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Metal may be the material of choice for educational buildings, but a brand new satellite campus in rural Arizona demonstrates that metal’s potential extends beyond durability, being low-maintenance, and blends design flexibility with artistry and cultural identity.
A unique mix of naturally oxidizing Corten siding panels and metal standing-seam roof panels painted a faux-rust hue were used to achieve the agrarian vision. Bamboo Groves uses Intermodal Steel Building Units (ISBUs), which are insulated shipping containers, in creating the framework of the home.
Concrete is a very common and accessible building material in Central America, so it is used for countertops and other built-in pieces of furniture like benches and bed stands. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Would like to know more about The container homes & where I could see one to see if this is what I can start with? However I am worried about typhoons, which often reach speeds in excess of 200kms per hour.

I have a line of container houses intended for the coast of Jalisco, with my base in Puerto Vallarta.
I have same question as Deepak (above) I have 1.5 acres in Ojachal and want to build 1-3 rental units on my property - each about 800 square feet.
Acerca del autorEscrito por Fiorella RamosComunicadora Social, sanmarquina, pseudocantante, beatlemaniaca. For these reasons, and for its deference to the natural environment, the Central Arizona College (CAC) campus received the 2013 Metal Construction Association Chairman’s Award for Overall Excellence.
But now, Bamboo Groves, a design and construction firm in Costa Rica, has developed some great designs for homes made from insulated shipping containers and bamboo. Then Guadua Bamboo, which is one of the fastest growing bamboos, is harvested from nearby Costa Rican bamboo plantations and used as the structural beams for the roof. Other sustainable elements could be added to these homes, such as a greywater recycling system, rainwater collection, and wind or solar systems.

With those items in mind, we think this company certainly has a good handle on creating affordable and beautiful homes. Current designs range from 100 sq meters with one ISBU up to 250 sq meter split level villas with three ISBUs. Green building supplies like low-VOC paints, formaldehyde-free cabinets are not easily accessible there, but as the demand for these items grow, they will surely be available soon. I love the style of both homes pictured here but could not find the floor plan on your site.
But in warmer climates, such as Central America, construction requires a different tactic – insulating from the heat and providing lots of natural ventilation to help cool.

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