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If you like spending time working in your garage then it’s time you get organized and manage your workspace to make your weekend projects more enjoyable. You will take a pride in your garage or workshop with our top quality steel storage cabinets, floor tiles and garage wall storage solutions. DIY becomes easier and more enjoyable with our worktops that are thick and strong enough to accept heavy duty vices.
See PRODUCT PAGES above or SCROLL DOWNto see our selection of great quality garage and workshop interior solutions. Top Brand Storage Cupboards for Garage, Office or Industry.All our steel storage cabinets are fully manufactured and delivered ready for use. Perfectly Designed, Beautifully Made CabinetsGaragePride is pleased to offer you Dura 550 Series , the latest in garage furniture designed by DURA, a leading award-winning UK manufacturer of automotive workplace storage systems.
These cabinets are manufactured for us in the UK by a company with 100 years of manufacturing history.
GaragePride's attractive low maintenance and durable virgin plastic garage floor tiles are satisfyingly quick and easy to lay and can be used with engine hoists and car jacks. Our garage wall storage system provides three convenient sizes of kits for your garage or utility room allowing you to store many garden and garage items off the floor tidily, safely and readily accessible for use. We stock these plastic cabinets because we wanted to offer something different from similar plastic products available in the UK that seemed to be designed largely for garden use and as a result look rather out of place indoors.
Having spent time looking into the available products we have selected three types of shelving that we feel will meet the needs of residential garage owners wanting something a cut above typical products available on the internet.
These represent value for money in that they will last for many years and are capable of safely carrying high loads.

The Performance Series stainless steel worktop 1220mm (48in) wide to span two base cabinets. In fact, owning a PremierGarage just might make you want to spend even more time in your garage workspace!
They will come to your home to discuss, measure and specify every detail of your custom garage cabinets including looks, finishes and configurations.
The majority of our steel cabinets are derived from industrial products and as a result are strong and durable to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We offer a choice of 9 door and drawer colours with a mid-grey body, or select a single all-over colour. Each heavy duty plastic wall panel measures 2440mm x 386mm x 16mm deep and can be easily fitted to any studded garage wall surface or masonry using the Install Strips. Pegboard interior panels provide extra storage possibilities for supporting tools and cables. Utilizing some shop-built moldings and solid joinery combine to display your guns with style and safety in an elegant, floorspace-saving design. And, with PremierGarage you’ll get the finest garage cabinets in the industry available in a wood, metal, or stainless steel finish.
They will design your garage on the spot and help you choose the system that fits your unique taste and needs. If you value your cars why not give them a worthy home parked on decent automotive interlocking floor tiles with a backdrop of smart garage furniture? With garage cabinetry finishes available in wood, metal, and stainless steel, you are sure to find the best solution for your home garage!

Welded and reinforced construction ensures a solid, safe and secure cupboard capable of carrying high loads. Having fully locked cabinet may help me solve this problem.Garage Cabinets Sears Enable You to Set the Stuffs as You PleasedCabinetry is somehow very crucial in keeping the garage neat and safe.
While most of our competitors use cheap hardware, flimsy materials and thin shelving, with PremierGarage uses you get the very best materials in the industry. The garage cabinet sears may be the option for the homeowners who wants their garage not to have the sights of hanging things in the wall.  The sears cabinetry usually present in the form of cupboard functioning as shelves or drawers. Having garage cabinet sears installed in the garage enables the owners to organize what stuffs are easily reach and what stuffs are better far of reach. They can pick their own garage cabinet sears organizer they like.Garage Cabinets Sears to Do YourselfThe diversities of cabinets design also enable the homeowners to set the garage in their own style.
You can maximize your garage with garage cabinets sears made ??covering the entire section of the wall. While sticking them on the wall, make sure that your cabinets have been installed at the same level. Do not get skewed because the items that will be stored there can fall.Cabinetry systems sure give the homeowners more option of how to organize their garage.

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metal garage cabinets made in usa

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