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Below are some examples of different color, siding, roof, and additional feature customizations that we are capable of.
A country living style steel garage building with double overhead doors and custom features. There are many reasons why more and more contractors are using metal and steel over wood for a variety of projects.
Environmentally Friendly - metal buildings leave a much smaller footprint, and most companies use 100% recycled materials for their buildings. Low Cost - you may see a little initial price benefit to buying a steel building over a wood one, but over the duration you will typically save more than 50% due to less maintenance and repairs.
Stronger Materials = Better Warranty - steel is much stronger than wood, and customers will find steel buildings can come with warranties for more than 50 years.
Quicker Construction - metal buildings only require a few workers to assemble the structure (which can save a lot of money), and building time is just weeks instead of months.
Metal buildings will range from about $7-$10 per square foot, with smaller structures costing more and larger structures costing less per square foot. Yes, as mentioned above, steel buildings come with outstanding warranties (up to 50 years) due to their high strength and durable materials.
Searching for Companies that install Arizona Barns, Mare Motels, Tack Rooms, and Metal Sheds?
Busy people looking for Arizona companies that install corrals with livestock shade, shaded horse stalls, metal hay barns, and other welded steel projects in Phoenix, Fountain Hills, and Scottsdale are at a disadvantage due to lack of time and resources. Hundreds of Ranchers, Horse Owners, Farmers, and Arizona Horse Boarding facilities in Maricopa County use us to install all of their tack rooms, barns, corrals, mare motels, and horse shade.
10 FT X 20 FT Horse Stall With Shade Absolutely Adorable 4 Rail Horse Stall with Gate and Shade for sale and installed in less than 10 days anywhere in Southern Arizona. 20 FT X 30 FT Steel Barns Top Quality Steel Barns with Two 12 FT Doors Installed in Southern Arizona with your choice of color. Arizona Hay Barns Durable Loafing Sheds, Metal Sheds and Out Buildings for sale and installed in less than 10 days in Southern Arizona. Searching for livestock shade, hay barns, and mare motels for sale in Arizona can be a long and tedious process if you don't where to look.
With Over 15 years of experience as builders of ranch and farm metal structures and other products, we can install almost anything you request at a better price.
Call us for a FREE ESTIMATE on Arizona hay barns, horse shade, tack rooms, horse corrals, riding arenas, covered stalls, livestock shutes, and other steel buildings. Don't settle for barns, shaded corrals, or mare motels that at are overpriced or unsatisfactory. We can email you full details on all Arizona steel buildings and other metal stuctures including size, description, materials used, cost, time needed to fabricate and install, plus pictures can be e-mailed to you by request at Send Me Info. Since 1996 we have built and installed hundreds of hay barns, loafing sheds, mare motels, horse shades, covered stalls, and other livestock related structures for sale in Southern AZ!

We are proud to offer the Absolute Best Quality and Lowest Prices on steel buildings and livestock enclosures in Arizona.
The American Barn style steel building by AmeriBuilt Steel Structures is a true American classic. A three story American Barn steel home with a Patina Green exterior and walk out balconies.
An interior shot of an American Barn style metal building perfect for an agricultural workspace. A custom American Barn style steel home with a white exterior and a wide balcony with a wood ceiling overhang.
White exterior and custom stone accents with four overhead doors and a second story workspace. A smaller variation of the American Barn building style with a Mocha Tan exterior and one overhang door. A steel home featuring Light Stone exterior with Cocoa Brown accents and custom windows and sliding doors. An American Barn style metal building with a Brick Red exterior, stone accents, and a Burnished Slate roof. A mid sized, high clearance American Barn steel building with custom windows and an overhang door. A Light Stone colored American Barn style metal building with a Forest Green roof and accents.
A small, all white American Barn steel building with custom windows and a recessed front entry. An open wing variation of the classic American Barn metal building style with an overhang door. A classic metal barn look and feel with a custom white and Brick Red roof style and white accents. An American Barn style metal building with two front side overhang doors and a side overhang door. The basic roof lines of this building style are perfect for the working building, or even a home!
If you have something else in mind, please contact us and a representative will work with you to create your ideal steel building! A standard metal building typically can be constructed with around 5 recycled automobiles, while a comparable wood structure would take around 50-60 large trees.
With traditional wood structures you need to be worried about warping, fire, mold, termites, water damage and many other things.
Here's a few of the questions we get asked often to help you learn more about metal buildings. It's important to know that this doesn't include assembly, which will usually cost around $3 per square foot.

Many manufacturers will list preferred contractors on their website or recommend contractors to you during the purchasing process.
Often this will result in settling for Arizona corrals and stalls with shade that is overpriced or unsatisfactory. Every day we build and install The Best Quality steel buildings, livestock corrals, and horse shade in AZ! Built from 11 gauge — 3 Inch Posts and 3 Inch Rails with 8 inch C-Purlin frame for roof. Fortunately we have access to low cost steel which allows us to pass the savings on to you.
We consistantly shop the market for the lowest price on steel and other building materials in order to offer the Best Quality and Lowest Prices in AZ.
Let us email you examples of what we build and all you have to do is choose the one that is best suited for you.
The American Barn style is defined by it's iconic roof lines that resemble traditional American wooden barns. Ideal uses for this style are garages, workshops, warehouses, industrial and commercial facilities, self storage units, and more!
Call us at   602-842-7060 and schedule an appointment for a FREE ESTIMATE on installation of steel sheds, metal out buildings, barns, tack rooms, livestock shade, hitching posts, cross ties, and all other welded or steel products and repair. We have installed over 100 shaded horse stalls or corrals in Maricopa County since 1996 and NEVER Had To Go Back To Repair Or Fix One even though our work is Guaranteed! You will not find Better Quality shaded horse corrals, hay barns, steel tack rooms, animal enclosures, or stalls for our LOW COST anywhere!
For years we have been one of the Best Companies for installation of pipe corrals, animal shade, metal hay barns, and steel out buildings in Southern Arizona. Roof comes in your choice of Durable Powder Coated PBR, AZ panel, or galvanized sheet metal. This metal building style is perfect for steel homes and barn homes, barns, warehouses, workshps, and church buildings.
We cover the entire Southern Arizona farm and ranch livestock markets as well as additional welded products like custom built dog kennels, hunting dog training tables, chain gang, bird aviaries, and dog runs in North Phoenix, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Cave Creek Arizona, Care Free AZ, and surrounding areas. All posts are set in concrete 20 inches deep with 12 Inch Deep Concrete Footing Perimeter . The Low prices on metal barns, mare motels, out buildings, and sheds shown above does not include horse corrals.

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