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When you run out of space for your lawn equipment and vehicles or need to store your tools and supplies in a secure place, you can rely on an Ironbuilt metal storage shed. Call Ironbuilt today at 1-800-805-0084 for information and pricing on our steel storage sheds or check out our small shed building specials!
If you aren't that good in drawing and calculating parts yourself you may want to download ready shed plans.
Once the main construction is ready you may want to paint it or at least finish in some way. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick!
Tellya, when they do go back up (which they probably will, but not soon) once they get back to where they were, I'm selling and finding something else to put my money into. Oh, and a lot of people who put their money in real estate in the past 5 years are even worse off. I know this thread is a little out of date but I found this site by searching for some information about converting a metal building into a home. We have a 30X40 existing metal building, on a concrete slab with sewage and water lines and electricity in one corner of the building already, on our land along with a very small cottage type house. I'm sure you could panel over them and insulate it just as if it were a regular wall, or put windows in there if you wish. The reason I ask is because a regular gert building won't hold up to being a home without putting in a lot of money. A lot of 'em put in the concrete after the fact, might not be so good for the long haul as a house, where you care if the corners stay square.
Our design professionals have decades of experience working with budget conscious customers who are building small backyard steel storage shed kits.

I recommend using galvanized sheet metal for roofs but any robust sheet metal will do the work.
If you shoose to build on concrete deck piers you may raise your shed on legs above the ground.
Imagine the poor suckers who bought during the RE frenzy, and now owe 3x or more what their house is worth?! They bought it with the land they wanted--around 80 acres--and planned on building a house there eventually.
All of the replies were so good I thought I'd post my question in hopes that someone can help me.
We are currently living in the house but would like to convert the metal shop into our home. Rigid frame solid I-beam construction makes your Ironbuilt prefabricated steel shed storage building durable and able to withstand the toughest hurricane winds or winter storm conditions.
If you plan to do concrete foundation you will need to dig to hard ground and make sure it's flat. A good metal construction makes adding shelves easy because there are many places where you can attach them.
It will give you cost saving ideas and warnings for the traps when buying ready steel shed. The previous owners had converted the shed to a home, and after my brother and his family moved in, they liked it so much they decided to scrap the plans for the house. If you'll never again need rollup doors (and most houses don't, unless you run a drive-in living room! Our metal storage shed kits are made to last for years and come with a 40 year warranty on the silicon polyester baked on enamel wall paint, 25 year limited warranty on the roof and a lifetime warranty on the steel fasteners.Metal Building Storage Sheds And Kits GalleryView full galleryDo you need a car lift right up against the sidewall of your metal shed or to fit tall shelves in a narrow building?

After a year of the stock market crash and plummeting home values, now I'll be lucky to save enough money to live in a metal shed. Our clear-span design and ability to place doors almost anywhere in the building allows you the maximum usable space in your steel storage shed or metal building kit workshop. Not always, but a well built one that doesn't rush will probably last longer than a wooden one. Please check the PDF guide again, it gives very good explanation why such connectors give you great advantage. Or you can build them yourself from scrap metal (especially if you have leftovers from the shed constructions) or scrap wood. Our metal building specialists can walk you through every step of your project while providing industry leading real-time customer support over the phone as well as through fax and email.
Consider also the price of steel metal and you may end up with cheaper construction than a similar in size wooden shed.
If you are handy with math and drawing it shouldn't take you much to replicate similar plans. Only the highest grade commercial US steel is used in your Ironbuilt metal storage shed & workshop buildings guaranteeing you the finest quality durable building.
If you plan to go entirely DYI this might be harder - punching lots of holes and making sure joints are robust enough could be a challenge.

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