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A wide range of metal arches that are not only decorative but are also ideal for training climbing plants such as clematis or roses, cane fruit and espalier apples and pears.
The semi-circular span of the Roman Arch is particularly suited for climbing ornamentals, vegetables and fruit trees. The Gothic Garden Arch mimics the typical church window form found in stunning buildings across the world. This Roman Full Lattice Arch will create a focal point in your garden, whether covering a seating area or framing a pathway.
This Roman Half Lattice Garden Arch is ideal for displaying fragrant climbing flowers to create a stunning feature in any garden, perfect over a seating area, gate or walkway. The distinctive curved shape of the Ogee Garden Arch creates a dramatic focal point in any garden. This Ogee Half Lattice Arch is a stunning addition to any garden, perfect over a seating area, pathway or gate and a stylish support for fragrant climbing flowers. The Versailles Garden Arch is a highly decorative arch with classic fleur de lys detailing.

This Gallic Arch is designed to give a wide, squarer arch at the top providing ample headroom and creating plenty of space for climbing plants to grow. This one metre wide Compact garden arch is ideal for fitting into any garden to create a stunning entrance or to break up your garden into different areas.
This Easy Garden Arch provides both a decorative plant support and frames the entrance to your garden. Metal fencing can be used for all sorts of purposes, from enclosing Privacy back yard to acting as a perimeter for an employee break area. Custom Ornamental Iron Fence and Gates are our specialty, our Fencing Ornamental Designs Panels can be made in any width. A secure and stylish venue to display your climbing ornamentals, fruit and even vegetables.
The simple design and curved top arch makes this frame perfect for supporting climbing plants such as clematis, honeysuckle or roses.
The discreet black frame has been designed to provide ample support for climbing plants such as honeysuckle, clematis or climbing roses.

Its simple design has been created to ensure the blooms of your plants will create a stunning display and is ideal for supporting clematis, honeysuckle and climbing roses. The point is, not all metal fence are the same, wrought iron rusted-out eyesore metal fencing can now be created in all sorts of materials, shapes and sizes specially Aluminum which is almost maintenance free and NO RUST.So it certainly seems like a good financial decision to pay a lot less for metal fencing than something fancier if there is no reason.
The Decorative scroll on this Design is not Cast Iron or Cast Aluminum and is solid so it acts as Post. But what if you want a little style, adding elegance to your garden, to custom make a Decorative Ornamental metal garden fence.They are perhaps the safest of all the fences due to the strength of its materials and metal fences are also very easy to maintain Specially in Aluminum.
Our Price includes the Supply of all hardware needed for the installation of our Ornamental Iron works.
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