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No matter how large or small a building we only make metal buildings from high quality steel to guarantee the strength and longevity of the structure. Great sales process, quick delivery and all construction questions were answered right away so there were no delays in the erecting process.
Regular garages are not meant for larger recreational vehicles (most won't even fit your RV vehicle), which is why you need an RV storage garage. Inadequate care and storage of recreation vehicles - motorhome, boat, jetski, etc - costs owners thousands of dollars every year.
Coffee shops and cafes – Recycled shipping container inspired by the transportation of tea and coffee. With over 25 years experience within the freight industry, International Export Packers can help with almost any consignment.
Our buildings can be designed with clear spans (no cross-beams) reaching 200 feet in width, and any length you desire.

With one of our RV storage garages not only will your car regain its security in your home garage but your RV will finally have a storage space sufficient in size that makes your RV easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance. Produced in their millions they are incredibly strong, robust, highly secure and affordable. Our custom designs allow you to select the framed opening (roll-up door, sliding door, etc) that you need; maybe you need a large entry for your motorhome and a smaller one for your jet skis or 4-wheeler beside it. Our garages are made of only high-quality steel and still cost up to 50% less than garages built of other materials. The containers are designed to carry up to 30 tonnes of cargo whilst stacked up to 9 high on stormy, rolling seas. Our in-house engineers help you design the most efficient storage facility for all of your recreational storage needs. Not only are they that easy to build, our steel buildings are easily adaptable so you can add onto it if you later decide to get a boat to tow behind your motorhome on your next road trip.

The integral strength, alongside the fact they are mass produced means they can be recycled and converted to a variety  of different uses and can provide solutions to space, storage, housing and other problems. You're steel garage will quickly pay for itself in the storage and maintenance fees you can eliminate; not to mention your RV will retain more of its value. Made 100% in the USA and energy efficient our steel garages support the USA economy and our environment. Here are just 15 creative solutions of how to Re-use, Re-new and Re-cycle these incredibly versatile metal boxes.

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metal rv garage buildings

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