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We are the Leading Provider or Metal Carports in Utah with our specialty being Utah steel buildings. Our steel buildings have been utilized by Utah residents for commercial, industrial, agricultural, institutional, government and so many more.
Utah's growth over the past year and building projects set for 2013 will have Allied set to build for key sectors of the Utah economy.
Our buildings are made to exceed code requirments throughout the region and are made with 24 - 26 gauge steel.
We customized this residence with reclaimed floors and cabinets, granite countertops, pine covered ceilings, and all-wood interior doors. Over the years we have constructed almost any kind of building imaginable including schools, churches, pavilions, service stations, canopies, cabins, agricultural storage, storage units, storefront commercial, hangers, shops, offices, portable buildings, distribution centers, livestock stalls, and pergolas.
Alabama building codes - This 40 feet x 60 feet steel building has an eave height of 14 feet and 2400 sq.

Door and framed opening customizations offer enhanced functionality and improved mobility both in-and-out and within this building. Allied's 11 year experience in Utah has made us a local building partner for businesses looking for quality steel structures. These building projects include military facilities, with a large expansion in Falcon Hill. This 60' x 48' barn near South Park features 4 horse stalls, a 12 'x 24' tack room, 12' x 48' garage and workshop, a 12' x 48' covered paddock area, and a 1700 sq. Our buildings are manufactured right here in Utah so your money stays local to help build our economy. Additional design options including paint color, panel style, trims, and accessories can transform this pre-engineered building into a hobby shop, storage space, wastewater plant, or the ultimate classic car garage. Fill out a free price quote request online and someone in our sales department will contact you with a quote for your building.

The open layout of a rigid frame clear span offers the utmost adaptability at an economical price. Each building is custom designed by one of MBMI's in-house structural engineers to meet the local wind and snow load building requirements. Premium red-iron structural steel will protect your personal effects against theft and the harshest of weather conditions. At MBMI we take great pride in the quality of our products and our attention to detail in design.

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metal buildings utah county

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