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In consultation with property owners in central Colorado, the team at Sapphire Construction, Inc.
Blend one of these good-looking buildings into the existing architecture on a property or in a subdivision.  How about a metal office building, restaurant or store?  Using a great color scheme and a few well-chosen stone accents, these buildings welcome more than horses under their wings. For more information about Colorado post-frame buildings, metal buildings and pole barns for Farm & Ranch Buildings, Storage, Outbuildings, Hobby Buildings, Livestock Buildings, Equine Buildings, and Commercial Buildings, contact Sapphire Construction, Inc. Allen Randa is a second generation Master Carpenter and Owner of Sapphire Construction Inc. Contact UsHello, I’m Allen Randa, a second generation Master Carpenter and Owner of Sapphire Construction Inc.

If your looking for a new Commercial Building, Barn, Riding Arena, Shop or Garage and you wish for the project to be done correctly the first time, simply click here to complete our in home consultation form. B&B advises using local electricians, plumbers and HVAC contractors, but we install the floor drain and stub out for the washroom. Post frame construction provides superior structural strength against mother nature including hurricanes, floods, and even earthquakes. Since the roof and floors are supported by the posts there is greater flexibility in wall and window placement using this construction method.
The posts absorb the forces of nature and transmit them through the structure into the ground.

By using our services you can rest assured in the highest quality of craftsmanship, a clean job, on time completion and no headaches by dealing with us personally on a daily basis.

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metal buildings wood frame futon

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