a storage or small hobby shed. Also an affordable foundation option, tie-rod and hairpin systems provide more support than slab-on-grade versions but are less labor intensive than trench and footing options. Knowing soil conditions is imperative with this type of foundation system because soil type (and climate conditions) will determine how deep your footings need to go.

In most cases, deep foundations are only designed in cases where a metal building is being constructed on a site with poor soil conditions.
Even the dead weight of the building may not be enough downward force to resist powerful uplift forces created by heavy winds. Remember to check in with your local building department to learn more about specific code requirements for metal building foundations in your area.
Usually, the structure is made of beams of hardwood (oak or beech), but can also be steel, especially for buildings with floors.
Heat needed in winter is four times smaller than conventional houses, which reduces heating expenses.
You can spend a little on foundation design and save a lot on steel, concrete, time and labor during construction.
Building weight, soil conditions and wind uplift are all considerations when planning and designing a steel building foundation. Even if you're used to soil on one side of town, soil makeup can be completely different on the other, so it's always best to err on the side of caution; have your soil tested by a professional to be safe. As a result, building designers are often surprised to learn that the minimum size of column foundations is not determined by the soil-bearing capacity for downward loads but, rather, by the minimum amount of “ballast,” used to meet wind uplift ratings. After all, the firm who does your soils report is the optimum firm to do your foundation design.

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