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Your trusted source for custom built outdoor storage buildings made from insulated metal panels.
Store your lawnmower, power tools and more in a new storage building from Mike’s Mini Barns. Mike’s Mini Barns is your trusted source for storage buildings made from durable insulated metal panels. NATIONAL PNEUMATIC will help you throughthout the controlled atmosphere cold storage room building process.
NATIONAL PNEUMATIC is a distributor of Quebec made NORBEC products, a leader in the manufacture of insulated panels.
A reroof project at historic Goldwin Smith Hall on the campus of Cornell University in Ithaca, NY included the installation of four types of snow management products from Alpine SnowGuards. The Mother Arnetta Crawford Housing project in Bronx, NY, would have an entirely different look if it followed the original plans for a brick and block structure. The dramatic RHEINZINK-clad “flying wing” sets the tone for the stunning transformation of an aging corporate complex into the new, futuristic-looking home of the Capitol Region Education Council’s new Academy of Aerospace and Engineering. Since its creation in 1973, The Lumberton Municipal Utility District has consistently expanded its coverage area to provide water and waste-water services to more than 24,000 residents of the Lumberton, Texas area. Indiana State University’s 2009 housing project plans came to life in the fall of 2015 with the completion of a new student housing complex, 500 Wabash Ave in Terre Haute, IN. The new 100-member Army Reserve Center in Tallahassee, Fla., doesn’t look like a typical military installation. Northeast Kingdom Human Services provides mental health, substance abuse, and developmental services through contracts with the State of Vermont. The Ryerson University new Student Learning Center (SLC) was designed to offer students a home away from home, complemented by an exquisite design.

Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation provided its T2630 perforated and solid metal wall panels for Cloverdale749, a 10,500-square-foot residential structure located in Los Angeles, CA.
Armed with an expansive color palette at a competitive price point, Citadel Architectural Products was selected to supply the wall panels for a high-end apartment complex outside our nation’s capital. Situated in the heart of the city and overlooking Lake Ontario, the new Delta Toronto Hotel is a contemporary and convenient hub for out-of-town guests - and a new city landmark.
Dri-Design panels create a defined public space for the Mill Woods Library, Seniors and Multicultural Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. As a part of its commitment to research, Florida International University invested in several Academic Health Centers - facilities dedicated to student academics and research. Specially designed double wall strong & sturdy "Tiffiny Junior Lunch Pack" is made out of non magnetic Stainless Steel and Insulted with top quality Polyurethane. Design includes a multitude of technical details that should be taken into consideration to ensure tightness and durability. Research brought the construction team to a new material and appearance via Dri-Design wall panels.
With its administrative staff also increasing steadily over the past four decades, the Lumberton MUD opened a new Operations Center in 2014 – featuring metal products from CENTRIA.
To better serve its clients in the wide geography of this region, and bring all its services under one roof, a new facility was deemed necessary. Tom Green of Marcelona, Mich., found the best solution for his two-plane hangar at his Lakes of the North Airport home and it involved hydraulic doors from Schweiss Doors. Tall and visually striking, Ryerson’s Student Learning Center projects an edgy but confident look, thanks in part to the incorporation of Valspar-finished metal panels on its exterior. The modern six-unit building is located just around the block from the historic Miracle Mile hub, near the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the A+D Architecture and Design Museum.

The new Allen County Judicial Center in Scottsville, KY has the style and stature of the courthouses of a by-gone era.
The landmark building, designed to express the importance of the facility to the community, is clad in Dri-Design Tapered Series Panels.
In the case of the Brereton residence of Bellaire, Mich., it also combines artistic ability with three different roofing materials – including metal roofing from Petersen. Academic Health Center 4 was a $43 million project, featuring metal products from CENTRIA, located on the Modesta A. At the University of Mississippi, a new $96.5 million multi-purpose facility - dubbed The Pavilion at Ole Miss - is home to the men’s and women’s basketball programs and host to myriad other events, including graduation ceremonies and concerts. Dean Schneider, a crops and livestock farmer in New Ulm, Minn., opened up his new farm shop for a community fundraiser. The demand for Gulfstream products necessitated an additional facility at their Savannah, GA location.
The new arena is topped with a curved metal roof, finished with an architectural paint coating by Valspar.
To ensure the project’s build speed was up to pace and to meet the overwhelming schedule demand, while at the same time maintaining energy efficiency, Kingspan Insulated Panels were chosen to help expedite the process. It features an auditorium, rooms designed for small group instruction, classrooms, research labs and offices.

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metal insulated storage sheds 4x7

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